Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Dogon of Mali, Hopi of America"

These two tribes, one in Africa, one in North America. One Black and one Red. Are obviously thousands of miles apart. As far as there cultures and knowledge of the Universe. Well you would think they were neighbours. They both believe they were planted here from another Star system. The Dogon believe they are the ancestors of people who came from Sirius 'B'. Sirius 'B' is a sister Sun to Sirius. A red dwarf Star, much like our Suns sister red dwarf Star sister. Known to some as Nibiru, The Turtle, Wormwood and various other names. Depending on your believe system. The Sumerians and I suppose many other ancient cultures. Believe they are also plants from some where, out in the Universe. The Hopi believe that Taiowa, The Creator. Created Sotuknang, to carry out his life plan. The Dogon have, "Sky Dog Amma". Who used Nommo to carry out "Sky Dog Amma" wishes.

Both the Hopi and the Dogon believe they were the first inhabitants of the Earth. Some trace the Hopi back to Atlantis. Both the Hopi and the Dogon had great knowledge of the Stars. Just as the Dogon knew of Sirius 'B' which can't been seen. The Hopi knew of Black Holes in space. That they called Planets that Suck. And mainly they both believe. They were created from visitors from the Sky. Making them the original Hy-Breds. Both the Dogon and Hopi used oral stories and rituals to pass along the traditional beliefs.

You hear the word Hy-Bred a lot now. Some are running around saying, they are a Hy-breds. And they are here on Planet Earth. To teach other the coming of the New-Age. I'd like to have a dollar (inflation) for every "Time". I've heard someone from Sedona say, I'm a Hy-Bred. If you really think about. Isn't every human some sort of Hy-Bred? Many Native American tribes believe that mankind was created from the Animals. Who were put on the Planet after the plants. Making mankind a Hy-Bred of animal and "God's" added ingredients (DNA).

Most Creation stories start out with. A Earth that was only liquid. Until "God" decided to create living things for the Planet. Then of course next came the soil or land. Then "God" created the plants. After the plants were Created, because if you were going to Create animals. They would surely need something to eat. Then animals were Created. Then "God" had Mankind Created. And if you believe in the Bible (Genesis 1:29). And many Native American first World stories. Mankind was put on Earth to Shepard over the animals. There you have it, Water, Soil, Plants, Humans. In that order, with the Sun, Moon and Stars, being added along the way. Depending on which ancient myth you most believe. Got lost there for a moment, setting up the Dogon story. I just wanted to show each Creation Stories. Are all basically the same.

Dogon mythology says that Nommo was first living creature. (Nommos refers to the followers of Nommo.) Created by "Sky Dog Amma". After that Nommo transformed into four sets of twins. (The Twins story shows up in many Native American tales as the first living inhabitants of Earth.)

The Nommos descended from the sky in a vessel, with fire and thunder (Revelations anyone?). After arriving the Nommos peoples created a reservoir of water, and dove in. Dogon legend states the the Nommos needed a watery environment to survive. (Some now believe that the Spinx in Egypt was at one "Time" siting in water.) According to Dogon myth. Nommo divided his body and feed the people. (Story of Jesus feeding the masses with one fish?) He also gave all his life principles to the Nommos. (Here again the story of Jesus from the Bible.) Now the kicker. Nommo was crucified on a tree and was resurrected. And returned to his home World. Dogon legend say that Nommo will return to Earth, in a human form.

Metis Tribe
Funny I should write about Hy-Breds. The Metis tribe is a mix of French and North American Indian. Metis is a French term meaning 'mixed'. Funny there tales are a combination of French and Canadian Indian tales. Not sure how that works out. Some call them the White Canadians.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye


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Nice brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

Anonymous said...

Good job. The image of the Nommo with cone shaped head does appear in ancient Sumeria, Mali, Cameroon, Ghana, Japan, and Peru. I wasn't aware of connections to the Hopi tribe.