Sunday, July 18, 2010


Here in Arizona we have two types of Coyotes. One that walks on four legs. And is often remembered as the willy Coyote. From the cartoon about the Roadrunner and the Coyote. The other type of Coyote we have here in Arizona. Walks on two legs and smuggles human cargo. Across the barren deserts of southern Arizona. Today I want to talk about how the Coyote figure, is used in Native American tales.

The Coyote is one of the best known characters in Native American tales. He's known to be a trickster, a lover, a cultural hero. The Coyote is always male and masculine. The Crow Indians call him, 'Old Man Coyote'. The Navajo call him, 'Maii. The Lakota call him 'Mica'. The Pima from here in the Valley. Believe he is a offspring of the Moon. For he mainly travels at night. The Kiowa believe he is able to transform himself.

In the Navajo story called, 'Big Star Way'. The Coyote tricks is brother. So he can sleep with his wife. Coyote often changes skin with unsuspecting hunters. So he can sleep with the hunters wife.

As a culture figure, he is associated with death. He also introduces hard work and suffering. The Apaches believe Coyote had a part in. The introduction of the Europeans to North America. The Kawaiisu tribe tell a story, in which. Coyote gambles for the release of game. The Inipi tribe believe he figure in the release of Salmon. In a Nez Perce story, he kills the figure Mosquito. By gorging him with nose blood. The Zuni credit the Coyote for pubic hair. Coyote is credited with stealing the Sun. Thus making the World dark, by the Pomo tribe.

Just as in the Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons. The Coyote is never limited by his own lack of abilities. (Coyote never catches the Roadrunner.) In Native American cultures, the Coyote is always curious. And believes he can do anything anybody else can. And this seems to always gets him in trouble. The Coyote is always unpredictable trickster. The Navajo even think he can Shape shift.

Here are a few mythological trait of the Coyote, held by the Navajo peoples. His ceremonial name is, 'Atse Hackee'. Which means, 'first one to use words for force'. Simply meaning 'First Soldier'. Coyote show up in several ways. In the lowest world, Coyote is First Man, First Women. During a Emergence journey, the Sky bends down and touches the earth. Thus springing Coyote and Badger. In another Emergence story. Coyote was born of Sky Maiden, in the First World.

Coyote never rest, he is always trotting along, thinking. He is able to change colors to blend in. Like the Navajo he has no permanent home. In meetings about how the World should be created. Coyote always sits by the door. So he can go either way. You can just picture him by the door. As the "Gods" make plans. Always thinking, 'do I want to be apart of this?'

Coyote is a liar, driven by greed, lust and gluttony. He is always associated with death, but the first to suffer grief. Death has no power over the Coyote. Who keeps his principles, in the end of his nose (Always sniffing another ass.) and tail. Even when the rest of him is destroyed. As he is always depicted in the Coyote and Roadrunner stories. Coyote can always regenerate himself. For all the sneaking things the Coyote is known to do. He is always caught, because of the smell of Coyote Urine. That he uses to mark his territory.

Coyote is a trickster, transformer, creator, entertainer, offender. There is no way to fully capture or understand his character. This is his nature. Navajo believe that no one can grow up. To be a true Navajo. Without being fully immersed in the story traditions of the Coyote. Coyote stories can only be told in winter "Times".

I see where is BP oil gusher has been stopped. First questions is, why couldn't they done this in first place? That is if there really was a problem in the first place. There are so many smelling parts to this whole story. What is the real story behind the Gulf of Mexico disaster? You know there has to be another motive behind it. With in the next few weeks. As more and more is learned. I'm betting the real story will emerge maybe. Especially if forced evacuations are started around states, boarder the Gulf Of Mexico. There are already rumor being spread about the air quality in the area. Another idea of mine is, was this a test run? To see how far folks can be pushed. To see if the 'powers' can move millions from there homeland. I'm sure they have already heard rumors from the inhabitants of the Gulf states. There aren't going anyplace. The 'powers' herded around the Native Americans. Have they realized the citizens of America. Are a different story? This whole thing is rite in there with. Where in the Hell was Obummer really born?

Occupied the area of Willamette Valley in northwestern Oregon. Marriages where arranged by purchase. Which was a form of slavery. They also flattened the front of there heads. The tribe was decimated by epidemics introduced by the Whites.

Military men were dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.
Henry Kissinger

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings. bye

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