Sunday, September 15, 2019

"Flat Earth and NWO" hummmmmmm

Being a Flat Earther since  2015, convinced by my own videos.Suddenly out of nowhere, Flat Earth spread. Like a Arizona grass fire, in summer. Blown by the winds. Basically 5 years later, who started the Flat Earth Grass-fire??? Organic, highly doubtful. No Free lunches, when so few control. Flat Earth videos are being removed or demonetized. 'Why', would be the question??? If everything Flat Earth is 'Silly'. Why waste all this energy, chasing the 'Flat Earth Ghost'? The same system it appears. That unleashed Flat Earth, mainly through YouTube. (What better way than, via YT creators). Who in turned started, creating Flat Earth videos in 2015. Myself included, now you have what you have. One Giant Ass Mess!!! Flat Earth Gone Mad. Once again something that started small, ballooned overnight. Via the Internet.

Five years ago the Flat Earthers were in agreement, 'the Place is Flat'. Now the Flat Earth movement(?), is divided. Infiltrated now by the powers, no 2 Flat Earthers agree on nothing. The basic augments are, Dome, Size, Creator, etc.. The system that unleashed Flat Earth with Eric Dubay and Math Powerland. Being the main conduits in the beginning. Now are under attack from Flat Earthers themselves. As being Shills for the powers. What a mess now, with Flat Earth going in every direction now. To me Flat Earth is a personal item. in fact, Flat Earth has brought "God" reality in many atheist lives now. With a Flat Earth, you must have a Creator "God". On the Big Bang BS, "God" is eliminated. That I believe that was the main reason behind. The introduction of the Spinning Ball nonsense. The j$$$$w Einstein, gave humanity the Big Bang BS. With the Big Bang BS, "God" is removed from Reality. Mankind was told they are Flukes of Nature. Being insignificant Being, hidden on the edge of the Universe. 'You' humanity, have no "God" or future Reality. Then the powers introduced via Darwin, 'Darwinism'. The Evolution of Humanity. Starting as Moss on a Rock, aka Lichen Moss. Then eventually evolved from Monkeys. And the masses said 'OK'!!! Never knowing or realizing what they have volunteered for. That they are "Godless" Flukes of Nature. Pay Your Taxes!!!

Forever, before the Spinning Ball crap got started. Mankind were educated with the fact, 'that humanity was in the Center of the Universe'. And that all was, 'created for Mankind's Spiritual development'. With Einstein and the Jesuit, mankind's Reality was stolen from them. Turning humanity into Mindless Zombies, who need to be told what to do. Before Rome divided the masses with religion. And then introduced Copernicus, a Jesuit. Too give the World the Spinning Ball nonsense. The powers gave humanity religion, then pulled the rug out from beneath them. With the introduction of the Big Bang. The same powers giving the masses a "God", for eternal life. Then telling the same masses, 'your a Fluke'. Like Red and Blue lights on Cop cars. Blue is passive, red is Alert. Always confusing the masses for control.

Now Flat Earth is becoming this great fight between folks. Saddest part is, the masses have no idea what they believe in. Ask kids today what size the Earth is and at what speed the Earth is turning. They will have no clue, because an education. Is the last thing the powers want the masses to have. That's why participating is enough now. Not 'winning or losing', as generations that came before did. To prove to others, just where they stand. Now the empathize is on everyone being the same. Step outside the Box, the rest will attack you. That is what you have today. Those that don't realize that they have been brainwashed into believing they evolved from a Monkey!!! Without ever knowing what they have  done to themselves. Yet they will attack relentlessly, those believing they are children of "God". Not some Fluke of the Big Bang BS!!!. A Soulless, "Godless" soul, living on a Spinning Ball. 'Lost somewhere in Space'. Is what the masses think of themselves.

The ultimate 'Mind Control' is? Who you are and just where are you! With so few in command, that Reality is easily controlled. Religious folks believing in a "God". While at the same moment believing. They came from the Big Bang, Spinning Ball crap. Now that's 'Mind Control'. The powers can see just how gullible and dumb down the masses have become. Got the masses going to church giving 10% tithe. Then paying Taxes constantly for everything the masses do. As I tell folks, 'all road led too Rome'. Rome gave the masses 'Center of the Universe' a "God". And the "Godless", 'Big Bang'. Via Copernicus a Jesuit. Then a j$$$$w Einstein, took the masses "God" away.

Use Your Commonsense to Tell You. "God" or "Godless"

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, September 1, 2019

"Welcome Home"

Lonnie Nutumya to me, on 23 August 2019 Old Oriabi, Hopi 3rd Mesa. With a big smile on his face. Last year was far different. As you can see in this vid, from last year's visit.   Sometimes Lonnie shows disdain towards me, on my annual visits. Sometimes he kisses my hand. Friday it was the Lonnie from 25+ years ago. 'Welcome Home' with a big Hopi Smile on his face!!! Wow, what a year's difference made. I was on my way to Moab Ut., when I stopped by to see if Lonnie was still alive. I plan my summer trips, by always going to Old Oraibi. To check on Lonnie and hopefully buy some of Lonnie's art work. Living on Old Oraibi as Lonnie does. Their is no way to get a hold of him. So every trip too Hopi each summer. it's a crap shoot to find Lonnie. The last dozen or so years, visiting Hopi., buying Lonnie's artwork. I have assumed 7 of Lonnie's Kachina Drawing/paintings and 2 Kachina Dolls.

Lonnie had a terrible Stroke a few years ago. He couldn't communicate, as half his mouth and face were effected by the stroke. His brother would have to tell you what Lonnie was saying. As his speech had been reduced to murmurers and hand signals. It was sad to watch, knowing the same Lonnie from 25+ years ago. He is much better today as the Hopi tribal medical system has help Lonnie regain much of his speech. You can now somewhat understand his words now. Lonnie's daughter had him in a new small building on Old Oraibi. 15 ft. X 15 ft. of a one room new home.

Lonnie  said 'welcome home  and where are you heading too'? Talked a little before going through Lonnie's new artwork. As his health has improved, so has his artwork. I would be lucky, if Lonnie had one drawing available. On this trip Lonnie had maybe a dozen Drawings and a Kachina Doll available. Last two drawing I bought last summer, on my way to Colorado. I paid $50 each. This trip Lonnie wanted $100 each. Not only his health had gotten better, but his business skills have improved. Told Lonnie I would buy only 1 Drawing this trip. Lonnie said 'how about 2 for $150 bucks'? my reply, 'their mine'! So I went trough the Drawings, picking 2 out. Then Lonnie picked up his new Kachina Doll carving. "How about buying my Doll'? I'd noticed the Kachina Doll, but knew I didn't have enough cash $$$. So the idea of buying the Doll was out of the question. The Doll was 12 inches tall and was 'Corn Boy' Kachina. These Kachina Dolls, this size and type. Would go for well over a $1,000 to $2,000 at the annual Kachina Carvers gathering, I record each year. Told Lonnie when he offered the Doll to sell to me. 'I don't have the cash for your Doll Lonnie'. Lonnie replied, 'not even for a$100 Bucks'??? My reply, 'you got a box we can put it in'. A Pure gift from Lonnie too me.

Lonnie is the last of the Pure Hopi. As both parents were Hopi from Old Oraibi. In the modern Hopi, the Hopi are pretty much a mixed tribe now. As the cell phone and TV have changed Hopi Today. Nothing like I witnessed 25 years ago. When signs on the Hopi rez said, 'Water is Life'. Today it's, 'Rape is a Crime'. Porn via the cell phone, has changed Hopi. Once isolated, now on the road to somewhere else. Children have left Hopi for greener pastures of Sin. No longer,  the gentle Hopi farmers. Doing their Rituals, planting their corn and vegetables like beans, squash and watermelon. Today Hopi has been completely brainwashed from their Past Glory. You still see a few Hopi like Ahkima, still planting their fields. But for how much longer? As the pressure is be ramped up, on every part of society. In an effort to bring everyone into the cities for control. With a Single "God' and State. No more "Time" for Hopi ways Today. The past must be Killed Off. As the Electronic Age will replace all written books and Traditions. With the Electronic future, all you learn will be new. The past knowledge will be destroyed. Just as Rome did in the 'Spanish Inquisition'!!! Destroy all cultures, replace with Baby Jesus. A reminder, History= His Story. like the Christian tale of 'Columbus Discovers America'. Who knows for sure the World's past history, for sure. 'I only know what I read in the newspapers' Syndrome.

The 'Passing of Hopi, will be the Passing of All!!!'

"God" bless on this Sunday after noon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, August 18, 2019

"Your Going to Take, a Little Trip'

It will be good for you, down the road. As electricians we use strings to pull ropes in our conduits. To be able to pull larger Copper Wires down them. It's an art, the rhythm of it. Long story short. Never in 50 yrs. of doing electrical work. Never tripped on the strings laying around. But in a perfect storm, I took a hard fall!!! Suddenly I needed hiking sticks to get around. The pain was so bad, nothing I had would stop the pain. Even left over pain pills from the VA hospital wouldn't help. I had heard stories about CBD Oil for pain. I took a few tries before I found the correct manufacture. The one I found was Lazarus Naturals, CBD Tincture, 3000 MC CBD. Within a few hours the pain was already subsiding.

Now as I look back on the fall, 'everything happens for a reason'. 'The Lord acts in mysterious ways'. Are two phases that come to mind. For what ever reason, CBD Oil was going to be part of my life now. Having no medical bills because of my diet I believe. Spending an $100 a month for the CBS Oil is a no brainier. Who knows for sure, maybe I had some Cancer rolling around inside of me??? Noticed other effects, like my hearing seeming to be a bit better. CBD Oil is another example of how the powers want everyone  dead, before 65 years old. In China doctors cure Illnesses with Diet. In America you get a Petroleum Based Pill!!! With the last thing the doctors want to do, is cure you. Why kill the Cow that you get milk and butter from.

While in pain from the fall still. I was rewarded a Electrical project, my largest ever $245,000+. Pinal County Justice of the Peace Court and Health Clinic, in Coolidge Az.. Here I was with no proven help, struggling to get around with walking sticks. Good news I'd just discovered CBD Oil. Trying to get help for a out of town project became a huge problem. Never guessed that no one wanted to make the drive down to Coolidge. Ran a add on Craig's List a few "Times", never getting any good responses. Even Temp Services had trouble even getting me laborers. Electricians was out of the question. I was forced to hire local laborers and train them to be electrician. Soon I had 3 Mexicans Americans labors for help.

As you can see from this post video link, I pulled it off. 9 months of sleepless night, never knowing, every Monday. If I had a company. That is the reason for no new blog posts from myself. Being dead tired from long hours and a 3 hour commute every day, too and from Coolidge. Still recovering my strength, I'll be OK.

Having no "Time" or physical strength, after working all day and some weekends to bid. I am now out of work. Needing government projects to bid. I have learned my lesson about doing out of town projects. In the Electrical business it's all about the parts. For most electricians are self motivated good workers. Problem is getting them, the parts they need constantly. Coolidge was like being on the Moon for Parts and Help. Wanted to get something out blog wise. Hate telling folks I'm a writer, but not getting anything out.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, March 31, 2019

"I Think I'm, Going to be OK???"

Electrical Contracting at it's finest!!! Something you hear a lot in construction. From folks who have done construction contracting, 'learned to hate my own employees'. Seems to be the biggest problem in construction. You need good guys to be able to survive in a field of 'Low Bid'. Problem is egos, with experienced employees. Be to nice to the employees, they soon think, 'your working for them'. Push the employee to hard, 'they get an attitude'. Fine line in this day and age, how to treat your employees. When I started, a whole  different World. To where the foreman yelled at the guys all day. You were never fast enough or neat enough. Try that today, everyone walks!!!

Since starting the 'Pinal County Justice Court' in Coolidge. I am on my second set of employees. Coolidge is a hour ride from Scottsdale and metro Phoenix. So trying to find electricians to make that drive. Is getting to be impossible. With my first pair, I sucked up to, too much. Simple glad to find help willing to make the drive. My journeyman was 58 years old and from Coolidge. Paid him $23 an hour. He had me marching around like a Toy Soldier. Their again, being to kind. His helper, a young Navajo kid from New Mexico. He also got an attitude with me. To the point he treated me as if I worked for him. I think it is just human nature. That when you are kind to the employees. They think that's a sign of weakness. 'Don't mistake my kindness, for a weakness'. Cannot seem to bring this point home.

I finally had to turn to a Temp Service to find me help. Apprentice electrician was impossible to get. So I settled for simple labors. I went through 5 temps before finding a keeper. A 23 year old black kid from Detroit. No knowledge what so ever, but trainable. Number two helper was on site from another temp service. Noticed he kept moving and working. So I asked him, 'how much are you making'? He said, '$11 an hour'. Asked if he wanted to learn electrical work. And offered $12.50 an hour. He said, 'the hell with these guys, when do I start'? A young Mexican kid, with tats all over himself. A good worker though. And very trainable. After being in a panic of sleepless nights, from the beginning. Never having any idea of the difficulties, I was to encounter. In simply trying to man the job. With my largest contract ever, at over $250,000 base contract. I realized going to lunch Friday, 'I think I'm going to be OK'. With these two so happy, to be learning an trade. I don't believe I will have the same problems. "Time" will tell.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, March 17, 2019

"They Can't Kill You"

Look up Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hoover, you'll be surprised. Associated with Dr. John Mack of Harvard. Group called, 'Program for Extraordinary Research' (PEER). Where they studies after dearth experiences. And the 'Abduction Experience, aka; "Alien Abduction". That has in recent years, expanded profoundly. Ruth was also appointed to the presidents, 'Youth and Children' conference. Was voted to the 'Who's Who of American Women'. Ruth later became the main researcher in metro Phoenix of MUFON. And that is where I first meet Dr. Ruth. She was at a local mall with a, MUFON information booth. You see I had this 'Crescent C', on my right shoulder. And I needed some answers!!!

At the "Time", MUFON was the leading UFO, Abduction researchers. And Dr. Ruth was associated with John Mack's group out of Harvard. That short meeting with Dr. Ruth, changed my life forever. She had a book for sale, on the cover. Was a lady with the same 'Crescent C' on her right upper shoulder. Told Ruth that I had the same marking. You said, 'you are special and you can't be Killed'. Started to feel a who lot better about my situation, for sure. Ruth said 'you were an Abductee'. After so many recent UFO sightings, this seemed to make sense. With all of my UFO sightings, with others with me. A few months later, I realized how controlled my life was. As I was always on large government project. Without even knowing why. Then at the largest computer room facility west of the Mississippi. Doing Fire Control wiring, because the greatest fear of computers is Water. An older than me electrician, walked up to me and asked. 'Do you know why your always on these big government installs'? 'That's because the government, knows who they want on their projects'. This made total sense to me now. Forced to learn these skills, after many years of being, a residential, small commercial electrician. 

Just what did Ruth mean by, 'they can't kill you'. First of all, just who exactly is, 'They'? This word is used for everything mysterious. Are 'they', the guy in the Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain? Do 'they' live in the Sky or Underground? Are 'they', the so called, 'Fallen Angles'? I'm not smart enough to know who 'they' are. But I'm pretty damn sure, their are controlling outside factors. That are behind the scenes, out of site. And what the media presents. Are simply, talking heads like the news reporters. All politicians put in place, freedom my ass. Once I believed this BS, no more. 

Recently I have been following or learning a bit about Kabbalah Gematria. The use of Letters having numerical values. Numerology for example is one. Learning what 'Death by Numbers' mean. Such as the '27 Club' of celebrities. Who have died mysteriously at 27 years of age. Push some buttons, you'll soon see, what I mean. Do 'they' use a certain hidden type of numerology? To control the masses thinking through'staged events' or killings. Take the JFK assassination, look how it changed America. Rock-stars deaths, bring front page news. As the Rock Stars are created and killed by the numbers? All part of  soft, 'mind control'. Your life could end at any moment. Does everyone fall under this category?

You truly can, be 'taken out' by the numbers? Scary though that!!! All wars are stage 'death rituals' I feel now. Not population control as taught. What did Dr. Ruth, know I didn't know? I went and meet with Dr. Ruth, over the control over my situation. Ruth wanted to put me on the stage with her and travel the UFO circuit. Big no on my part. Ruth pursued me for years, trying to get me in her private group, of UFO connected individuals. Ruth doesn't know, what I know either. My birth situation and all that entanglement. Ruth died in 2012 of Cancer, sadly. Looked always in great health, on her second husband. Well Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hoover, so far so good. "God" Bless you.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, my you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


Sunday, March 3, 2019


The US government, is an 'Extortion' racket. Selling Joe Six-pac protection. Since I've been alive, some created enemies. Koreans, Vietnamese, Communism, Muslims, Russians, Cubans, etc., etc.. All were coming to take my freedoms away, but what freedoms? Just what am I free to do? Can't even own a Dog, without permission. aka; Dog Tags and Shots. American troops have been in Afghanistan since 911. Guarding the Opium Fields. Does that seem like freedom? America invading countries, in the pretense of bring freedom of Democracy. Only to steal that countries assets. Who ever the government wants the general public to fear. The 3rd branch of government, the media. Will convince the masses of the new Americans enemy. Convincing millions of Americans, that 19 Muslim  hi-jackers. Took control on 911, of 3 passenger airliners. As improbably as that seems, most Americans bought into the BS, including my dumb ass!!!

The Unites States government, are the World's greatest pirates. Stealing billions of $$$ from Americans and the rest of the World's population. With 'our way, or the highway'. America bombed the  rest of the World in WWII, into oblivion. Taking with them, billions in Gold and Silver. All of American History is a Big Lie!!! Rome = Religion, London = Finance, United States of America = Military. The Trilogy that controls the World's population and finances. Planned Shortages, are just that, 'planned'. Another form of Mind Control. Country's citizens, relying on the central government for everything. Along with control of the pocketbook. Peddling Fear of others, is number #1 priority. Taxation in the pretense of making Americans safe, from all those out to take Americans. So called freedoms away. On 911, Bush the leading Pirate at the "Time". Bush told the American public  that the reason behind the 911 attacks. 'Was the terrorist were, jealous of Americans freedoms'. While the Patriot Act was waiting in the wings. To take what few freedoms Americans had, away!!! After 911 attacks, all Americans citizens were listed as 'Enemy of the State'.

$686,074,048,000 United States of America, 2019 military budget. Fears sells, as you can plainly see. This amount doesn't including taking care of the Vets, military construction and a few other items. Based on 300 million American citizens. Each share, for everyone American is $2,286.91. More than all other countries in the World combined, military's budget. US has military bases in over 160 countries, why? The only real so called threat to America, is Russia. 66 billion is all Russia spent on their military in 2017. Fourth most of all countries, in the World. America spent 10 "Times" more, than Russia. Yet you constantly hear, 'the Russians are coming'. North Korea could fire Nukes at the US any day now. North Korea entire budget is only GPD of 30 billion in 2015. Yet Americans are told the BS. When in fact, Korea is just another controlled CIA country. A Paper Enemy only, pay your Taxes for protection, get it!!!

Next comes the "Aliens" from Outer Space. Something all Americans have been brainwashed to believe in. Nothing like the movies and TV to control the masses mentally. The term UFOs, were put in America and the World minds, in 1947 (Roswell N.M.). For future considerations. And that "Time", is approaching. Trumpster just created  the 'Space Force'. A new branch of the military, that will require funding, billions. Not cheap to defend Outer Space from "Alien" attack, you know. Think how vast the Universe is, hehehe. The final enemy, to Unite the World. Under one Central Control, if that's not already happening. Something to unite the citizens of the World? Seems odd though, with all the death and misery the powers create. Bottom line is Control, via Extortion.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

"Hopi Imprisoned on Alcatraz Is."

On it's way across America today. Forced Cultural Standards, just as was done to the Hopi. On the Mesas in the 1800s. In 1894 19 Hopi men from the village of Orayvi, Old Oraibi today. Were arrested and sent to Alcatraz Island prison for. Refusing the governments demands, that their children were taken from them. And put into a Boarding school, in Keams Canyon, Hopi. All part of killing off the Hopi ancient ways. No different than today's mind control media. Is doing to the youth of America and the World. Today media is doing exactly the same thing the controlled media did to the Native Americans. Calling them un-controllable Savages. Much like is being done to the White population of today. I did away with my TV years ago, because I'm White. How any White person can watch TV today, amazes me. With the constant attack on the White Class and especially the Baby Boomers. As Obummer stated, 'our generation of Whites, did nothing'!!! Just as today youth are being compromised. By telling the youth of today. Their parent generation were terrible being. bent on keeping all the minority races down. Yet the Baby Boomers were the first to open to other races.

The best way to kill off the past. Is to remove the children from the family unit. By putting them in forced education (propaganda) system. As the youth of America has been done to for years. Mandatory education or mandatory propaganda. The youth of America are taught to answer to Bells and all authority. The only way to break the Hopi ancient ways. Was for the government to remove the Hopi children from the parents. At first this was suggested that the Hopi children go to Keams Canyon for re-education. This didn't happen on Orayvi, as the Hopi elders the Hostiles. Refused to let their children be taken from the them. While this was all going on in Orayvi. You had the Split between the Friendlies and the Hostiles. The Friendlies were open to the re-education of their children. While the Hostiles refused to let their children be taken away. This led to the Split on Orayvi, 3rd Mesa. With the Hostile refusing to let their children be compromised. The government sent in the federals to arrest the leaders of the up-rising. 19 Hopi elders were arrested and taken away to Alcatraz Island for incarceration. When they spent a years, before being released back to the Hopi rez.

This not only happening to the Hopi youth. All Native American tribes children were removed for re-education. It appears that only the Hopi Elders knew of the dangers. That awaited the Hopi in future generations. As most Native American tribes were compromised by starvation and constant movement from rez to rez.. As the tribal leaders were corrupted by the government. Much like you have on the Hopi rez today. To where the Hopi ways have been lost. Drive through the village of Kykotsmovi. You'll be amazed at the amount of government vehicles. As Kykotsmove was a Friendlies village. After the split on Orayvi, and you can clearly see.

I was told by John, the owner of 'White Bear Hopi Arts'.   That the main concern between the Friendlies and Hostiles. Was that English would be taught to the youth. By using the Christian Bible. Thus for the government (Rome), you killed, 'two birds with one stone'. John's grandfather was Chief of Religion on Orayvi. You would never think of Religion tired to Hopi. Only difference in Hopi Religion=Spirituality. Religion was corrupted by the church. The Religion of your life, 'Good or Bad'. Also all Hopi, were against the encroachment of government on them. Much as the Navajo of today. But the struggles between the Hostiles and Friendlies grew. Over how to deal with, the government interference in their affairs. This grew as the Friendlies asked for government intervention and protection from the Hostiles. Who outnumbered the Friendlies, who wanted the government troops.

Then on 25 November 1894, two Calvary Companies with arms from Colorado. Came too Orayvi and arrested Chiefs Lomahanoma and Habima. Along with 17 others and imprisoned them on Alcatraz Island. The press would call the group a, 'Murderous looking Apaches' and such. As all the press is, as like today. Are simply, the 3rd Branch of the government. To Govern both physically and mentally. Thus the Friendlies along with the government, changed Hopi Ways forever. As the Friendlies living the Washington Way now. As you visit the villages on Hopi today. Their are only 3 villages still hanging on to 'Hopi Ways'. Orayvi (Old Oraibi), Hotevilla (old part) and Moenkopi (old Part). Just as is happening in America and rest of the World today. As the Old Ways are to be removed and destroyed from history or His Story. Just as ancient 'Hopi Way', or as Lonnie calls it. 'Hopi Way Today'.

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

Saturday, February 9, 2019

"The Chosen Ones"?

Learned a ton about, 'the chosen ones' this past week. Not the self proclaimed, j$$$$ish religious fanatics. No, how business really works. Kind off knew I was an inside. When I was with the Italians, at Sunbelt Electric, as the estimator. The Freemasons made first contact with me. While visiting 'Black Theater Troupe', a project we were doing for the City of Phoenix. I was left a 'Calling Card', I call it. Then gifts soon followed.

Why, was the burning question, after all these years. Had I reached some unknown level. A friend says 'I had reached the Highest Level of what I do, Electrical'. Not sure that's true. I owned my own Electrical company for years (14). Before getting rolled on for enough money, from a j$$$$wish contractor. I was forced to quit contracting. With all my self confidence destroyed by this financial blow. I went to work for other electrical contractors. Before going to work for other electrical contractor. I was mainly a residential electrical contractor. Doing custom housing and larger apartment complexes. My first company to work for, was Compel Corporation. Who specialized in Computer Room electrical installs. And did mostly government work, like McDonald/Douglas aircraft company. Overnight, I went from a residential electrician, to the highest end of the electrical trade. The education had begun. As the World was changing from everything on paper. To everything being on a computer somewhere. I was being trained in a whole new World of electrical.

This went on for years, working on different government projects. Then one day I was at Charles/Schwab Mirror Facility in Chandler. I was a temp electrician, as I was tired of always being the man in charge. Yet when I did temp work, I was put in-charge of the regular companies full "Time" employees. As was the case at Charles/Schwab facility. One day while walking down a hallway, an older electrician stuck his head out and asked. 'Do you ever wonder why you are always on these large government, high tech jobs', he asked? I responded, 'why is that'? His reply was, 'because the government, knows, who they want on their jobs'!!! Then I realized, just what he was saying. I was controlled financially, by where I could find work. Wanting a break before I knew all this. I would apply for a job, get it. Then called and told, I didn't have that job after all. Then a temp service would call and offer me work, on some government facility. Needing money, I was forced to take the job offers. With me being so naive enough, to never notice until that day at Charles/Schwab. Was I set up to fail at my own business, so I could be retrained? That would look, like a 'Big Yes'!!!

Now all these years later, look what has happened. Back in business for my self again. Now doing only government projects. Why, because a Lighting distributor, whom is stock and barrel part of the system. Gives me Lighting Packages on my bid projects. That are 10 - 20% lower than other electrical contractors get. Why does this happen? Over the years, I have handled millions of dollars worth of  lighting distributors light fixtures. And I install the lighting packages correctly. Then everyone gets paid on "Time". That's why I'm a Favored Son on Bid Day. The Circle stays completed with me. And in this day and age of Trick Lighting system. Due to Energy Management in all office buildings and homes. The days of simply connecting a light fixture to the power. Have ended with all the controls to control  amount of Wattage Usage. It's all about 'Saving the Children', but at great cost to the customers. Here again the consumer will be using less electricity, but of course, at the same cost. Just as the size of your box of breakfast cereal, gets smaller. But the price, stays the same.

I was saying about taking CBD oil for my fall, a few months ago. The CBD oil was the only thing, that would stop the shooting pains in my hip and legs from the fall. I have fully recovered from the fall now, but still taking the CBD oil. Maybe my fall was for a reason. Seems the older I get, the more nothing seems coincidental! The way I took the fall, was quite amazing. A lot of things had to happen, for me to fall. Was their things going on inside my body, I was unaware of at 71 years old? And the CBD oil was curing that problem. A firm believer that mankind has been programmed mentally. To think of dying in their  mid to late 60 years old. You see the programming in sports all the "Time". With major sports figures, are dying before 70 years of age. Putting the though of Old Age, at 60 years old. Here again the word government meaning, 'govern' to control physically. 'ment' for 'mind' control.

Next big subject hitting the internet, is 'Mud Floods'. Was the World hit with a Worldwide catastrophe in the 1800s? Was Free Energy a common item? Push some button on the subject. It's a fact, humanity knows nothing of their true past. Look at the pyramids, and other great structure around the World. Who did all these thing, were they really created by primitive mankind? Just a reminder that 'history' is 'his story'. And the Cats with the biggest weapons, write His Story. The powers who seem to control all. Have hidden mankind's true his story and replaced it with 'His Story'. Humanity didn't come from nothing like the j$$$$w Einstein's BS. Or the Jesuit Darwin, Darwinism of Evolution. "God" is being written from history and replaced with 'His Story'. And now the gay agenda, for both, physical and population control. A weakened male is the objective for the future 'His Story'. Humanity as created by "God", is being De-evolution. Is Baby Jesus or the Blue Star Kachina, going to arrive soon? And save humanity from this terrible "Godless" future?

Their are those who truly believe they are the 'Chosen Ones'. And those are the one's, your not allowed to Criticize. Think who that might be. Watch and listen to your daily programming, from the controlled media. Just who is herding humanity, into a soulless, do as you might Reality? Who are the self proclaimed 'Chosen Ones'???

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, January 13, 2019

"Just, Who is the Enemy"???

We can see the faces, the powers want humanity to see. Just who's really, behind those masks? Rome, Jerusalem, London, DC, puppets, are what we see. This is all far above, 'lets talk'. Not like a bunch of guys were sitting around one day and decided, 'Lets Rule the World'. Let's convince the World's population, they are living on a Spinning Ball. And "God" is non-existing. They are all flukes of nature, nothing more. And they the populace, has no ability to rule over themselves. Who directed this thought? Mere mortals could never accomplish the incredible amount of control over the masses. If you will notice, no matter the country. Their Space Agency logos are all similar to NASA. All done to keep the Worldwide lie going. America and Russia were all self complacent in the Fake Space Race programs. Now China and Japan have chimed in on the World's greatest lie. Just where humanity is and who or what is humanity? Is humanity "Godless"? Your masters want humanity to think this way.

It would appear that all nations fall under one central control. The Fake wars and enemies, have kept the World's population divided. The masses programmed to hate everyone. Who doesn't worship the same "God" as them. Was Hitler a hero or a zero? The controlled media says, 'Hitler was a monster, killing millions of j$$$$s'. A few Muslims with box cutters, can overwhelm an entire airliner (3). Japaneses Navy snuck up the US Naval fleet, tied up in Pearl Harbor. Every day it seems is a new False Flag. Every other week, NASA discovers water on Mars, again and again and again!!! Weirdo White guys are Killing children at schools, theaters, Christmas "Time" in the malls BS. Was this all Organic in Nature? A few White guys or something much greater. I'm reminded of the Hopi Tale about, humanity is lazy by Nature. And left to their own devices. Would never advance Spiritually without a shove from behind. This direction however, would appear to be far more sinister, to say the least. To the point of wiping-out humanity.

Who's to say, if World's population are, on the increase or decrease? China may be so far beyond population control. To where they may be a declining race. China will drop below 1 billion population within a decade or so. 'One Child' propaganda did them in. Now the Gay Agenda World wide. Is having the same effect. All part of World depopulation, it would appear. Diet is doing it's part, as the World wants the American diet. Same Fast Food joints, in damn near every country in the World now. 'Death through Diet', is a fitting term. When food is suppose to be Health and Medicine naturally. Now your medicine comes, via a Barrel of Oil. Eliminating "God" on every front. From where your place in the Big Picture, to how long and healthy you live. The NWO has been here for as long as anyone can tell. The powers just give humanity, crumbs of truth. They the masses, will make the rest up.

Meanwhile humanity swings hopelessly at the enemy presented. While the true powers are hidden. A true 'Dog and Pony' show, politics are. While the masses are being Murdered Off, unknowingly. The Ones pulling the Strings hide in the background. Who or what will humanity be in a 100 years? Somethings, will probably never know. Like what is the true shape, of where humanity lives? Why was humanity presented such a place? And a million other questions, about life? For sure, this is no Fluke of Nature. And a much greater plan is in store. Than meets the eye. A true Max, 'shut up and Ride'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday night, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, December 30, 2018

"Stinking Aliens are Coming"

The "Aliens" are sure getting lots of press now. Even NASA is jumping in, with news of "Aliens". When for years, NASA denied the subject. Call it a, soft 'Disclosure'. A firm believer myself, of the "Aliens" in space idea. With all my UFO sightings, a big "Time" believer. Now being a Flat Earther, the idea of "Aliens" is still alive. Just not coming from Space somewhere. Makes thing easier, with the Space BS. Making me feel better about myself. Rather than stuck here, with all this crap going on around me. Enter my believe, mixed with Hopi tales and history. It all fits together now. The powers tried hiding "God", behind the Spinning Ball BS!!! It trapped me and most, with this massive propaganda system in place. From the crib through your education system, the spinning ball. All around you, the spinning ball.

Then the Space propaganda got going, via the media, movies first. First the spinning ball, now the stinking "Aliens". Arthur C. Clark, the true inventor of the Satellite, was a Fiction Writer. In 1945 Arthur C. Clark, suggested the idea of orbiting communication satellites. Then on October 4th 1957, Spudnik, a Russian satellite was born. Earth Orbit(?) had been attain. The 'Cold War' was on. And militarized Space, was surely coming soon. ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) would soon follow!!! Instant World Nuclear Destruction, in a Heartbeat, the World's population was programmed! How perfect, wouldn't you say??? Like 911 and Pearl Harbor did. Turned a country, the USA into instant Wars. Robbing the citizenry, of their lives and money. This has all been played out, as the citizens awaken to the lies. Like Chem-trails, most everyone seemed to notice. Thus the powers had to admit to the spraying. In the name of, 'protecting the environment from Global Warming' BS. The Ultimate War, Space War. After all, look how easily the masses have been programmed into Space (throw me in).

And now the Trumpster has started creating a new agency called, 'Space Force'. This will protect Americans at billions of dollars. To protect the American public from attacks from Fake Outer Space. In other words, 'the Stinking "Aliens" are  coming'. Not only are the Stinking Aliens coming, they are coming to Kill and Enslave the American population. How silly does this sound??? Yet the idea is about to become law. And who will pay for the Stinking Fake Alien attack, Joe Six-Pac. 'Legal Stealing', I call it, Just as the Fake Space program. Taking 52 million a day from the American tax payers. And all NASA produces is admitted CGI photography. aka; composites of who knows what? The programming of the American citizenry is amazing. Or you can call it, 'the dumbing of American society'. Maybe the baby Boomers were the last generation with any common sense! Because today, common sense, is very uncommon.

When the American population tires of all the False Flags, Mall and School shooting. The 'terrorist' BS gets old. What next to rob the American citizens of the hard earned money and Freedoms? Just what the powers, have been setting up for years, the 'Stinking Aliens Invasion'!!! Who better than Orson Wells, to get the ball rolling with. 'War of the Worlds' radio broadcast in 1938. (link to recording)  A test run by the Rockefeller Institute, on the American public. To just see how receptive the general public would react to such a "Alien" invasion. Orson Well's radio broadcast showed just what the powers wanted to see. How easily the masses can be put into a Panic Mode. With a simple radio program. Since the day of 'War of the Worlds', the idea of the "Alien" threat. Has been programmed into the American public's heads. Just as 911 and WWII was programmed into the Americans heads. Once convinced Yellow people were all bad, the other. All Brown people are bad and just might be a terrorist. After the War with Japan was over. America kept up the attacks on the Yellow race. With Wars in Korea and Vietnam. Killing millions of the same Yellow folks. Now, no end to killing Muslim or middle easterners. Until the public awakens to what is happening to them. Fear is the greatest weapon. And the powers have used it on the masses, from the beginning of religions and governments.

With no place left to turn, but Fake Space. Until the masses awaken. The idea of "Alien" presences, cannot be denied. Just to many folks, like myself. With UFO sightings that cannot be explained away. Are the "Aliens" that so many have experienced. Be no more than the 'Hopi Ant People'. Who are helpers of a local "God"? The next few years will tell, how far the powers are willing to stretch the truth. As the old Chinese line goes, 'my you live in, interesting "Times"'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


Sunday, December 16, 2018


Just what is, True Power??? If you ran the World, what would you do to control the masses? Has a 1 True Power, conquered humanity. With the absents of a visible "God"? With no one around to control your thoughts and actions. And having no "God" or coincidence to answer to. How powerful could you become? Over the masses who are basically pure of Heart. What' your first step, in control of the masses?

Rumor has it, the powers in the past Used force along with taxation and starvation, for control. Until the masses multiplied out of, enforceable control.  In the known World outside the Americas and East, China, Japan , etc., etc.. With Death and the unknown after Death. The powers would turn this basic fear of dying. Into uncontrollable power over the masses. When brute force no longer worked against the multiplying masses. "God's" wrath would be used against the uneducated masses. As in, 'all roads lead too Rome'.

Humanity was given a "God" for control. With humanity having no knowledge of their own individual powers. That all the children, are the creation of "God". And no other shall have domain over humanity. With the lack of a visible "God". The masses fell under control, using humanities own fears. Instead of Children of "God", humanity was brainwashed into believing. They were no more unknowing creatures. That the masses needed to be lead and given a "God" to fear. Inter 'Baby Jesus' onto the uneducated Worldly masses. Al those not believing in Jesus, would be converted or killed off.

By taking humanities own fears and turning them against the masses. Fear of the unknown, is a powerful tool. And Rome the creator of all religions, did just that. The 'Inquisitions' had be started to bring the masses under the control of Rome. Beginning in the 12th Century. Rome set out to bring Europe and the Americas. Under the control of the Catholic Church. Converting the unwashed masses, into Christians for Christ. Study the history of Meso-America and the 'Inquisitions'. One sees how, the Shamans were rounded up and murdered off. Thus killing thousands of years of of the Meso-Americans Spiritual history and Rituals. Just as the Native American children were stripped from their families. And put into government and religious schools. And brainwashing all the past history from the youth's minds. Thus breaking the backs of ancient Meso-American history. And Native America Spiritual Rituals.

In today's World, you can plainly see how Rome. Divided and Conquered the masses. By using religions to divide the masses. Christians, Muslims and j$$$$ws have the World in constant war. In a War of Words, over who's "God" is correct. All 3 believing that they are the true religion. And all others must be converted or Killed!!! The Big Question always is, dumb luck by the powers. Or was Divine Intervention, aka; Satan!!! Who gave those running the World currently, this knowledge? Society is degrading now at a rapid pace. With Morals and "God" being tossed aside, like yesterday's newspaper. Will this continue, or will some Divine Energy? Change the direction of the current 4th World???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time", "Alien"