Saturday, September 8, 2018

"You Need "God", on Your Side"

A lesson I learned quickly, as a young Electrical Contractor in the 70s. Far to much can go wrong around you, that you have absolutely no control over. Rain, delays, price increases, injures, an example of things. "God' or the "Gods" control, 'best laid plans, of men and mice', thingy. 'Murphy's Law', seems to never escape my old ass, even now. Must have taken a 100+ screws out and in. Installing a 2000 Amp SES service, last few days. Last bolt, you know the story. A struggle, then the bolt falls back into the SES, all BAD!!!

In 'Today's World', "God" is trying to be removed. Copernicus and the Spinning Ball, Then Darwin with his 'Evolution Theory'. For hundreds of years, the powers have been slowly removing "God". And replacing "God" with themselves. With the masses being simple cattle, to be herded around. And in the modern World, that's what you have. The controlled media has corrupted the human mind. Have mankind believing they live on a Spinning Ball, somewhere out in the Universe. Have humanity believing they came from a Monkey. That humanity is no more than a Fluke of Nature. Get up, go to work and pay your taxes. They powers even created the monetary system for control of the masses. For without money, you don't survive long in the modern World. Everything you need now cost, even a "God" given drink of water. "God" provided humanity with everything they could possibly need for free. That has all been corrupted.

From the original Hopi Hunter-Gather. To where it's illegal to feed the Homeless and Poor. No more "God" given plants to cure everything humanity needs. To where all medical treatments, are from Oil based petroleum. A "God" given natural diet, has been replaced with GMO plants. Animals are feed growth hormones to speed up the growth. To where it used to take 3.5 years before a young cow could be harvested. In the Modern World, it only takes 6 months before harvest. All those Cancer causing chemical now in the consumers body. Giving the consumer, Cancer before 60 years of age. With CHEMO the only cure, the patient is told. Just a cycle from birth, removing "God", replacing with the powers. From a Mother's Breast milk, to Soy based poison. With no thought of the health of humanity. Just how much money$$$, can be made from the Cattle. The 'Bottom Line'!!!

Mankind doesn't need a "God" for protection anymore. Their is no "God" on a Spinning Jesuit Ball. Only Monkeys and those to be herded. The only "God" you need, is the one the powers gave humanity. You can see all around you. How the preparation to move the cattle into the cities is happening. Will the folks be slowly herded into the concrete jungles. Never even noticing what has been done to them? Like the Frog in the warm water!!! Look how quickly the masses started being covered in Tattoos. Getting piercing in unknown places. How bazaar is that? And how quickly it all happened. You are now a freak, if your not all Tattooed up. The same propaganda is being done to move the masses in to cities. Removing "God", showing the Jesuit Spinning Ball at every chance. It  appears the Flat Earth Movement has the powers concern. Unless the Flat Earth is a way to introduce the NWO one "God". That lay above the Dome. My generation got fooled so many "Times", along the way. Into thinking they were way Cool. Only to be just another Pawn in the game. 'Tune in, Dropout', propaganda. Turning a generation's of top thinkers, into 'Dead Heads'. Running around the country on LSD! Influencing the unknown masses. 'Gerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead'. And all the other bands out of San Francisco and Laurel Canyon in SoCal.

Without a "God" on your side, your defenseless. And the powers know this. After all, the powers gave the masses religions, to divide them. Making the cattle more easily controlled. Telling each different religion, they have the only true "God". That will surly keep the masses, killing each other off forever. Like how the j$$$$ws use their bible to remove the Palestinians and other Middle Eastern peoples, from their lands. Saying their "God" told them they could. What a mess, but perfect for control. (All roads lead to Rome or some other singular place.) What has happened to humanity in recent generations is unprecedented. TV sped everything up. Just as it did to the poor old Hopi isolation. Throw in the music and Cha-Ching. A "Godless" society, bent on Self, Self and more Self. Thus the Selfie was born. Tattooed, Pierced and Controlled. Limp wrist-ed, to weak to know what is being done to them. All to perfect, it would appear. What could stop this Steamroller? Only an outside intervention. And that's what the Thinkers are hoping, as in Hopi. Where is the 'Blue Star Kachina', when humanity could really use Him. Now billions of citizens need, "God" on Your Side.

Good Luck

"God" Bless


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Sustainable Development"

aka: You and me DEAD!!! Constant bombardment of, 'were all going to Die!!!' Over population, Climate Change, Radiated Oceans, all mankind's fault. That's what the power want, the World's population to believe. Does anyone truly know the population of the World? No mater what the powers tell humanity. How could anyone refute this? If NASA says the Planets are thousands of Light Years away. How can 'Joe Six Pac', disprove this? So Joe say;s, 'oh tay'. Take Joe's pick-up truck and park it 2 miles away, in the dark. Turn on the headlights, see if Joe can see his pick-up? Common Sense has been ripped from the youth. Believe what you are told, question nothing mentality.

'Agenda 21' has turned into 'Agenda 2030'. As the powers s had to roll back the date. Here in the Metro Phoenix area, the powers can't build enough Condos and apartments. Today for the most part. They all set empty, with more being built. What do the powers know, the rest of humanity doesn't know? 'Concrete Jungles' of the future is the plan. Rats all moved into 'Sustainable Communities' it's called. Turning the urban areas back into their original state. One reason you have reintroduction of Native Species back into the forests, such as Wolves. While for years, they were eradicated by ranchers and farmers.

So why such a vicious attack on the White population? The White Race, is the only race capable of stopping the Zionist agenda. I had to give up television years ago, couldn't take the constant attacks. It's all the Whites Fault. You can see how America has been sit-up as the World's villains. With the White Face of America, being put fourth. In South Africa, White Genocide is happen as I type. Why isn't this front page news. If this was happening to any other Race. The press would be in an outrage. Unfortunately the Zionist control the media. You can look back, and just see how things have been brought along. Drip, Drip, Drip, Frog in warm water. Slowly this has been brought about. Like the Frog, one day humanity is Cooked.

Part of Agenda 2030 is Diet. Most vegetables have been turned into a GMO by-product. Organic Gardens are being out-law in many states. Don't want the organic vegetables mixing with the corrupted GMOs. Farmers are being sued over this cross contamination, the powers call it. Any Big Pharma using Natural Cures from plants? No, if your cure doesn't come from a barrel of Oil. Big Pharma claims it's bad for you. Mass Vaccination for population control, as Bill Gates stated. Is the future of the youth. another big lie, 'it's all about the Children'. Is double talk for controlling the youths health and life expectancy. The powers could care less for the Children. Look how malnutrition the current youth appear. Do they look healthy, or Defenseless? Do the Children really look like the powers care? Do the youth of today, appear to be preparing for Revolution? Against their masters, who are slowly killing them off. No, the youth are all asleep, obviously. All started with the Diet.

A quality Diet will fight most diseases. As the body is a Miracle work of "God". Turning the youth into a diet of Carbohydrates. Processed Sugar, Grains, and GMO Vegetables. With meat products filled with Growth Chemicals. The youth look, how they look today. The powers must feel, they have won the war for control of humanity. It's only a matter of "Time", like a wounded animal. Folks are not living longer, but shorter now. As the natural Diet has been destroyed. 'Fast Foods' have replaced Healthy Food. As eating an Organic Diet has become out of the question for most. All part of the plan.

'Sustainable Development', Mind Control has been imputed into everyone's minds now. Like the Jesuit Spinning Ball, it's everywhere. And it's humanity's fault, for the World's problems of today. They drive pollution causing vehicles, they are multiplying to fast, they are always ill. Just as the illusion the powers have created. You now have Whites hating Whites, because they are White. No one treats a Mexican worse than another Mexican. Blacks can't kill each other off fast enough. Clan members killing Clan members, of the same tribe now. And now, move all the Rats in the same Concrete Jungle. Calling it 'Sustainable Development', and good for the masses.

Any Fighters Out There???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

PS: "Alien"

Saturday, August 18, 2018

"Hopi" All to Perfect

'All to perfect', is my patent answer for, Hopi history. 'In the Beginning, we were all Hopi'. From the 'Beginning', to the Baby Jesus tale. Of the 'Returning of the Blue Star Kachina, too the Village Plaza'. Were the Hopi, truly the 'First Peoples"? Hopi Tales tell us that the Hopi first emerged from the Grand Canyon in current Arizona. To where the Hopi settled on what's call Old Oraibi today. Here the ancient Hopi set out to settle the World's uninhabited land masses. The Swastika originally  came from the Hopi. It was the symbol for the Hopi migration pattern to fill in all the voids of the Earth. After the Hopi settled onto Old Oraibi. Younger clan members and their families. Would be chosen to set out on new Hopi settlements. These  new settlements would ladder be come, new tribes. As the Hopi settlements became permanent villages, for the new arrivals. As "Time" passed, the new settlers would change from Hopi to their current tribal name. Such as Sioux, Comanche, Apache, etc..

The 'Great Flood' was the ending of the 'Last World'  'Third World'. And mankind is currently living in the Hopi 'Fourth World'. To the Hopi, all that lived in the 3 previous World. Have passed through the current 'Fourth World'. And all of humanity is growing together. If this is truly a Closed Environment, that all of humanity is linked together. And have been for eternity, now divided by religions and race. This was predicted by the Hopi. Who left the Underworld for the for the Surface. Now you have the same controllers it appears. Is the ancient Hopi tale about life. If Life was an easy path, Then your Spiritual Development would not progress. aka; If life were a Sunny Beach, you'd never leave it!!! That definitely works for me. I'll be about as sleazy as anyone else, if not pushed. Which is just part of being human. The 'Fallen Angles'???

As most have noted, who have done any research on religions. They are all pretty much the same. With most if not all, having the 'Great Flood', ending the previous World. How can this be? Because the Tales were originally Hopi. When all the Continents were linked together. And the ancient Hopi started their migration throughout the flat surface, of Mother Earth. Every religion, cult or mystical tales all have a Worshiping hero, who will return at 'End Times'. The original returning hero was the Hopi 'Blue Star Kachina'. aka: Jesus, of today's Bible.

The Catholic church learned in the 1500s. Not to mess with the Hopi Peoples. When the Spaniards along with the Catholic Padres. Arrived in the today, Arizona region. The Spaniards were looking for  the famous 'Seven Cities of Gold'. They found the Hopi. Who showed them the route to the Pacific ocean. Later the Catholic Padres at gunpoint. Forced the Hopi on Old Oraibi to build them a church, on Old Oraibi. With the Catholics idea was to. lay to waste, another ancient history and tales. Just as the Catholic church aka: Rome, had done to several other. Ancient religions  and teaching. The Mayan history for example. The Padres had the Hopi build the new cathedral directly over the ancient Hopi underground ceremonial chamber. As if to shove a Boot, into Hopi past history. Their is a "God" and the night the Catholic church cathedral was completed. It was hit by 2 Bolts of Lighting, and burned to the ground. That's why you won't find, any Catholic churches near the Three Hopi Mesas!!! A reminder also, the Hopi were the only Native American tribe. Not to be Genocide or Relocated to a reservation, in the Americas.

Hopi ancient Tales have been hidden from the masses for a reason. 'To Complete', no fantasized tales about Beings from the Sky. Just Reality of Hopi life and how Hopi day to day life, correlated to a Spiritual Life. No Hell or Vengeful "God", to worry your head. Just living a Spiritual Life by living Life. Bring no harm to others, be humble of those that Created you, a simple life lesson. In the Hopi 'First World', the animals had no fear of mankind. Why, because in the Hopi 'First World'. The Hopi weren't Flesh Eaters. Thus no fear of the humans inhabitants. Imagine that in today's corrupted World?

When the ancient Egyptians rulers realized. They could no longer control the masses with an Army. Religion was created, to make mankind a Sinful Beast. (Later to become Rome and the Catholic church.) And all other types of Spiritual teachings must be destroyed. The Inquisitions in the Twelfth Century were created. The poor Hopi were in the path of World domination by Rome. Which I believe you have still today. MesoAmericans, and North and South Native Americans were all victim of Rome's Inquisition. Bringing home the meaning of, 'All Roads Lead to Rome'.

And here we are today. As far as you could possible be, from the Hopi 'First World'. A world divided at constant war. With the main objective, control via Chaos. Is this the 'Fifth' and final 'World'??? Depending on which ancient Hopi tales you wish to listen to. Look how far the World has come. from the 1st Hopi emerging from the inner Earth. Only to Return to the very Beginning, of the corrupted Underworld!!!

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, July 29, 2018

"Riding Along in, Someone Else's Boat"

The older I get, the more I realize. How true little control I have over my own life. As the old line goes, 'greatest plans of Men and Mice'. Is so very true, I've realized with age. Their are those unseen things that control most aspects of my life. When I first moved to where I've been for over 20 years. My plan was to build my model race cars and get old. That plan was destroyed one afternoon. After watching a Cigar Shaped UFO (Mothership?) over my home for over 30 minutes. As I like to say, 'I was throwing all my past over the railing, onto the deck below'!!! So much for spending the rest of my life taking it easy mentally. My life was changed forever in a heartbeat. I was to soon start spending long hours in the Scottsdale library. Trying to figure out, just exactly what had happen to me. Like most folks of the World, I believed in "Aliens" and UFOs, but never had seen either.

Using mainly old writings, I found in the library, to understand the presence. A firm believer in Space and all that crap taught to me from kindergartner on. I was trying to connect the "Alien" connect to the Stars and Space travel. Having been brainwashed into that scenario. I still have very little control over my life. Just know now, that the stinking "Aliens", didn't come from outer space. So here we all sit together, under the Dome I guess? Having researched the Mayan, Hindu and Hebrew Cosmoses and my own Common Sense. Pretty damn sure we are all in here together. No physical escape only mentally. (Hotel California, the Eagles) And that this "God" given Place, isn't no 'Fluke of Nature'!!!

Now was I put here, for some Cosmic lesson? Are the ancient Hopi correct, when they say, 'everyone living in the present 4th World. Were all here in the previous Three Worlds.' The church of Rome who gave mankind religion to divide them. Also gave mankind the Jesuit Spinning Ball BS, aka; no "God". While going across the World, destroying all ancient civilizations Spiritual historic records. Was religion created when the Romans elite realized. They could not control the World's population with weapons. So instead  gave mankind a Spirit "God" instead? Telling the World they live in Sin without the believe in Jesus Christ. As an excuse to destroy all the True and Good in the World. Just ask the ancient Mesoamericans. As millions of Mayan and other indigenous populations of Central America. Were Slaughtered in the name of Jesus Christ!!! Just as the Europeans did the same to the Native American population. Is an example of the Few, controlling the Masses. Control of your life, isn't necessarily an Heavenly event. As the Evil that rules the current World shows.

Have the masses 'Reality' been created for them? With the creation of Mass Media? The powers knew they had mental control, of the citizens of the World. The moment they saw an audience cry, over Cartoon Characters on a Big Screen. 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', proved how easily the masses could be influenced. WWII was a mass media out of control. Americans turned into a War Machine, via the controlled media. The World hasn't been the same since. Just paint the new enemy a new color. Tan with a little Russian, seems to be the current enemy of yours and mine. When all else fails, drag the Evil Russians out of the closet. And the terrorist are the perfect enemy. You can never defeat a Ideology. Just give it a new name, create a new Bogyman.

The bottom line, the cloth you put on this fine morning. Were decided by others, you only picked the Style, Size and Color. Your wages, health, quality of life, are decided by others. The powers can create shortages of anything they please. They do it with Blue Berries all the "Time". Old enough to remember 'Gas Lines'? What will you do about the daily Chem-trailing? If Monday grocery stores started closing, just what would you do? How many Americans have food on the self, more more than a couple of days? Could you make yourself a cup of hot tea in the morning? If you woke-up to no electricity? The powers have made damn sure, that all are under their very daily control.

It is up to the individual to determine their own Fate. As long as you are awake to what surrounds your every move. Their is no one in power, looking out for your own interest. That is up to the individual. The powers what everyone to believe they are going to take care of the citizenry. It is just the opposite of that. The powers what only to tax the individual to death. But also to determine when the individual dies. Preferable before retirement age, to collect their hard earned retirement. Bottom line, take care of yourself, no one else will!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


Sunday, July 8, 2018

"Life and Health"

Talking to my good bud, Santos Bonacci about my health. Being 20 years older than Santos and in better health. The main reason is I've lived a healthy life style most of my life. Even during the Cocaine days of the 70s. I knew to visit a local health food restaurant to replenish my body's essentials vitamins. As cocaine was touted as a drug to make you work longer and harder. Unknowingly we were all killing ourselves. Today's generation is doing the same thing using all these so-called Energy Drinks. That are loaded with Caffeine and Sugars. Both of which will shorten your life. As in the 70s, we compared sugar to Heroine. Now the kids running around, look like thin and frail. Just as if they were addicted to cocaine. Just show how controlling the mass media is.

Yet like no matter how well you take care of your self. "God" will decide you fate, based on your Reality. You hadn't notice that car just ran a Red Light. And now you are dead. Karma, life's Roulette Table, any guesses??? I bring this up. because Santos is having some medical problems. No matter how hard you try and take care of yourself. You never know what problems the environment can bring. So trying you best to defend yourself from the environment that has been polluted by our out of control corporations. As America has become a Fascist State. To where big business, controls the government. I've seen this for years in my electrical business. How things are made safer and safer. To the point of overkill. Telling everyone, 'it's all about the children'. Now you have this same mentality in every aspects of American life. 'It's all about the Children', while in the same breath. Polluting everything Americans eat, drink or breathe.

Yet you can defend yourself. By simple fighting back with your diet and exercise. At 71 years old, you would be hard pressed to find someone in my health. I can do, all I can do. yet you still need "God" on your side. As I like say in construction, 'you need "God" on your side out here'. To many outside factor to effect what you are doing. You are truly at the mercy of others around you. Same thing goes for your life. By treating other as you would like to be treated. Is a mayor step, in you Karma Fate. Tibetan Book of the Dead, states your current life. Is a refection of your Past Lives. As you go through life, growing Spiritually hopefully. Hard work is another key to your health. As my Earth father always said, 'quit working, Die'. And you see that a lot, here in Arizona. As retirees comes here to retire in the warmth of Arizona. Not knowing, they have sentenced themselves to death.

For my own health, I added Seafood to my diet. I was eating no animal flesh for years. Something in my mind (Duality), decided I needed an extra protein. I've noticed I feel a bit stronger now. Only trying to eat seafood, every other day. My good friend who is 85 years old and owns 'The Blue Fin' restaurant in Phoenix. She is of Chinese descent, and corrected my seafood intake. Me being programmed to believe Farm Raised, meant better. Learned from her that to only eat wild seafood. And unfrozen if possible. Like any vegetables, the fresher the better. As I always like to say.

'What Part of Them (the powers) trying to kill you, don't you Understand'!!!

"God" bless on this HOT Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


"Time" "Aliens"

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Marylou, 'mom never wanted you, she left for 3 days and came back with you'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


"Time", "Alien"

Sunday, June 17, 2018

"1,000 at 71"

Hard to believe, my 1,000th post. Why I write is beyond me. Their is something inside me that pushes me to write. I never see, if any are even read. Maybe an unconscious effort on my part to awaken my own. I've came from a Spinning Ball Earther that evolved from a Monkey. Now to a Flat Earther and a child of "God". Not some Fluke of Nature the powers want to brainwash me and the masses with!!! I'm not hanging on too the edge, of the known Universe. The Sun isn't moving at millions of MPH through the Universe. The Sun isn't 93 million miles away. Everything I've ever been taught about who I am and where I am. Has been a total lie built on Mind Control. Reminder that the word Government came from to words. 'Govern' meaning to control physically. And 'Ment' is Latin for Mind. All the government want's to do, is control you totally, mentally and physically. And it would appear the powers have done a great job of Mind Control of most Americans. Just bring up the word 'Flat Earth' to a stranger.

Now at 71 years of age, finally getting my stuff together. All those years of being lied to and believing most, have now stopped. No matter what I hear in the controlled media, I question. All the thing that are good for me are in reality, bad for me. Garlic is the perfect example. The government passed the 'Clear Air Act'. Now the same government is spraying Americans daily with Chem-Trails. Have turned the Sky from bight beautiful blue. Into a Milky White looking substance. 100% pure, doesn't have to mean 100%. The meat from cows, poultry, pork are loaded with Female Growth Hormones. It takes only 6 months from birth. For a baby cow to be on America's dinning room table. In nature it would take 3.5 years to accomplish that. But with all the chemicals in everything Americans consume. America has become the Cancer capital of the World. Farm raised fish is pure poison. They are also feed growth hormones in their diet. Only Wild Sea Food should be consumed. Here again the powers telling the masses their food is safe.

All Pharmaceuticals are Petroleum Based now. Thanks to the Oil's power with the American congress. Once American medical cures were from Nature's "God". Now all the Big Pharma medicines are made from a petroleum base. Just what in a Barrel of Oil is good for you? Like how Pizza is pushed on the American public as 'healthy food'. What part of a Pizza is good for you!!! Macaroni and Cheese as healthy food, my ass! Making it easier and cheaper for a family to eat Fast Foods. Than to take the "Time" to make a nutritional meal at home. All part of a much larger plan. Keeping Americans unhealthy and weak. Unable to think rationally for themselves. With the final push being.

'Agenda 30', once 'Agenda 21', but with the public push back. The powers are having to delay, removing people from rural areas, into a Concrete Jungle Armed. Nobody could sell Guns like Obummer. All part of a hopeful Race Wars, which will never happen. One day the powers are saying things, to make American rush into Gun Stores. Next day, you have a False Flag Shooting. Followed quickly with, 'take Americans Guns away'. Just adding to the confusion of most Americans. After all the American $1 Dollar bill has on it. 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' (Latin). 'Order Through Chaos'. Just like Pearl Harbor, 911, School Shootings, WWI, WWII, Nam, Korea, on and on. No more World Wars, now simply constant warring in the disguise of Terrorism. The perfect conflict for the powers, never ending conflict.

Millions of words later, an Open Book, I am. My growth, my failures, all to read. I've learned over the years. I write for my, own Mental State. Read or not, I'm still kicking along. Bending my conduit, pulling my wire. A ton smarter. Not any wealthier, just how the powers want it. Broke, broken nutritionally, American slaves. To weak and dumbed down via the media, to even fight back. Best advice at 71, 'treat your body and mind, as a temple', because, that's what you are.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS "Alien"

Sunday, May 20, 2018

"The Best Slave"

The best Slave, is the Slave that doesn't know they are a Slave. That would be, most Americans! What few true freedoms Americans had. Were removed with the 'Patriot Act', just after the False Flag 911 attacks. If Americans think their not a genuine Slave. Try leaving or reentering the country, without a Passport. 'Maritime Law', is how the World operates. The child came down the mother's birthing channel. And the child, docked (was born) in America. At birth the child is signed over to the powers, with a Live Birth Certificate. Now the child id given a Social Security Number at birth, to close the deal. A Slave is born into the system. Everyone worried about a 'Chip', when in fact. The American citizen is born into Slavery. And given a SS number, that allows the new birth the right to work and pay taxes.

During "Times" of War, male and now females can and will be drafted. Your car and home can be confiscated in "Times" of National Emergency. Everything you bought with your hard earned American dollar. Was burdened with debt. Thus it has no true value. Your labor turned into debt ridden dollars. That's why everything can be taken from you by the federal government. And the propaganda machine keeps telling the uneducated American, 'they are free'. As the Slaves, cling to their Spinning Jesuit Ball!!! The Slaves don't even known, where they came from, or who they are.

The mind of the Slave, has been totally compromised. Mankind was once the creation of "God". And all before mankind was created for mankind. Now mankind has been reduced to a 'Godless Monkey'. Supposedly lost somewhere on the edges of the Milky Way. A fluke of Nature. Pay your taxes and die, kind of a Monkey. Try an escape, the other Monkey Slaves will attack viciously. Mankind's escape, is simple.

Turn off the TV, stop watching movies. Their are no free lunches. Clean up the diet, eat raw as possible. No red meat, chicken, flesh. Surprisingly how quickly, the mind awakens. Like Magic Glasses, the truth awakens. Your pissed at all you've been taught. Nothing but lies to confuse me and shorten my life. Making my life miserable, in the elderly years. You hate to realize how you've been fooled. Most never reach this point. Realizing, what a fool they've been. Willing clinging, to the past. Onward and Upward one's mental/spiritual state. I look at the past, as a learning curve. What were once mistakes, are future tactical errors. As part of age is knowledge. I've found getting older, their are no 'Dumb Old Men'. They've all stepped in front of cars.

Escaping the Slavery is impossible, physically. Realizing the Chains, is the beginning. Mental freedom is priceless. Blank-out, all the False Flag propaganda, think 'fighting back'. Share your growth with others. Trust your "God" given 'Common Sense'. If you hear anything, from any mass media, think. A child of "God", has been ripped from humanity. Never forget, your a child/creation of "God". Treat yourself and others, as such. You are a 'Temple'!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Quit Working, Die"

'Quit working, die', my Earth father always told me. He lived to be 91 years old. I tried to retire and found out just what that meant. Life's dilemma, stay active or die. The year I took off, I noticed my mind playing games. Each day, earlier and earlier I'd take a power nap. My body began to ache. My joints got stiffer. Life seemed rather short, scary thought. I had my health before retirement, now I'm suddenly deteriorating. Laying around one day, I wondered what I'd do now? Too old to get an electrician job, or electrical estimator for someone. My choice seemed simple, back to being an Electrical Contractor. Delivering pizza seemed out of the question.

Here I am some four years later. Handled over $300,000 in electrical projects, all but one government projects. At my age most men are done or dead. Just finished wiring the Fire Station addition, mostly by myself. The firemen were amazed at how hard I work. Going up and down ladders all day, carrying conduit and such. But what would be the opposite if I didn't? Would cancer grip my body and me dying an ugly death of CHEMO??? What are my real choices? Like your diet, every "Time" you eat improperly. You are being disrespectful to yourself. Most of Americans have been programmed into this behavior unknowingly. With fast food diets designed to shorten one's life. Making the citizenry dependent on the system for poor health care. Where CHEMO is the cure for everything. Where all the medicines today come from a Petroleum by product. Not for the natural cures found in Mother Nature.

Look at obese people, they all have a strange look in their eyes. That's because the Cancer in them has taken over, their will to live. This Entity that took control of the mind, to where the idea of eating never stops. Cravings for sugars and processed grains like wheat and corn. The obese person surly must know what they are doing to themselves, yet can't stop. This powerful Entity has taken total control. This Entity that must know killing the host body, kills them, or does it? The j$$$$ws will kill the host, like a deadly parasite. Why this mental parasite then. Is this powerful control your Duality? Killing you off, to start all over again? Something is going on in the obese persons mental state. Like a Serial Killer, mental illness. This Serial Killer, lives within the obese person. The obese person has no idea the burden they are on the rest of society. The Entity within, only lives for self pleasure. A symptom that is taking Americans lives down hill. 'The Selfie', it's all about me.

With an American population 70%+ overweight or obese. All taking 'Selfies', you can see the powers plan. Making Americans soft and seeking only self pleasures. That is control of the masses. This is also a type of, 'quit working die' control. A weak society doesn't rise up and rebel against their masters. See how it all works hand in hand. With most American manufacturing jobs sent overseas. Americans have become a Service Society of paperwork pushers. You see where this is all going. Americans once were the Longest Living population, not any more. With Diet and no physical work being preformed by Americans. Americans are dying at a much younger age. Americans have unknowingly succumbed to, 'quit working die'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, my you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Modern Day, Scientism"

Science was created to hide "God". Damn good job, wouldn't you say? Starting with the Einstein's Big Bang BS. You Monkey you. hehehe You now have, Communism, Socialism, Buddhism, Darwinism, Judaism, Materialism, Taoism, Zionism, the list goes on and on. The worst one not listed is, Scientism. Scientism was brought to mankind to hide "God" from the masses. Science replace Common Sense. Science gave humanity the Big Bang. Reducing mankind from the children of "God". To a mere fluke of Nature. Mankind came from nothing, so thus mankind is nothing. Their is no "God", your life has no meaning. Just do as you are told by your masters. Pay your taxes and die.

Scientism gave way to Darwinism. That all of humanity and every other living animal, plant, insect, everything came from nothing. And mankind evolved via the Monkeys. I like how the powers like to use the term "Time" and Relativity to explain all of their short comings. Like it took a Long "Time" for 2 fish to decide to jump out of the water and develop lungs. Somehow not dying, from lack of oxygen. But before Scientism you had Rome create all religions. Christian, j$$$$ws and Muslims were all creations of Rome. This was done to divide the masses. From all being children of "God", to fighting and killing each other. And now you have a World at constant war. With this effect creating this underlying hatred in all of mankind for each other.

Yesterday, the collective power of united folks. To today the 'Selfie'. It's all about me, can't you see??? Common Sense would tell you, you live of Flat Immovable Plane. Scientism tells you, your living on a Spinning Ball at 1,000+ MPH. Common Sense would tell you, the Sun is not 93 million miles away. And the Moon only 250,000 miles away. But somehow, they are the same size in the sky. Common Sense tells you, no way every Meteor strike on the Moon is perfectly round. Yet Scientism tells you, this is normal. Scientism needs no facts, just the powers saying it's so. With the dumbing down of the World's population. Common Sense is being removed. Even questioning the a child's sex at birth. If you were born with a pepe, that doesn't necessarily mean your a boy. In today's World of total programming of the masses.

I've witness the changes in humanity over my 70 years. Mom used to look like a mom. Today mom with here tits hanging out all over, looks more like a prostitute. School actually used to educated the child, today just the opposite. The dumber the child, the more controllable. Personnel morals have been stripped by the constant bombardment of soft porn. The young girls, have been stolen of their souls. Choosing to look like some street hooker, that a future  wife and mother. Young males weak from improper nutrition. A diet of carbohydrates and processed sugars. Unable to fight back their masters taking of years of their lives away. This has all been done by replacing "God" with Scientism. The Science of removing "God" from everyday life.

The last few weeks, I've been to  tired to get a blog out. Why, because I've been pushed and pushed on my current projects. Today no one cares about other individual. In a society of Go Go Go, it's like Rats in a barrel. No one escapes, because all the other Rats, keep dragging down. Those that try and escape the Rat Race. The powers want everyone to think they are the Rats. No "God", no Future Life. Live for today and Die mentality. I'm above this, but have been part of it also. Turn off your TV, escape the current "Godless" Reality of.  Eat or be Eaten, in a Rat World.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, March 31, 2018

"I Drown, Ya know"

The ancient Hopi were told, to create Hopi Kachina Dolls. From the root of a Dead Cottonwood tree, on the Verde River (today's name). 1st question, who told the ancient Hopi to do this and why? But thousands of years later. I would drown under the roots of a Cottonwood tree on the Verde River. This would be in the mid 50s, long before CPR. Yet I was brought back to life, some how. Now at 70 years old, still hard at work. As my Earth father always said, 'quit working die'!!! And here in Scottsdale, you see the retired wealthy come here to die. Aw the Good Life, but for how long?

Making sure that I don't die from non work. In the last three weeks. I've installed over 1,000 ft. of 3/4 EMT, over 500 lbs. over my head. 4,000 to 5,000 ft. of  #12 THHN copper wire. 50 Junction Boxes and two Sub Panels. 100 ft. each of 1 1/2" and 1 1/4" EMT, all overhead. I'm wiring a Fire Station Bay addition on the Rez, next to Scottsdale (SRPMIC). Spent a year bidding over 1.5 million in electrical projects, getting none. Laid off all the employees and now working by myself. Trying to get my savings built up. In order to bid more work. You make Money with Money, hard to get around that fact. Wiped out much of my cash saving, getting by without projects. The company bleeds money, with or without jobs. I surprise myself on how much I get done at 70 years. And their is no one near my age doing what I do. Their was older Mexican laborer on the job-site. He looked like crap, bent over and tired. Asked him how old he was, he was 63 years old. Here you see how important Diet is, in every day life.

I've learned over the years being an electrician. How important Diet is. Most folks Crap all over themselves and others, unknowingly. They work hard all day, watch the TV programming and off to bed. The Bible is correct, when it says, 'your body is a Temple'. Yet most Christians I have found, treat their body like Crap. With the proper Diet and Rest, you will look at others differently. When you respect your own Temple. Then you will have respect for others. If or not, taking care of their own Temple. One of the main reason the powers have destroyed the American Diet with Fast Processed Foods. Is all about Control, Control, Control. A nutritionally weak society will not rebel, against their masters. Diet controls the mind's ability to think correctly. Try not eating for a few days and see just how well your mental process works. You can't think correctly, just as most Americans. Who are starving to death, unknowingly. With 80% of Americans, classified as 'Obese'. Because of the TV and movie programming, of their Diets.

So you see the American society today. Rolls Over to the powers in DC. With every new legislation, takes more and more American citizenry powers away. The last Generation to 'Hit the Street' in defiance of the powers. Was my Generation of 'Baby Boomers'. You hear the line about Gun Control, 'from my dead cold hands'. Yet who is standing up, as more and more Gun Control Bills are introduced to congress? I see no one standing for Americans citizens freedoms. Only lying politicians, who are all under control. Long before they ever reach Washington DC Congress. Agenda 21 has now been turned into, Agenda 30. As the past date passed, without total control of the masses. Diet is the Weapon of choice by the powers. Just as it was used against the Native Americans. Jail prisoners are feed bad diets for a reason, Control. The same is being done to Americans, including the poisoning of the atmosphere.

I get up each morning knowing. The powers are doing their collective best, to kill me and everyone else!!! You are 'At War', whether you know it or not. Instead of Bullets, it's your Diet. I've died and have no fear, but the idea. Of my very own government, trying their best to Kill me. I'll fight until the end, for my physical and mental health. Also a bad diet, effects your mental health. With Americans committing Suicide faster than any other nation's population. This is from a poor diet. And the breaking down of the 'Family Unit'. You can't 'think straight', starving to death, nutritionally. And Dying, ain't all that Bad.

"God" Bless


PS: "Time" "Aliens"