Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Does it Really Matter?"

All the background noise of War and Doom, who's listening? Does it really effect you're  Life's Journey? Or is all this background noise, there to misdirect your life? The Las Vegas Shootings, Hollyj$$$$w Sex Scandal, North Korea attacking the US, Trump BS constantly. It never ends, does it? Their's a reason for all this, your Mind. It's all about 'Mind Control' of the masses. Who you are, where you came from are the biggest 'Mind Control' weapon. Remove "God' from the equation, you have total control. You now have a 'Mind Controlled Monkey' or as I've invented the term. ''Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkey', type of mental control! After "God" is removed, with the Jesuit Spinning Ball BS (aka: Copernicus) , Darwinism and Einstein's' Big Bang' BS. Who need's a "God"? Now the powers are programming the children into believing, the child would one day. Become an adult and merge with a machine, AI Robot, fake as Space it's self. And I thought it was crazy when kids on the job site were believed in Reincarnated Zombies.

What has to happen before complete control over the citizenry, Guns. The guns must be removed from those who will not take the programming. Majority of the masses believe everything the controlled mass media tell them. Or as Richard Nixon said it best, 'American people don't believe anything's until, they see on television'. With all the recent False Flag shootings, what do you see. Folks believing that some crazed lone Wolf, killed 59 folks in Las Vegas. And fired over 550 rounds of ammunition into the concert crowd. (Concert played in front of the Vegas Sphinx and Pyramid psyop) The same masses that bought into, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and so on. And right on Que after the shooting stopped, 'Gun Control'. With a Bill awaiting to be introduced about Automatic Weapons Control. Just as the 'Patriot Act' was introduced the day after 911. Which turned every citizen of a America into, 'a Combatant of the State'. Now the only thing left, is the drip, drip of total Gun Control. 2nd Amendment was all about, not letting the government have total control of it's citizenry. Citizens having guns is about the citizenry protecting themselves from a Tyrannical government. Exactly what the USA has become today.

So the False Flags just seem to getting bigger and bigger. The pressure keep growing to remove guns. Until the older and wiser generation have all died off. With the dumb-downed generation that's been compromised with poisons and diet. Mentally and Physically to weak to defend or learn for themselves. What will turn the Tide? End of the Hopi 'Fourth World'? Return of a Hero to save humanity? Baby Jesus, Blue Star Kachina, Buddha, Allah, Adonai, etc.. Folks better save themselves, mentally. No one's coming, never has, only cycles of Life. Every so often, the Landscape changes, look around. Who ever comes along in the Planet's history, comes and goes. Far greater things are evolving than anyone could possibly know. Yet these morons come along and try to direct history. One day, it could all end in a Heartbeat!!! One never knows. Your last Breath, everyone's last Breath, gone in a Heartbeat. Does it Really Matter, is everything? Just in your head, your soul?

Is the 'Fix' in? Are all Politic and Sports, Fixed? You bet ya!!! All for a misdirection of mankind's reality. Just as in Roman "Times", feeding Christian to the Lions. The NFL is nothing more than modern day Roman Coliseum Gladiators. The NE Patriots are the greatest of all. Red, White and Blue, just like the USA. TV has only one Job, programming the viewers. Music industry has only one Job, programming the listeners. Politics have only one Job, controlling through legislation. Breaking away is simple, stop Listening to all the Noise! It all really doesn't effect True Reality. Folks only let it get to them mentally and physically. The bad news Bombardment is designed to hurt you Physically and Mentally. Nothing kills you faster than Stress. With the powers using the media to create all these unwanted outside Stresses. That's why nothing you ever hear or see from the controlled media. Is for your own benefit. It's all about tearing you down. That's why, 'Does it Really Matter', what powers say? No, your life is your own, not the government, not the church. Your own "God" given common sense is your leader.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS" "Aliens"

Sunday, October 1, 2017

"Killing the Children"

As I've written before, the attack on the White population is Maddening!!! Even the American government has turned on the American Whites. Autism among White children is growing by 'leaps and bounds' today. By the year 2030, some medical whores have predicted, that 1/2 of the White children born. Will be born with Autism or Downs Syndrome. While the American White population, submits to their own Death and Destruction. The propaganda is so powerful, you now see, 'Support Autism Awareness'. As a child of the 50s, this is craziness. The parents have been so polluted with poisons in most everything they drink and eat. They are now mentally unable to defend their own children, from a life of misery! Both the child and the parent will be handicap the rest of their lives. Trust me I've seen it a good friend. With autistic child, suffering for years. Just like in War, a wounded soldier takes several others to help them along. That's why it's better to wound a soldier, than to kill the soldier. He now become a burden instead of an asset. Just like the child's ruined life. A life meant for Spiritual development, not total misery, lost in the dark. Will need support the rest of their lives.

Those like myself will be drowned out by the control media. Only those who are able to rise above all the propaganda. Will ensure the Mental and Healthy survival of their own offspring. The rest, are in a prison of Hell. Never knowing that life was meant to be Great experiences. Instead of a constant struggles of life. The child's mind is being stolen by their Public Education. That is only meant to program the child even further. Turning the child against the Parents knowledge by experience. Isolating the family from each other even. With the child's Cell Phone, now the child's center of attention. I've watch as the isolated Hopi Peoples have been divided from the own children. With the introduction of Cell Towers on the Hopi Traditional Homelands. Hopi past Tales and History, are now, so forgotten, by the Hopi children. Once signs reading, 'Water is Life'. Now the signs are all gone. Replaced by signs reading, 'Rape is a Crime'. The Innocent Hopi Children had no chance against the Soulless Hoards. Just as the in the past. When the Christians removed the Hopi children from their parents. Claiming the parents were Savages. After the Christians in the name of 'Jesus Christ'. Slaughtered over 14 million Native Americans. Just who are the real Savages, the Christians???

A total frontal attack on the children's Childhood. An Organic childhood is being ripped from the children, with porn everywhere. Mom goes through men, like changes in the seasons.    'The Feminist Movement' was the new.

  Mom dresses like a whore, all tattooed and pierced up. How could the child have any respect for the mother. When the mother, has no self respect for themselves? Dragging the child along, as if a prop. Innocents has been robbed from the children. With the adult's self indulgence. Turning mom into the mom of today. It all got a giant extra kick start in the 60s. Women were being programmed by the mass media. They need to be free, working, look at me, programming. Gone was the loving home mom. Just as quickly as women suddenly became Smokers, in the 20s. Before media propaganda of the 20s. Women smoking was frowned upon by society. Then the programming of women was called the, 'Suffrage Movement'. Just an example of how the women are easily influenced. To what you have today. Let the powers raise the child, ca-ching! Now the poor children are so dumbed down today. Elon Musk is backing Rockets down from fake outer space. Onto a landing pad, pure CGI. Can't go back to the Moon, far to difficult, lost info. Mars, that's no problem BS. And the children go, Oh-Tay. Not their fault in any way. Common Sense has been denied the child, the parent. To the powers, the women were easy Prey. Mom's loved Child, to a Child of the State. Programmed for decades, just reporting what I've seen at 70.

Now the child is being protected from the child's own environment. No more playing outside util dark, with no fears. Physical Education is being removed from public education systems. Children are dress like Robots, to simple take a bicycle ride. Child is riddled with Vaccinations, claiming 'Preventive Medicine. Where for 100s of generation, the child was just fine without the poisons  in vaccinations. Myself with perfect health at 70, only got 1 vaccination. And the 1 vaccination ruined a many child's adulthood. That vaccination was for Polio. Telling a generation that Stagnate Water created Polio BS. Just as today giving young girls vaccination to some how prevent Cancer in the female child later in life. How would you even test such a drug. Yet the American public duped from the AMA, via the constant bombardment of propaganda. AMA is out to Kill You, before you have a chance at retirement. AMA is just part of the system obviously. Now that system wants your child to be a burden on the parent until death. This is where America is today. Defending one's self from one's own government of corruption.

"God" bless the Children, abandoned by the powers evilness. Just as the child needs the parents for Protection and Mental growth. The parents also need the child for their own Mental and Spiritual development. Destroying the Family Unit, started with the Mothers. They were first attacked, knowing the outcome. With the Family Unit destroyed, you have what America has become in Modern "Times". A Warring Nation, who's population's health and welfare have been completely tossed aside.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Act As If"

"God" just dropped your Dumb Ass off in the Forest. Because "He" did!!! But that has all been removed, successfully by the powers. Instead of mankind living at 'One With Mother Nature'. Mankind has turned it's back on Mother Nature. Not by mankind's Freewill, but by the powers propaganda. The only way to control the masses successfully, you have to create the very Place mankind thinks he lives. Convince mankind they are a Fluke of Nature. In the last 500 years, that has happened. Before the 'Jesuit Spinning Ball', mankind was the Center of the Universe. "God" had created the Heavens and Earth just for mankind's Spiritual growth and development. Now mankind is at war with Mother Nature, against their own will. How can this happen?

Something came along and decided to control the masses. Hopi tales say, 'mankind must be pushed along', or mankind will become stagnate. If life was a Beach, you'd never leave it, thing. And I can say that for myself. Mankind still has the basic instincts of , 'Shelter, Food, Sex' and 'Fight or Flight'. As for gaining Spiritual growth, that appears to need to be pushed along. Your born with the feeling that their is more to you than meets the eye. Hidden somewhere in the back of your mind. You instinctively know, Right from Wrong. You are born with a Penal Glade or your 'Third Eye'. But to control the masses, these born instincts must be mentally removed. I believe religion was the Tool used by the powers to take control of the masses. aka: All Roads lead too Rome'. Once the mind is under control. The body can be lead to Death. War, Famine, Disease, are all created for control.

Now that mankind's Spirituality has been removed by false "Gods". That "God" cannot be attained without a religious leader. That Nature and "God" are not the same. Fact that your very life is miracle of "God". Has been removed by the creation of the Jesuit's Spinning Ball Universe. A few worthless, soulless whores, who have no love. For their fellow humanity. Have now taken control of the World's population.

Once the Forest, Jungles and Deserts were mankind's pharmacy. Now mankind's modern medicines are Petroleum based. What could possibly be natural in petroleum, for the human medical consumption? Instead of eating Raw Foods as "God" intended. Almost all foods today are either GMO processed or cooked. Instead of fighting Disease with proper nutrition. Preventing disease before it can attack the body, has all been lost. Now the advertisements are full of cures, that are purely chemical petroleum based. That can have no possible help for the patient. Visit your doctor and suddenly everything is Cancer. That will require CHEMO!!! While you are dying from the CHEMO, your good organs are be peddled away for profit. As the medical powers have convinced the general public to be 'Organ Donors'. What better way to tell the medical whores, 'My body's for sale'. With wholesale attacks on mankind's 'Common Senses'. Who in their right mind would 'sign their own Organs away?' Knowing that the medical system, know's that your (Organs) are worth more to them. If you die in their Care. That's why CHEMO is used to keep the patient just barely alive. Until all medical insurances and the patients own saving have been stole. Then the Harvesting of one's Organs. The very same thing the Federal government is doing with everyone's Social Security. The powers are betting on you dying before Retirement age. And they are winning that contest, hands down now. With all the chemicals in the Foods, Water and Air.

Best Defense, 'act as if "God" just put you in the Forest and you must survive'. Everything you need to survive, is in that Forest naturally. Food, Shelter, Water, Medicines, all before you. Your a Creation of "God", not a Fluke of Nature. All that has been stolen from humanity, in just a few hundred years. From a 'Child of God', to a Mind Controlled Freak of Society. Pimple Faced Kids

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Santos Boancci, Ronald Slusher Sr."

The 'Odd Couple' we are. Santos 51 years old and me 70 years old became friends 7 or 8 years ago by fluke. I'd just started my YouTube channel and blog. Santos was already popular with all his Astrotheology lectures and videos. Santos showed how the Christian bible tales and the movements of the Stars and Planets are 'one in the same'. I'd been chasing Hopi and Mayan theology for years. After discovering over 20 years ago on the cliffs of Old Oraibi, Hopi 3rd Mesa. A Petoglyph of Mayan figure, facing south toward home of the Mayan. (pic side bar) Learning from Santos about Astrotheology and tying it to my knowledge of the Mayan Popol Vuh. The fact that all the Tales in the Pool Vuh. Are based on the movement of the Stars and Planets. I'd found someone actually doing the required readings and research. Not some mouth piece, rumbling the 'Corporate Line'. Like all the churches and the 501 c3 they must all sign. Before they can become a 'Tax Exempt' entity. To become a 'Tax Exempt 501 c3 Organization', you have to promise that you will not use your 'Pulpit', for Political purposes. You may attack any other, Religion, Government, Cult, Race, etc., you desire. But you may never ever attack the US Federal Government, from your Pulpit. It's called, 'American Freedom'!!!

Before we became friends, Santos and me. He'd banned me from his YT channel and other postings. I kept correcting Santos's Hopi comments he uses. (Red Ice Radio also banned me for same reason.) Santos knows of the ancient Hopi Tales and uses them often in his lectures. While Santos was banning me from commenting on his teachings. He had Subscribed to my YouTube channel, unknowing it was me. All I was doing was showing Santos. How even the ancient Hopi Tales had been corrupted by the powers, for obvious reasons (The Truth). And I was correcting the wrong done to the Hopi Past. The exact same thing Ahkima Honyumptewa and I were doing with his series of videos. Santos had no idea what he was saying, had been corrupted by the powers. Not quite sure how it all happened, but soon Santos and me were to email and Skype each other regularly. If I don't send Santos a message for months, then do. He always respond quickly, which seemed rather odd util recently. Long before the both of us became Flat Earthers. Santos invited me on to his 'American Freedom Radio' show on 3-11-13 to be a guest ( note date). 'Santos Bonacci and Me'.

Now Santos and me have became Flat Earthers, fighting the same battle. I'd become a Flat Earther before Santos, from simply reviewing my own videos. As I always try and do a 360 degree view of where I'm recording (no Curvature). To give the viewer a better feeling of the surroundings. So for months I never contacted Santos. Until one day, his 1st Flat Earth video was on my YT recommend list. Sent him a quick skype message and boom Santos returned my message. Now the 'New War of Knowledge' is on, big "Time"!!!

The Flat Earther attacks have began in earnest now. One of the first weapons used by the powers is always, 'Disinformation'. With NASA/hollywood being the main attack dog. And of course the controlled mass media. The oddity about the Flat Earth movement, is it's recent origins. A Sleeping Dog for centuries, has now started to divide the popular thought. Just like Race and Religions have done for history. What happened to create the sudden new interest. And 'who or what', started putting the Old Reality back? As coincidence in my life, is a thing of the Past now. No matter, it's here now, and the War is on for the Truth. Just as it's been forever.

Suddenly all sorts of videos on just how the Flat Earth model works. Government controlled groups like 'Flat Earth Society'. YouTube channels like IPS, GlobeBusters, Mark Sargent, and now 100's of others, flood the Flat Earth Reality. All adding to the confusion. And now the recent Eclipse, dividing things even further. Enter Santos Bonacci, reality. And a group on YT called 'Sun and Moon Group'. trying to fight the good battle. In a battle to free folks from the Big Bang/ Darwinism BS. Mankind isn't a Fluke and "God" less, as in Big Bang/Darwinism. A Child of "God", thus a "God". And AI aka; 'Artificial Intelligence' is near crap. Just the same BS Big Bang/Darwinism in a different Coat. Your are becoming a Machine in the future. ha ha ha 'Common Sense' being ripped from humanity, once again.

Santos is the only one doing the 1,000s of hours of research. Not only now, but on the Religions, Cults, Stars and Planets of decades. As Santos says, his own Astrology works far better on a Flat Earth model. Santos just proved the Moon never went in front of the Sun. 'Flat Earth Karen and Ceres from Holland, with Santos Bonacci'  Common Sense tells you, the Sun some 93 million miles away. Cannot make a Dot go across the USA. By the Moon, only 239,000 miles away. Moon would have absolutely no effect. Yet NASA/hollywood want you to buy$$$ into their special kind of BS. And to throw away, all your Common Sense.

Santos and me are friends, while most hate the both of us. We are hated because we have not been Compromised by the powers or religions. Santos and me will not be lead foolishly into bad Mental and Physical Health. As most bow to the pressures of every day life. As I've said many "Times" before, 'you have to get in line to hate me'. Yet Santos is just the opposite from the programmed masses. To hate my Aryan Ass. Why is that, because Santos is educated and my knowledge doesn't intimidate him. Like it does everyone else. Santos tells me, he has 'total Love and Respect for me'. No one ever says that too me. Santos tells me, 'the Hopi are lucky to have me as a friend'. Only other Hopi have ever told me that. While the rest of the World would attack my knowledge. As Santos said, 'I see the respect the Hopi have for you Ron'. Thank "God' for souls like Santos and Me, still fighting the good fight. While the masses fall to their collective knees, to their Masters. 'Prostrated'

"God" Bless on the Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, August 26, 2017

"The Moon?"

The Great American 2017 Eclipse came and went, with much Fan Fare. A day later, most Americans could care less. On with taxes and bills to pay. NASA did another BS job of presenting how the Eclipse would happen in Fake Space. With most Americans (World) believing anything NASA/Hollywood says. And then their is the rest of us, non believers. Of anything NASA or the government has to say. Most of the US had been being spared from massive Chem-trailing lately. Amazing how clear the skies over Arizona have been the last few months. Few Chem-trails before a recent weather front moved in is all. The day of the Great Eclipse another story. Turns out that the morning of the Eclipse on it's path, the Chem-trailing started. Almost all Eclipse videos had Chem-trailing clouds in them. With the video presenters pointing out the heavy Chem-trailing that morning of the Eclipse. Crrow777 who is World famous for his Lunar Wave videos. Had the best Eclipse videos out. (link)  

How crazy is it to believe that the Sun is 93 million miles away. The Moon is approx. 240,000 miles away. Yet both somehow appear to be the same size in our Sky. About as crazy as believing that America put men on the Moon in the 60s. So their the Great Divide, folks who trust everything NASA and the government has to say. I call them, 'Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkeys'. Then the small minority who actually look things up, before believing. The ones who are above being programmed easily. The Flat Earthers who don't trust NASA's BS. They all know that the Moon on the day of the Eclipse, was nowhere to be found. Infrared cameras were showing no Moon in front of the Sun. Not just one report, but all reports. What slide in front of the Moon? Sad, but we'll never know. We just know it wasn't the Moon.

Where mankind is, and what makes-up the Living Universe, Mother Earth? With the powers constant propaganda of disinformation about the simplest things in life. The human race is forced to discover their own Roots. Jesuits only want humanity to buy into their brand of "God", or non "God" Big Bang BS. Either way the Jesuits have power over your mind. 'Who You are and Where You are'. You can have 'Baby Jesus' or not!!! They've got you covered. For the non-believers, the programmed masses will deal with them. Just tell a stranger your a Flat Earther and wait. Then ask the same person to describe their own local Universe, they can't. Yet because of the massive programming from childhood to adulthood. The masses will defend their own Enslavement and Persecution. Defend the the powers that are killing them on a daily bases. Have Taxed them into poverty! And Divided the masses with Religions.

The next Eclipse will be going in the opposite direction in 2024. Up from Mexico through mainly Texas to the Northeast states. (link) 8 April 2024 Eclipse  Can't wait for NASA's BS, on why that is! The masses will mostly buy into it, 'hook-line-sinker'! 'O-Tay' NASA is the American way. So What is the 'Sun' and 'Moon', will mankind ever know? One thing for sure, whatever NASA says, can't be believed. Your 'Common Sense' is under attack!!!

'Common Sense', your "God" given ability to figure out 'things' on your own. That first answer your in your mind. Your taught in school to go with, years ago. Is now under attack from the powers. 'Common Sense' tells you, your not spinning on a Ball at over 1,000+ MPH. That the Moon isn't spinning and yet always shows the same side. Your lost in Space somewhere, yet Falling Stars only come down from the Sky. And not in every direction, in floating/spinning in Fake Space. Now at birth, 'how do you know for sure if your a Boy'. If you have a Penis, the powers what you to think about what Gender you really are. Here you go, the most basics of 'Common Sense' under attack, your Gender. It's all about convincing humanity they are no more than Dumb Ass Monkeys. Who can't think for themselves. That the powers now must make all decisions, including 'male or female' gender. All part of the Plan. Absolute Control from Birth to Death of Humanity. Are you fighting back??? Will you let your children and grandchildren be Imprisoned for Life Mentally? Does humanity have any 'Common Sense' left in them? When they can be told they live on a Spinning Ball and they Evolved from a Monkey!!! Is the 'Moon' made of Cheese?

"God" bless


PS: "Time" "Aliens"

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Just how did this Reality become 'Reality'? You'd be a Fool to believe in the 'Big Bang' BS, 'something from nothing. All that Darwinism crap, designed to fit the 'Big Bang' BS. Everyone pretty much agrees on the, 'in the beginning, only stillness'. Still Waters, covered by Still Sky. No land, plants, no animals, no weather. How has all this Stillness, turned into what you currently have today? Electricity, Plus Minus, Life, a "God"? No escaping, everything about you, is Electricity. Your digestive system, is no more than an Electrical Power Plant. Extracting Energy and Electricity to run your Body-Temple. Everything about you, is an Electrical movements. That's why for generations the term, 'you are what you eat'. You don't get good energy/electricity, with poor Fuel. No different than you car.

With the new awakening with Flat Earth Reality. Many other doors have opened and many have closed. Flat Earth Reality brought an awakening to all of other possibility of the 'Creation' myth. "God", how big is the Pond, Shape, Type, More Ponds, Domed, etc.. One thing for sure, throw away everything your Public Education gave you. All the mass media crap, Religions and the such. It came to me, Electricity is "God". Lightning or "El", Created a Living Reality, called 'Mother Earth'. Not 'Barren Earth'. 'Lightning' explain how, in the Hopi 1st World, the Sky was Purple/Red. Aftermath of massive Lightning Strikes, and why the Hopi good. Where hidden inside 'Mother Earth'. Before the 'Hopi Emergence'. How often can the Environment be changed, when your "God". This why the powers have no problem defacing 'Mother Earth'? Be another Face soon??? Look around, how many different civilizations have passed before?, here on 'Mother Earth'.

Here are the Creators of the Mayan Living Earth. 'They were summoned by "Heart of Sky", Sovereign, and Quetzal Serpent in darkness, in the night'. 'They then arranged for germination, and creation of the tree and bushes, germination of all of life, in the darkness and in the night, by "Heart of Sky", who is called "Huracan". First is 'Thunderbolt Huracan', Second is Youngest Thunderbolt and the Third is 'Sudden Thunderbolt'. These Three together are "Heart of Sky". Together they conceived Light and Life.' (Popol Vuh) Ancient Mayan believe all of Creation, began with Lightning. Lightning rose up the the Earth from beneath the still waters. Lightning created the storms that created the rivers and valleys. Lightning strikes, brought nourishment to a barren soil, unable to grow plants.  Lightning storms brought the waters into the Skies, Rain, Weather. Long before the Plants and living Creatures were Created. 'Then be it so, you are Conceived. May the water be taken away, emptied out, so the Plate of the Earth may be Created, may it be gathered and become Leveled. Then may it be sown (planted); then may dawn the Sky and Earth. There can be no worship, no reverence given by what we have framed and what we have shaped, until humanity has been created, until people have been made', they said. (Popol Vuh).

Lightning Storms explain the perfect round Craters on the on Moon's surface. Search 'Craters are Electric'   Sun and Moon, both being "Gods", bringing Night and Day. For mankind cannot live without either. NASA lies about a Meteor Strike wiping-out the the generation of Dinosaurs that never existed, in the first place. As the Jesuits try and make crap up along the way. Trying to prove their BS Spinning Ball. Sun went from 1 million miles out, to the current 93 BS million miles away. To try and explain how the same Stars have been the same location for all of humanity. Then NASA was created in 1958, as part of the Military.

NASA would be used to further the Spinning Ball Universe. Pushing the 'Big Bang' BS, no "God", no "El". In 1945 Sci-Fi writer Arthur C. Clark used the term 'Satellite' in a paper. Describing how Satellites could be used for communication. First Satellite was the Russian Sputnik in 4 Oct. 1957. Of the Fake Satellites now supposedly, in Fake Orbit. Around the Fake Spinning Ball Earth. Currently their are 4,256 Orbiting Satellites in fake Space, around the World. Have you ever seen one, or even a real and not CGI photo of a Satellite? No one has, their has been a reward of $25,000 for anyone producing a Real Picture. Even though some Satellites are the sizes of school buses. All this just show how the Russian and the American Space agencies are just part of the massive cover-up. Fake World conflicts and fake Space travel. If you look at all the other countries NASA type Space programs. All the logos are basically the same. Just as all governments are controlled by the same few powers.

In a World of no "God", few will, rule the masses. Just as the Catholic church gave the World's religions. Which gave control by dividing the masses into religious groups, fighting amongst themselves. The same group/powers are now trying to remove "God". As a individual belief, into one "God' religion for all the masses. One "God", one Government, will be the future. If the citizens of the World do not stand for their own personal belief system. For "God" is within all of Life. Everything about life is Electrical Energy, from Birth to Death. In the 'Beginning', "El" was brought fourth, to Spark Life's Electrical Energy.

"Thunderbolt Huracan",

"Youngest Thunderbolt",

"Sudden Thunderbolt"

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkeys"

Just how did humanity get from the 'Center of the Universe', "God's" children??? To Darwin Monkeys so quickly? The Jesuits, that's how. If you don't buy into Rome, Rome don't care. "God" or no "God", Rome could care less. As long as the masses are under Mind Control, with confusion. Like the spinning Red and Blue lights on a cop car. Blue light for calmness, Red light for confusion. Which way do I turn, who will tell me, which way to turn? Rome will lead through the confusion. Rome gave humanity many religions to divide the masses, among themselves. Create the j$$$$ws for Banking and collecting Taxes. Christians, hundreds of types divided, all of them. Muslim, several different Sects, killing each other by the droves. Christian, j$$$$ws, and Muslim, all fighting over the same Rock in Jerusalem. Divide, Conquer, Control

Try and tell someone they are no more than a, Jesuit Monkey, they will laugh at you. Not knowing how much Mind Control the individual themselves are under. Defending those who claim the individual came from a Monkey. That humanity came from Nothing in the j$$$$w/Jesuit 'Big Bang'.

It's all about "God" in your Reality. The powers want humanity to believe they are to be Controlled. Brainwashing the masses that only the Pope of Rome. Can have a relationship with "God". That the Pope represents "God" on Mother Earth. With the rest of humanity being mere Flukes of Nature. Recently the Pope said, 'that it's not correct to have Jesus in your personal life'. How funny, Rome 1st gave mankind 'Jesus', now Rome takes 'Jesus' away'. It's a fight for Control. With the 'Flat Earth Reality' the biggest enemy of Rome now.

With the recent unbelievable growth of the 'Flat Earth Reality'. Rome is now at Full Attack on the True Reality. NASA/hollyj$$$$w is the main weapon against the truth. Of just where humanity is in the Reality of Everything. Now NASA/hollyj$$$$w are sending Fake Space Craft throughout Fake Space now. Trumpster just gave NASA/hollyj$$$$w 52 $$$ million dollars a day, so NASA/holly$$$w can send a Man too Mars. NASA/hollyj$$$$w just announced that NASA.hollyj$$$$w cannot go back to the Moon. They lost all the research and knowledge of how to get too the Moon. If you believe that Crap! NASA/hollyj$$$$w can now go too Mars, some 39,000,000+ million miles from Earth. Yet are unable to go 240,000+ miles to the Moon. And most Americans will go, 'Oh Tay'. And that is the fight for Reality right there. How long will the citizenry of America and the World recognize. That they have been duped by NASA/hollyj$$$$w since the mid 50s?

I've learned over the years, folks just seem to love their own poisons. I call it a 'Convict's Mentality'. You adapt to the Space around yourself, to be able to cope. aka: Not going against the crowd. Folks like me, are a rarity, that's why such hatred for my types. We will not be swayed by the Crowd. I'm not a Clone or a Jesuit Monkey. I follow my own instincts. Having to fight those around me forever. Now when I hear something, it's just to easy to push some buttons. Now I've learned things I took for granted for years. I see if it's a Theory or Fact! Now here are just some of the Theories I myself once bought into. Atom, Particle, Gravity, Big Band, DNA, Space, Planets, Darwinism (Monkey), Mater, the list goes on forever. Basically, anything anyone ever learned in their Public Education of Propaganda. 12 wasted years, you could of learned everything you needed in a few. The rest was just teaching the masses how to be good Slaves. With the unknowing parents sending their children off to school. To be Brainwashed and Vaccinated for an early painful Death. 1st thing the child will learn in school, they live on a Spinning Ball. Then diet will be attacked, along with the parents. Diet will weaken the child, mentally and physically. The child will now be easily Molded, the parents removed. The parents have become Old and Out of Touch suddenly.

Humanity has been so Dumbed Down, they have been reduced to 'Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkeys'. A marvelous plan for complete domination and control of the masses. It was working, Jesuits had everyone, no matter if you had a "God" or not. Didn't matter your Religion, Jesuits created all them. Now you have the 'Flat Earth Reality' growing like a Wild Fire. With a "God" Creator and all of humanity United as One. No need for Religions or Warring governments. This must be Stopped by the powers. Now we'll just have to wait out the numerous attacks. Always Trust your own Instincts first, that is a "God" given ability. 'Fight or Flight'

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Letter Home 13, Degradation"

Planet wide Degradation of Society, has re-arrived, how many "Times"? Who were the Giants, who built Machu Picchu, Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids. The list could go on forever, of evidence of those who occupied Mother Earth before. Most all cultures have the 'Great Flood' as the last Planet destroyer. Bible, Hopi, Mayan, Hindu all have previous World occupants. Is this the True 'End Times' upon humanity? My Hopi buds, seem to think so. All their Prophecies have been fulfilled.

The Degradation of Society got it's jump start with the creation of TV and Radio. In the Americas in before the Radio and TV. The news was mainly via the Newspapers and word of mouth. Now entire generations can be influenced, I'm part of the very first experiments on changing an entire generation's thinking. The Hippies or today's Baby-boomers, mentality was completely corrupted by the mass controlled media. 'Tune in and Turn off' was the word of an entire generation of kids. The children of WWII parents. My generation had been educated to well, had it to good. "Time" to think, grow mentally, not materially was the new. The Drugs were introduced into society along with well planned music to help fuel the dramatic changed to the World's way of thing, was about to begin.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, away an entire generation. Instead of creating the better family unit. The media was breaking down the family unit. Open sex would be a big part of the degradation of society. 'Free Love', the power's controlled media called it. If that's your brother's wife, it's OK to have sex. It's the New Generation of Love, BS. With the powers knowing this would be a major player in destroying the family unit. The women of the 60s were easily influenced by the 'Woman Movement'. aka: Gloria Steinem and the CIA plan. Just like with LSD on a generation. Telling women of the day, 'they no longer need a solid family unit'. Have sex with who ever you want, was the motto. Your husband is no more than a 'Sperm Donor'. Divorce the guy, get a new hubby. The old will be straddled with Child-Support. You'll have plenty of money$$$. Look around at how women have been influenced today. Hard to tell some poor kid's mother, from some Hooker working the streets.

Next would come breaking down a country's history. Like what you have in America and Europe today. The Muslims are destroying European country's past history. Replacing it with Muslim history. Telling the Whites, 'they should step aside now'. That the Whites are terrible human beings that must be replaced. Replace with Rape of the ancient European Bloodlines. Muslim children of White mothers, is the plan. In America you have the destruction of all the old symbols, like the 'War between the States'. Protest against Whites, with Whites in the parade, brainwashed against their own Blood. Black only seen with White women in the media now. Ever seen a Blond Aryan like myself with a Black Women. Of course not, Aryan men are being pushed into the background. With the powers know all along the mental powers of the Whites over the minorities and mainly the Inbreed J$$$$ws. Who must destroy the White Aryans, or have no control over the rest of society. WWI and WWII were all about White Genocide. Before both wars, Whites were 49% of the World's population. Now after both wars, only 16% are White. If your White, how can you possibly watch TV or listen to radio today? I stopped getting a newspaper for the same reason. Thru away the TV years ago. Couldn't handle the constant attacks.

In the End of every civilization, something or someone comes along and decides to re-set the Deck. Does humanity do that to themselves with some giant war? Where'd everyone go suddenly, thing. Like the Hohokams Indians of Arizona. Is their some sort of Climatic upheaval, like a so-called 'Ice Age'? Or does "God' just say, 'enough is enough'. Like an ancient Hopi tale, when the World's destroyed and re-set. At 70 years old, how can society degrade any further, I ask. Sad what I've seen of society, seen it being done to me. Hopeless to do anything about the Changed going on before me. Like the Chief of Old Oraibi, having to leave the village. Because of what degradation he's seen in the children and adults. That was when I first visited Old Oraibi and the Chief no long lived with his peoples.

'Talking to the Boys at Night'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Your Master(s) Want You To Believe"

All of mankind came from a Monkey, who was first a Fish. That your Monkey ass is spinning at 1,039 MPH. While travel through space around the Sun at approx. 6,600 MPH. While the Sun travels at over one million MPH, spinning along with the Milky Way. The powers want you to believe in all these Theories. Darwinism, Space, Gravity, Atom, Particle, Universe, Big Bang, DNA, Relativity, etc., etc., etc.. Not a single fact to support a single theory. In fact, using theories to prove theories. And all science must be believed, regardless of how ignorant of a theory. Mankind must simple be led by those who believe they are direct descendants of "God". The Pope wants you to believe he represent's "God" here on Mother Earth. Humanity is incapable of ruling over themselves. A single all loving "God" created by the powers, to worship. Who are these so called leaders? The Jesuits, Zionist, J$$$$ws, Rome, Israel, just who??? One thing for sure, you would be a fool not to believe. That outside powers are controlling most of your life.

What you hear, see, wear, on and on. You buy the cloths that are in the store. You go buy groceries, but all the different store carry all the same products. Most all foods are GMO and contain chemicals you can't pronounce. The Skies are lined with Chemicals, water filled with Fluoride. Everyone dying from all types of cancers. CHEMO is the cure for everything, but it's only designed to kill the patient. The programming is so perfect, the good folks. Take their family to the doctor who is only a modern day, 'Pill Pusher', legal Drug Dealer. Curing the patient is the last thing from the medical system's mind. Why kill the 'Cash Cow', until all the funds have been dried up from the patient. A diet so full of chemicals with no nutritional value. Thus the Fat American of today. The sickly Fat American in fact. Who should be riddled with cancers by are 60. With CHEMO waiting to finish the job. Here in America, it's called 'Freedom'.

Your as Free as the powers tell you. Your car, home, saving can be taken from you, anytime the government decides to. You cannot earn to money without a social security number. It's your, 'Mark of the Beast'. No need for a tattoo on the forehead. Sublet isn't it??? Got Americans worried about all the wrong things it seems. The created Terrorist are just outside your door, be very scared. (Pearl Harbor, 911, Tokin Gulf, Cold War, on and on.) The powers must protect you from the evil ones. Tax you, for protection from an enemy the powers created, like Space. The powers created a Universe, then put stuff-in it to kill your dumb ass. Like the stinking "Aliens", Meteors, CME from the Sun and Nibiru. It's your fault your car pollutes. Better put a Carbon Tax on you, you better believe. Go against any of this, well you know. The other Monkeys will beat you into submission, programmed. Cure for all this, knowledge. Learning that all that is told you from the powers, is a plan. That keeps the individual asleep. Your not a Monkey is Darwin's reality. With the computer age now. Their is no reason to act as if you know nothing.

Learn to believe your own Eyes. Your own rational reasoning, called 'Common Sense'. Yet today, most have been programmed from the youth too adulthood. To not trust your own mind and eyes. That's how mankind ended up on a Jesuit Spinning Ball. Everything in your eyesight and mind tell you, 'you are not spinning'. You can't see any curvature of the Earth. No matter how high of a mountain you climb. Yet 90% of the citizens of America. Are convinced they came from a Monkey, and the Earth is Spinning. Mankind is not a 'Darwin Monkey from the Big Bang'. Mankind is a child of "God". Put on Mother Earth for a Spiritual development. Not a Monkey to be herded and taxed until death. As long as you think that little of one's self. Then you are controlled. Take pride that you are a free thinker. And not to trust what is told you by the powers. Take the "Time" to educate yourself. And not be told how and what to think. Mankind is a creation of "God" and not a fluke of Nature. As humanity is constantly being brainwashed into believing. Believing in yourself, is a must.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

"God Bless Lonnie Nutumya, Hopi"

If not for Lonnie and Patrick Lanza of Old Oraibi. (Lonnie Nutuyma 3rd Mesa, Hopi.)  I wouldn't have a clue, who I am. Might be dead, from frustration. never knowing anything about. Where I came from, my parents, who I am, my mission? Twenty plus years ago, I was at a loss. That all changed one afternoon on Old Oraibi, Hopi 3rd Mesa. When I was invited to come live with the Hopi in Old Oraibi. Old Oraibi, the first home of the Hopi on the surface of Mother Earth. I was in shock, mentally, why the Love? To Lonnie and Pat, I was the 'Flute Player' and Lonnie even calls me that today in Hopi. Some of the first kind word ever spoken to me. As my presence seems to bring the worst out in folks. That's why I say, 'you have to get in line to Hate me'!!! But to Lonnie and Patrick, it was Love for me. They were sure I'd returned, to help the Hopi. And that I have done, with my videos and writings. I troll the Internet, making sure Hopi Tales aren't distorted. Been banned by such show as 'Red Ice Radio'. For attacking those who make tales up about the Hopi. Only to put themselves in Spot-Light. Hopi Tale has it, 'the White Brother From the East Will Arrive, at End Times'. 'he will bring Many'. Between my videos and writings, I've brought Millions. Trying to correct those things said about Hopi, are true. Never knew a Hopi, before that day.

Every summer for many summers now, I return to Hopi. Even if I don't stay overnight, I plan my birthday weekend, to at least go through Hopi. The last two years, I did just that. I want to make sure Lonnie is OK, as I have no way to get a hold of him. Always 'hit and miss' with Lonnie. Taken me ten years to get 5 Hopi Kachina Doll drawings from him. Each trip I wanted to find Lonnie and buy his art. Have 5 drawing and a Kachina Doll I bought of his. The 1st "Time" I meet Lonnie, I bought the Kachina Doll. It's the 'Flute Player' Kachina Doll. The odds of me arriving on Old Oraibi and Lonnie happening to be carving a 'Flute Player' Doll that weekend? In fact the Doll wasn't completed until Sunday, when I left. Even more amazing is the fact, that the 'Flute Player' is rarely created/carved. Lonnie always said, 'him and Pat, knew that the 'End "Times" were near. As Pat said to me that first weekend. 'You know the 'End 'Times" are near, don't you'? I laughed and replied, 'thought I was here to warn you'. lol Pat went on to say, 'all Hopi prophecies have been completed'. Which they have. And they were waiting for the 'White Brother' arrival.

The rest is history as I do my part to help Hopi history stay pure. Now at 70 and only Lonnie left from all the years of visits to Hopi. My future trips up too Hopi, will happen as long as Lonnie is alive. I bought 2 more drawings this past weekend from Lonnie. On my way to Moab Utah. My 70th birthday weekend and and Lonnie just turned 68 in April. Only had a few minutes to spend with Lonnie, heading north to Utah. My luck, Lonnie had 3 drawings, bought two of them. Gave Lonnie a big hug, said "God" bless you and left. Lonnie had a stroke a few years back now. His left eye is shut and can only talk from one side of his mouth. But his art work, only gets better, amazingly. He has mellowed and I'm sure the reason for the Stroke. Noticed over the many years, how "God" sort of works when dealing with pushy old men and women. Sometimes it can be cruel, but needed. As your life belongs to more than just you. Some good folks just need a little shove in the right direction. I've surely had my share of shoves. I'm Alive

Hard to believe 7 decades have passed this quickly. With a 7 years lost, but found!!! With cancers killing many my age by now. It always reminds me just how important diet it is. The water you drink, exercise, fresh pure air. Mainly you Spirituality keeps your health. Take care of those who take care of you, the "Gods". Being respectful, is so important and something lost on most humans today. As most folks are pre-programmed, 'it's all about me'. This being done to remove one's own Spirituality. You want your later years to be quality. Best put your "God" before one's self. Be humble, as their are no old pushy men and women. And if their is, they have been compromised I've noticed with illnesses. Be kind, try and forgive others, as the Bible is correct. For most don't know the harm they bring others. 'For they know not, what they do'.

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

Monday, May 29, 2017

"The Soldier"

A realization I've come to. And about to turn 70, I think??? To me, 'Those Above', have kept my ass, alive and wise, not to my doing!!! I've become a Soldier over the years, not even knowing it. Took tons of years to realize how little control I had over my own life. I drowned at age 9 in the mid 50s, and survived before any drowning survival Technics were even known. It all should have ended one Sunday afternoon, on the banks of the Verde River. Same river the ancient Hopi went to retrieve the Root of a dead Cottonwood tree, for their Kachina Dolls (even today). But it didn't for some reason, the reason. I'm alive today, to be the Soldier I am. Living a life so different than I'd planned out. Always a loner in the recent past, once a social animal. Not today, as I've been forced to learn, in many ways, the 'hard way'. The "Gods" gave me Tinnitus, it forced me to give up Beer and Coffee. Which saved my kidneys by only drinking Ginger Tea with raw chopped ginger twice a day now. Beer, which is absolutely terrible for you, as a liquid grain and carbo. Now just a couple of small glasses of wine before bed. In fact, most lesson in my life came out of a tragedy. I rub down with fresh cut Aloe Vera every night. Reason, a son grabbed a log from the campsite fire. Burning the palm of his hand badly. With only Aloe Vera to put on the burn until we got him to the doctor 2 days later. Doctor was amazed and wanted to know, how I kept the wound so well? Aloe, since then, Aloe to bring the poisons out from all the Chem-trailing happening today.

I've watched TV deviate society. Changed the American family structure, with a TV Tray. When a Two Piece Bathing Suit was sexy. Too the degradation of American society today, amazing. Who in their wildest dreams in the 50s, would believe the degradation that has happened, did so quickly. A child's mother, turned into a 'Career Women', independent of a male partner. The women think, from the constant programming. Look-up and how women suddenly became Smokers. I could see what the TV was doing to my generation of 'Free Love'!!! Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll'. Throw in Nam and the music. Programming a generation of Re-cyclers and Tree Huggers. Selling Pipes and Incense to future generations, Love on. Everyone loves Nature, turned bad. A well planned trick, herding the animals, you could say. Burns the meadow down on one side. Watch the herd, run to the other side. Offer them, water on arrival. I was one of them.

Now I'm older and wiser, for a reason. I've been allowed to journey on, for a reason. Should have known I was a Martian. After escaping 13 stories in a Maricopa County Court building. In Phoenix on the 33rd parallel. Apparently, Martians don't do jail. They work for others. Every door or elevator was, waiting for me on my escape. The "Gods"??? Been hit by killer voltages, crying like a baby. Why am I alive??? To be here now, no coincidence. Had pistols stuck in my face, alive at 70. Only the "God" of your Reality, decides your fate. That lurking, 'Other Side's', presence some how, invisible, but there. Age brings a better understanding, others call it 'arrogance'. What do you tell an Old Man with money, 'nothing', I've discovered. They know, they'd survive crap, you'll never know, I'm getting there. Then at age 47, that magical number. The Crescent "C" showed up on mt right shoulder, Game On.

Now consumed with all the sudden UFO sightings, the "C" on my back. Before I had a computer, the little old ladies in Scottsdale library were probably getting tired of see me. Tearing through old books about anything 'Out There'. Then the Stone, that led to the Hopi and my current journey. I'm almost the Perfect Soldier, not for government, religions or cults. As an old friend said to me, 'your now living it'. The "Gods" take great care of my health, with a few shoves and pushes, here and there. Waiting for some answer though. Where next, for now.

My summer birthday(?) trip to Hopi, and hopefully find Loonie and buy some art. Then head on up too Moab Utah for some Petroglyphs. And scouting around for other Native America sites for later trips. How little control over one's life, does one have??? Learn to Roll with the punches, I've learned. "Time" seems to cure most if not all Ills.

"God" Bless on this Memorial Day
VR-21 US Navy E-5 Airedale: Barbers Point, Ha.


PS "Aliens"