Saturday, July 11, 2020

"He is Finished with Everyone"

Guild talking about Older Male Elephants in India, as they Age. They leave the Family Unit and wander off. On their own. 'They are Finished', with that part of Life. They've seen and done enough. Reminded me of the Hopi Tale about Elder Chiefs. Who have finally seen enough, they want to see no more. As morality gets farther and farther, in the distance. They leave the Village, they have always lived in. All make sense now, the Sad Tale of Hopi Chiefs. Every generation experiences this reality. Now today, more than ever. Morality has left Mother Earth. Dear old Mom, looks now like a prostitute. I feel so sorry for the children.

Dear old Mom, was used to destroy the family unit. By using 'Child Support', and alimony. Now the wives have total power over the father. By the threat of, divorcing the father. Then the father forced into child support. And the child becomes a weapon, by the wifes. Now the women are being used. In the Planned Demic, as the police. They are called 'Karen's' now. The females are the easiest to Mind Controlled. Via the TV and media. As the TV and media has portrayed the male in modern society as weak. Not very bright. Even without a TV for 10 years now. I see it on the Net. The women now, because of the Mind Control. Think they should attack all those. Who haven't been Mind Controlled. Like me, a non Satanic Mask wearer. Don't even own a Satanic Mask!!! Yet I'm shopping as usual. The only one in the stores usually, without a Satanic Mask. Had only two 'Karen' attack on my old ass. And one other "Time" I used the. 'F' word while talking to an elder friend. Who like me is a little, 'hard of hearing'. And a 'Karen' nearby heard the 'F'. Came over and attacked me. Me having a private conversation, just WOW!!! And one 'Karen' in Fry's screaming at me. 'Put Your Mask On'. Ugly women, what can I say.

Us older ones now, who haven't been Mind Controlled. We are the Old Hopi Chiefs. As most aging folks, I talk to now. Simple just want out. They want to leave the village, their home. 'They Are Finished'!!! As it's all just, to much to witness now. The streets filled with mindless rioters. BLM is just a Jesuit pawn. Like the Satanic Masks. Masking the Past, tearing down the Old Monuments in DC and Southern states. Defunding police departments, to where the streets. Become Open Warfare. No answers for 911 calls. Pushing a Race War, that will never happen. All just part of the Illusion. 'Problem, Reaction, Solution', as the powers call it. Been a weapon for centuries. Keeping the masses confused, chaotic. Under control this way. Like life today, 'what will tomorrow bring???' Seems to be the main question. With a big, 'No one Knows'.

So like a bunch of Older Elephants, the few un-touched. Who look around themselves and wonder. 'just how in the Hell, did this happen'??? Are now the outsiders. Take your smartest and turn the population against them. This is American and the World now. I'm tired of the fight. I've given up trying to tell folks. 'Your Not a Monkey'! The counterattack of stupidity is too much to bear. 'OK your a Monkey', attitude now. Feel like the tale of  Baby Jesus sometimes. The TV has replaced "God". Because whatever the TV says, the masses believe. And all this "Time" later Richard Milhous Nixon's statement. 'Americans won't believe anything, until they see on TV'!!! (1960s) Is prevalent more than ever. And the Old Elephants 'shake their heads in disgust'. Have we come this far? Am I 'Finished with Everyone'???

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

Saturday, June 20, 2020

"Old Oraibi Closed, No Kachina Dances"!!!

Sign read, 'Old Oraibi Closed to Visitors'. Thank "God", I was no visitor. Pulled up to Loonie's new home. Hoping on Hopi, he was there. A Crap Shoot for sure. What do the Dice say this trip. Will we find Lonnie??? Lonnie is found, and getting much better, thank "God". You can survive a Stroke with, clean Air, Water and Food. Each year Lonnie's health get better. While most deteriorate away after a Stroke. The most amazing part. Lonnie's Artwork gets better and better. Got lucky this trip to Hopi. Lonnie had been busy this winter. Making his Paintings and Kachina Dolls. Never seen Lonnie with so many paintings/drawing before. When I do find Lonnie, I buy what he has created. This visit, Lonnie had a portfolio of his Artwork. To chose from. I bought 4 Paintings and his brother stopped by. And I bought a small kachina Doll from him. Next "Time" to visit Lonnie. I'll bring him one of my Original Necklaces. This was the 1st "Time" Lonnie noticed my necklace. Saying, 'I want one'.

Back to reality!!! Who really knows how many centuries the Kachina Dances, have gone on. This year in history. The Kachina dances were forced to stop. Did the Spaniards in the 1500s. Force the Hopi from doing their Kachina Dances? While forcing the Hopi to build a church over. An ancient Hopi underground Ceremonial Pit. On Old Oraibi. What kind of a Hopi Tribal Leader, would order such a thing? This is pure, Hopi on Hopi. This proves how compromised the Hopi leadership is. As my native Americans buds say about me. 'Ron lives more Native American, than us Native Americans. By Ron's lifestyle'. aka: The Hopi Tribal leaders are 'Whiter than me'.

All reservations are Sovereign Countries. Yet in the modern era. The tribes do for the most part, 'as they are told'. By the feds, who placed the FBI on all reservations. While this dismantling of America's past history is occurring. The Hopi and other tribal leaders. Should stand-up against the federal policies. Concerning ancient Native American ways and traditions. Yet as the Hopi failed Tribal Leaders. Dropped to their knees, Obeying to the feds. Is all lost now? You can see and agree with some American monuments being removed. Like 'Albert Pike' statue in DC. While ancient Native American traditions. Never had anything to do with. America's past sins toward each other. This is the work of a much larger evil. That want all true traditions removed. Native American or otherwise. And  replaced by a new order. Some refer to as the 'NWO'. After the Bush 1 speech.

I never realized the Kachina Dances were stopped, until Lonnie's brother told me. My 1st thought was, 'fools rush in, where wise men dare to go'. What Hopi tribal leader said, 'Stop the Kachina Dances'? And what fate is in his or her future. Karma cannot be ignored. Once the guidance for all peoples. Do Bad, get Bad in return. Here again the Hopi leaders have failed their own peoples. Preferring the Good Life, over Ancient Hopi Ways. The Hopi are no Fluke of Nature. As the j$$$$ws and the Jesuits, would try and convince the Good Hopi Folks. With the Hopi childrens, forced indoctrination/schooling system. Located on the rezs. Before the Hopi and Native American children. Were ripped from their parents homes. And forced into Indian Schools boarding houses. Child removed from all ancient ways. Now the same is being accomplished. Using a Fake Virus, for the final blow to ancient Hopi Ways.

'Social Distancing' is the tool. How can the Kachina Dancers and guest? Ever be able to do 'Social Distancing'? And with the powers witnessing, how gullible the citizenry is. Why ever stop the invisible non existing Germ. The TV rules the minds of men and women now. How many know that 'Germ' is a theory? Me??? Just as the Atom theory, enslaved the World's population. Nukes and Germs, rewrite World history or His Story'. Do the powers even need the "Alien" attack from outer space? Damn this is working so well. And just what happened to the Stinking Terrorist? powers to busy trying to start a Race War? Black Cats on Welfare, verses Rednecks with Guns and Ammo. Not much of a Race War. Like a Nam rice patty Firefight. Don't take long, before everyone knows. Who's got the Biggest and most Guns.

And now the 'line in the Sand' has been drawn. Just as the 'Line on the Rocks', on Old Oraibi. When the ancient Hopi had to decide. Who wants to continue the Ancient Hopi Way. And the Hopi who want to follow the New Hopi way. Who wears the 'Mask of Satan', and those of us. Who refuse to wear the 'Mask of Satan'. Who blinding stare into the TV and Obey. Or those who chose to not Obey the TV. Now when I go into public. You can tell the Programmed, verses the non-Programmed. Free Spirits have no 'Mask of Satan' on. I want to ask all those wearing a 'Mask of Satan'. Just how big is your TV???

"God" bless


Sunday, May 31, 2020

"Hopi Ant People, on the Moon"

Like listening (muting) to Late Night Net, Chat Room on. "Revolution Radio'. Where 'One Upmanship' rules the late night. The damned old government has. greater weapons monthly, Survance from Satellites. your every word is heard. Being tracked like Tagged Rat, humanity believes. Running about, in total fear Masked!!! Silly, thinking of 'Land of Oz'. 'the little old man'!!!  'A Space Faring Nation', the AstroNot from SpaceX said. At today's (27 May) scrubbed mission, in Florida. Damn thing can fly into Outer Space at 1,000s of degrees. Can't be launched in light rainfall. yep too 'Painful to go back to the Moon'. To Painful to launch, in a Mist.

Launch Day for SpaceX at 3:22 PM EST. Why a 3:22 Launch "Time"? Skull and Bones, Order 322 or Brotherhood of Death. Always by the numbers the older I get. Cabal Numerology/Gematria, words by the  Numbers. 'No Free Lunches'. The 'World's a Stage' and humanity is the meer audience. Elections, Famine, Shortages, World Wars, Assassinations, etc.. All Staged events for Control. Keep the Masses in Fear, you Control. As simple as 'Order Out of Chaos'. 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. Been used for Centuries.

Launch was a success I think? Once again the vehicle, left the Launch Pad in Slow Motion. Not like privateer rocket launches. That Blast off the ground. Not slowly lifting off. Then SpaceX immediately turned parallel with the Earth. Not straight up in the Sky. Then the CGI kicked in. So Fake it must be real, I guess. From now on the Mission will be CGI. 'Because it has to be', NASA. The World wasn't watching. The World is tired of NASA CGI BS. That will never stop NASA though. And their $52 million a day Budget. For CGI BS, why stop? Mars someday, ya know. Like Stealing Candy from a Baby. The American citizen, are easily tricked.

I guess Pope must be on the Moon. Now that the Chinese have landed, on the 'Dark Side of the Moon'. And rumors of Stinking "Aliens", swirl about. Then the "Aliens" must be converted, to Christianity, right? You'll need the Hopi 'Ant People', for 'End "Times". And you see how the One Upmanship, on the Jesuit Spinning Ball grows. Fantasies become Reality quickly. Mental Feeding Frenzy.

'I was born in, East La, I was born in, East LA'. Ringing through my head. as I watch LA burn tonight. 30 May 2020. Buildings being set on fire, being lotted. A staged Killing, has done exactly as planned. And the dumbed down masses. Fall in Lock-Step. And here the masses go again. Just as programmed In-Lock-Step. Into a complete shut down of all Freedoms, that do survive, for now. The Reality that anybody can be arrested, after Curfew. I'm witnessing, for the 1st "Time" in my life. Riding Along in your automobile after Curfew. Handcuffs anyone? NAZI Germany. Where the police have attained by Law. Complete control, of the masses.

Once again like clockwork, nothing's Organic in politics. aka: The Created Reality, presented by the media. And the Riots across the USA. All have a new Twist, 'Aerial Fireworks. One in particular, that blast a Star bust at all protest. 'A 1,000 Points of Light'. HW Bush. Give us all your Energy, not yourself betterment. The powers always, put their signature on all their works. Telling each other, 'it's us', chill. While the rest of the World. Marches head long into, allout Martial Law. As the burnings and lootings, pave the path. To Total Control. As just today, the mayor of Cleveland. Put the entire city on 24/7 Lock Down Curfew. In your automobile driving about during Curfew. Go Directly to Jail. And now video showing cops. Yelling at folks to, 'get inside', then shooting Rubber Bullets at folks on their porch. For not responding quick enough. Police powers gone MAD!!!

Doesn't Water always find level. And the World's Flat. So what's will happening, to humanity now? Find a Level Playing Field? As it appears, folks Worldwide have said. 'Enough is Enough!!!'. And are now protesting the Con19 Planned Demic. And in the USA, police Brutality. Bill Gates exposed for the Satan he is. Will the Madness End??? When Good Folks hit the streets with Rakes and Pitchforks??? Not the Looting and Burning, simply saying No More!!! We are Children of "God". And no man or women has any "God" given Rights. To tell humanity what to do or say. The masses may accept. But Never Be Ordered.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have, sweet dreams and soft landings.


Monday, May 25, 2020

"Pope on the Moon"

From a 1st simple UFO sighting in, Everett Washington, in 1947. To now, 'The Pope on the Moon'. Rome telling the World, they'd Baptising the Stinking "Aliens". All the propaganda I've endured for decades. Turned upside down. How did the World get from Everett to the Pope on the Moon??? All part of the plan you see. Once mankind was taught they were the center of the Universe. Now a Fluke of Nature. A Monkey, spinning on a ball. The masses are treated like mindless Sheep. Because the masses act like, mindless Sheep. Doing just they are told. Fearing everything in life now. Starting with Death, the great salesman. Religions depend on humanities fear of Death. That's how Rome conquered the world. Peddling 'Everlasting Life' and Fear. Plus some Big Ass Weapons. Just incase Baby Jesus, wasn't your cup of Tea. Humanity was born into sin and thus. Must be saved from themselves. Baby Jesus was born, taken right out of Astrotheology. Jesus the Sun and his 12 Disciples.

And now, 'Class of 2020', get their pics in Space. The class of 2020 being denied graduation, by the Fake Virus. NASA and SpaceX are teaming up. To put your Child's Face in Space. Everyone will be Jealous!!! hehehe It just keeps getting, funnier and funnier. 'It looks so fake, it must be real'. The 'New Reality', AI has taken over the World, is all you hear. The mating of Mind and Machine. Their is no "God", is the bottom line. The powers have now, replaced "God", fools!!! A Dark Alley, I'd never want to walk down. Pretending to be "God", wow the height of ignorance. Yet the masses have accepted this, as fact. As they proudly wear, their Mask of Freedom, from Viruses. YaHoo, protection from the Evil Chineses. The TV tells the masses.As the term, 'Plannedemic' grows and grows. Today for the 1st "Time" in weeks. The far majority of the shoppers. Had no Masks of Deceit on. Awaking finally maybe, to what's being done to them. As the governors of California, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York. Continue to Terrorize their Citizens.

Folks have lost, Your a Child of "God". And no one, on Mother Earth. Has the "God" given Rites. To tell you to do anything. Humanity has been slowly, removed from a "God" base. To where the state is acting like a "God". This has to End, or. Has that Train. already left the platform? Currently humanity is under complete control. Those that trust whatever the government says. Will always control the non-believers. Until the non-trusting become the majority. Which it would appear, is happening now. Just maybe this last Hoax. Will awaken the masses. I count Mask wearers compared to non Mask wearers. Whenever I venture out. You see less and less Masks, as days move along. With women the most brainwashed. Seeing women driving with a Mask on. It must be the TV influences. What else? And the same women were brainwashed in the 60s and 70s. To leave the family unit behind. By the Feminist Movement. That was only created, to destroy the Family Unit. Just as the Environmental Movement, was used to Shut the Forest off. From Public Use. Emotional tricks to move the masses, into places. They don't want to go. I should know!!!

Look how the Baby Boomers, were marched around. Using the Music, Radio and TV. To control the Narrative. Just as Universities narratives, are controlled, by Federal Grants. Like Churches being 501(c)3, Tax Exempt status. The church can be Tax Exempt. As long as the Church Narrative, never criticize the feds. Money always being the controlling factor. The American way. And now here we are. Decades of perfectly planted ideas, in folks minds. Has now, Shut the World Down. As those Planted Words, now become the property of the user. 'Influenza', is the Planted Word. 'I once had a Bird named Enza. One day I opened the Window. And In Flew Enza' (1919), children's poem. Just as TV, Rock Music and Movies, are use today. Did this Fake Virus, no make the "Alien" agenda, not needed?

Just as a simple UFO sighting in 1947. Set the groundwork for the 'Pope on the Moon'. From 1947 on, the "Alien" narrative, has been planted in folks minds. Movies, TV, pushed the narrative along. As folks constantly now, try to One Upmanship each others UFO tales. To where even Rome got involved. After all, the powers, planted the idea of UFOs, in folks minds. In the day and age of Selfies. Folks can't help themselves. TV has turned everyone into Walter Cronkite. All Americans are Movie Critics. Start posting on YouTube, you'll see. And now the same propaganda machine. Drives into folk's minds, VIRUS, VIRUS, VIRUS!!! Over and over. Today at Lowes H/W, speakers in the parking lot. Screaming Out instructions to shoppers. Wash your hands, keep hands from face, etc., etc.. I don't think I can ever walk into Lowes again!!! The complete American system is now CORRUPTED. Until every small business is MURDERED Off.

To all us Vets,

"God" Bless Us!!!


Saturday, May 16, 2020

"The Real Mob"

Got the little mob in Vegas. in charge, ya know. Sodom and Gomorrah, biblically is, Las Vegas, shuttered down, in a Heartbeat. Afterall, who's just really in charge here???!!! The old Man behind the curtain, in OZ??? You Bet!!! Folks are home, thunkin ya know, pondering. Everyone's got a belly button, ya know. Everyone's got an opinion, ya know. Ya know, the real Mob, has us all talking, as if we were Black, ya know??? Screw our Heritage, the past is Crap, ya know!!! Look ay my cloths, ya know dude. White Cats acting like n---- ya know. Rap music blasting from the car speakers, ya know. Me and the Black brothers, ya know. Powers got the Blacks and women, all wearing a Mask. Walk around, just see who has a Free mind. And those who's Minds have been captured. How much longer, will the powers prankster the masses? Until the awaken masses, stop the madness???

Has any good, derived from all this chaos? Children being Homeschooled, is a absolute great byproduct. Removing all that homosexuallity being taught now in schools. Sure parents won't be teaching that crap. To their own children. Families being forced to do things together. Another Great byproduct of this BS. No school, no Force Vaccinations to be able to attend, public indoctrination schools. School lunches of non nutritional foods to the child, now gone. Children in schools being trained to answer to bells and whistles, gone. The child can go outside, for PE. Which the public indoctrinations schools have stopped. Never want to see that child healthy. He just might grow up and revolt. Keep that child Dumbed Down with BS, theories. Now taught as fact, to confuse the child even more. 'No child left behind', really meant. Never educate the Child. Never allow the child's mind develops naturally. Keep that child dumb and weak. With a diet of processed foods and fast foods, made cheap. $5 will get you lunch, at any fast food joint. No nutrition it your food. Can't let that happen. Where's your belly fat child? And mainly, folks are talking. About what's really going on. With most having, absolutely little or no trust of the government. Everyone is now wondering, what is this? Now feeling the Boot on their Throat!!! For the 1st "Time".

The Real Mob is your governments. When staying in power, is the only real objective. Americans get only 2 political parties, Red and Blue. Giving the American public. The illusion they actually. decide who's in power. When the Old Man behind the Curtain. Will always be incharge. Watch the 'Wizard of Oz', now. It will have a whole new meaning to you. Because you have this BS now.

Entered the land of Oz. The Yellow (Gold) Brick road, belongs to the powers. And the masses were told, 'GET OFF MY ROAD'. Of course unless, you have some Silver Slippers. Just like Dorothy in her, Silver Slippers. And now the Real Mob, has unleashed. Their greatest Mind Control Weapon. A Poison they call a Virus. Unseen Killer the powers tell the masses. The weak and unenlightened, the powers call the masses. Will never figure out, or research, what is told them. So the masses, are mostly living in 'Fear of their Lives' now. Only because the TV and Radio told them so. The power's police, will control the masses. Even though the police, came from the masses. The police will always be the most Dumbed Down. Powers never want a smart cop, obviously. And the police will repeat, 'I'm only doing my Job'. To the masses. Cops got a belly that needs poisonous foods also. Dumb Down enough to, turn on their own.

The Mob's brainwashed, verses those who research. Thinkers against Repeaters. And the Thinkers are mainly, White Male Americans with Guns. That's why the media must constantly belittle the White American with a Gun. He Hold Freedom from Tyranny. So the Real Mob's clear choice for total control. Remove the Guns from the Americans thinkers. Critical Thinking, the powers must stop. As the most recent survey shows. Non Vaccination opponents are, White Middle Class Americans with Guns. In Europe you hear folks say. 'They will be glad when a Vaccination is ready. So they can get out of their homes'. In America, bring up vaccination, folks start cleaning their Rifles. Buy more ammo. As the poor Europeans are not even given the illusion of Free Elections. All leaders are chosen. Just as in America, just added the illusion of voting.

So now the World is in a sort of Stand-off. As the numbers of the Non-Virus believers grow by the hour. Push has come to shove, throughout the World. It took the Americans with Guns. To be the 1st to start a Push Back. Soon the rest of the World's populations joined in. With the feds constantly changing their position. And fighting in house, it would appear. With the masses dissatisfaction with the feds, grows and grows in numbers. With the fed now demanding States Re-open for business. While the day before. 'Shut it all down', was the order. Confusion reigns, as one day. Americans were told they would all have to be vaccinated. And today the Trumpster says, 'only those who want the vaccination, will get it'. Here just more of what the powers do. One day Good news for the masses. Next day, Boot back on the Throat!!! Red Fear, Blue Passive. Confusing the masses even more. Using their Actors, from politician to expert adviser. Good Cop, Bad Cop. "Alien" environment, surround humanity. The Unknown lurks, around the corner.

'What Will Tomorrow Bring'??? Political Theater, for the Masses.

"God" bless


Saturday, May 9, 2020

"Lock Step"

When I was 18 years old. And in US Navy Boot camp, San Diego, SoCal. One of the very first things, you are taught. To march, because in Boot Camp. You march as a group to everything. 1st a bunch of raggedy kids, stumbling all over each other. To 100 sailors, in perfect, Lock Step. Get out of Lock Step. Chief sends you marching around the grinder. With your plugged WWII rifle, over your head. Until you feel, Lock Step the Hard Way. But until you are in, Lock Step. You'll remain in Boot Camp. As those you started with graduate. Learning Lock Step, quickly, and off to War. Now I find this Rockefeller Foundation's, 'Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development'.  The plan that puts the World under one. Central Power and Religion. This Fake Virus, is the start.

Start at page 18, you'll find 'Lock Step'. In meaning, unity for all on Mother Earth. 666 some call it. The 'Mark of the Beast', others. A Chip, Tatoo or some other type of identification mark. Right out of Revelations 13-18. As many believe that the current "Times". Are Revelations of the Christian Bible, being Played Out. A sort of 'End "Times" plan for humanity. Afterall the Bible, was written by Man. Rome's plan for humanity??? 'All Roads lead to Rome'? Sure looks that way. Can Rome pull this off??? Will humanity lay down, surrender? Much like humanity has done now. By allowing themselves be, homebound. The Europeans being the worst, for complete surrender. While folks in the USA hit the streets. A 'Gun Mentality', that's great.

Did what looks like a 'Test Run', Virus? Become more successful than the powers dreamed. Has the 'Test Run', turned into Reality??? Look at all the Freaked out American citizens. Over half, mainly the poor women. In Masks. Big strong American males, cowering in fear. because the TV told them to. A Theory called a Germ. Latin for Poison.  Has the World in panic. Reminds me of my childhood. And the Russian Atomic Bombs. Blasting my 5 year old ass, to smithereens. Another Theory, the Atom. As Theory are taught as Facts, in a soulless American public education/indoctrination system. American Forced Education system of Propaganda. With so many Americans, programmed from Kindergarten. Never knowing, what is being done to them Mentally. Obey, Obet, Obey. And now society is brought to their collective knees. Over a Sightless Theory Germ. Every day I'm more and more amazed by the American Stupidity of. If I see or hear on the TV, it must be True! Women being by far, the worst.

And now like Clockwork. US Congress introduces this Bill. H.R.6666 'COVID 19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act. The last of your personal Freedoms. Everyone you become in Contact With is Known. Guess Facebook and Twitter, wasn't good enough. Just as in the days after 911. Congress enacted the 'Patriot Act'. All American citizens are suddenly, 'Combatants of the State'. Now all citizens of America, are Virus Carriers. And must be traced, like the criminals they are. 'Problem, Reaction, Solution'. 'Order out of Chaos'. All the things the powers do. For Complete Mind Control of American citizens.

Will the World kneel??? Will all those I've talked to. Listen To on the Net. Who swear up and down, they'll never take the Vaccination. American men, claiming they will go out. 'With their guns blasting away'. Before they'll let their family or themselves be Vaccinated. away. When Push comes to Shove. Will the young dudes, with their Pink and Blue fingernails revolt? Of course not, malnutrition took care of that problem. So who's left, Rednecks and Baby Boomers. Unorganized. Ouch!!! So the World's population, sits and waits. For the 'Next Shoe to Drop'. And they ponder why, their Masters treat them this way? The powers told humanity, they are a Fluke of Nature. Spinning on the Edge of some Universe. Evolved from some sort of Monkey. Not really sure what Monkey though. There so many different types you know. And by the way, your "Godless". Everyone jumped onboard, including myself! And here we are together, I think? In 'Lock Step', pondering.

 'Who am I, and just Where the Hell, am I???

"God" bless


"PS: "Alien"

Sunday, May 3, 2020

"Your Not a Monkey"

Try telling that little fact, to an American. You'll see the nostrils flare, and pure anger, in the eyes. How dare you question my Origins. You waltzed into kindergarten at 5 years old. And Bam, the Spinning Ball'. Was put into your reality. I know the powers know. Just what age, to do the most, indoctrination. You never heard much about the, Jesuit Spinning Ball, after kindergarten. The Seed was planted. And now, the Monkey Mentality, has everyone Locked Up. When the bases of the so called deadly Virus. Is Germ bases and like the 'Atom'. Based on a Theory. Yes once again the World Duped. by a non existing Germ. 'Germ Theory' it's called, like 'Atom' theory. How do you split a Theory? Then tell the world, I (powers) can Blow the World Up. Just another Rabbit Hole of Control. 'The Russians are coming'.

The current state of affair. While the World's population knows. Whatever they are being told now, is BS. But just don't have a clear answer, for the Chaos. I use this to bring the Flat Earth Reality up. Telling folks, that once the powers told the masses. They are Fluke of Nature, a Darwin Monkey. And the masses said, Oh-Tay. And you wonder why the powers treat mankind, like Cattle. "Time" to tell folks, 'Your Not a Monkey'. While most are confused about, just what is going on. Killer Virus, or no Killer Virus? Where are all the dead bodies? With so many going to the various hospitals. Looking for the Virus Emergency victims. None to be found. Get shot by a bullet, you died from covid 19. As the power, skew the numbers.

So now you have, the population divided. Those that believe, everything the TV says. And those without the TV, brainwashing. As you walk around, notice who wearing a mask, those not. You can see the brainwashed from the non brainwashed. Free from the mental slavery. The Slaves staring at the non slaves, with contentment!!! 'Your going to Kill us all', mentality. The power of TV. As always, the best Slave is? 'The Slave that doesn't know, they are a Slave'. While many cannot wait for the Vaccination. They believe will free them, from Lock Down. Many Americans and I never meet one man. Who is willing to take the Vaccination. Are Cleaning their Guns. The American mentality, with guns. Knowing they out number the military and police. And the fact, a lot of police forces are totally corrupted. Drug Money, changed everything. This Fake Virus, has exposed the massive corruption in all Government policies. As the Feds fight within themselves. j$$$$w fighting j$$$$w. Good j$$$$w, bad j$$$$w. True j$$$$w, Fake j$$$$w. EXPOSURE Goyim, left on the sidelines.

'You are a child of "God"'. Not some Jesuit Darwin Monkey. And no better "Time" to, tell those around you. 'Your being treated as a Goyim Monkey, wake up. Your a child of "God", show it'. No man has power over your Mind. Threats, guns and bullets, will never change that. As a child of "God", you are a "God", Breath. I feel like Baby Jesus, telling folks. 'Their not a Monkeys'. aka: "Godless", then smile. But it has been, reduced to this. "God" removed by the j$$$$ws and jesuit for control, I guess, but why??? Why not let humanity be humanity? Power over another human being, for what? Primitive, fight or flight? Shelter, Food, Sex. My best guess. All make no sense.

And according to ancient Hopi Tale. We've all rolled into Dodge together. To see what the End Brings, in our life "Times". Chaos rules humanity now, with story upon story Keeping the masses, obviously questioning it all. Except for the part of the story, they'll keep. Just who, will get the Last Laugh'???

As "Time" passes, seeing more and more. Why I'm not connected to it all. 'Proof of Live Birth'

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have, sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Saturday, April 25, 2020

"They??? Can't Kill You"

Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover, telling me. During out first face to face meeting, in Fountain Hills Az.. We'd meet once before, at a Mall in Phoenix. She had a booth on a weekend, UFO show in the Mall. I'd recently discovered the Crescent 'C', on my upper right shoulder. Ruth had a book on here table. Showing a drawing of a lady, on the cover. With the same 'C' I had, only a depletion. Waited to talk to Ruth alone. To tell her, of my mark. Ruth said to me the words that still haunt me. 'They can't Kill you'. What did Ruth know, she wasn't telling me??? Push some buttons. You'll soon discover who Dr. Ruth was. Not some fake TV Dr. j$$$$w Ruth. A women with power, when women didn't. She was associated with Dr. John Mack from Harvard. Who wrote one of the Best Selling UFO books, 'Abduction'. Called 'Abduction'. Dr. Mark who would later die, in England. Stepping into the path of an oncoming car. Brit driving on the Wrong side of the road ya know. hehehe Or was Dr. John Mack pushed, as some have theorized.

Ruth and I would run into each other, at UFO meeting. As Dr. Ruth was a leading UFO researcher. After oddities she discovered, in her Mental Medical hospital profession, in SoCal. Ruth became a leader in Abductions, like Dr. John Mack. Me with my 'C', Ruth wanted me to make monthly meetings, in her UFO discussion group. I would always decline. Then one day I realized, how controlled my life was. Especially after my initial meeting with Ruth. So I arrange to go meet with her. At Ruth's office, in Fountain Hills, Az.. As Ruth and I talked, she suddenly goes. 'I remember you now'!!! It had been over a year. Since our last meeting, at the Mall. Ruth said, 'we're going to make you Famous'. My reply, 'no your not'. Ruth wanted to have me do. The UFO conventions circuit $$$. I'd been to a couple myself. Most thing are at cost. free information, information isn't free anymore. If I wanted Big Bucks $$$. I'd of Cashed in the 'Stone', long ago. Except for what a Pentecostal Minister told me years ago. 'Sell the 'Stone' and they'll??? Kill you'. Pretty powerful words, to say the least. Thus the 'Stone', stays buried.

'Death by the Numbers'. 'When your Number's up'. Gematria, Chaldern and Pythagorean Numerology. Most your News headlines, are laden with Hidden Numerical Messages. FOX=666 in Pythagorean. You speak the English you've been taught, while in Court. While the lawyers and judges talk in 'Black's Law'. You never had a chance. Your in court and your Number's Up!!! My number was 'Up' once in court. Got sentenced to 30 days in jail. I was on the 13th Floor. Before the deputies showed up, I booked. 13 Floors of Elevators and Fire Escapes, to Freedom. Must have been some 'Ritual', 13 floors. Went from weekends in Joe's jail. To 'Felon Escapee' in a heartbeat, looking at 5 years. It all went away. My Number, wasn't Up yet, after all! But it sure got me a thunken, ya know. I'd Drowned at 9. 'These are all Bonus Years', you could say.

Now you have all kinds of, so called celebrities. Catching and Dying of the Fake Virus. A big fan of John Prine, from the 70s. Suddenly comes down with fake virus. Few days later, Prine's dead!!! Died of what, the virus of course. His number was up, Sacrificed by the Numbers??? The powers created Johnny, and called in, Johnny's Number. Stardoms, Not Organic. NFL draft this week, a sudden rash of Football related Deaths. Stardom comes with Sacrifice. Bob Dylan's '60 Minutes' interview. Is a great example. Sign your life away for Fame. And at the proper "Time". 'They' will call your Number, at Death.

'They' created the Shutdown. And now the World has no idea. Who 'They' are??? The masses only see the Puppet talking Heads. The real 'They', will always remain,  hidden behind the curtain. Orangeman is the Actor now in place. 'They' groomed the Trumpster from childhood. Again, 'no free lunches'. Orangeman good, Bill Gates and the j$$$$ws. The Bad Guys, just as portrayed. 'The World's a Stage'. And humanity, a meer watcher. Doing as 'They' tell them. A World majority Gripped in Fear, over nothing but Words. Talking heads appointed by 'They'. March the masses about. The Mind Controlled masses, will keep the awaken ones. The minority by far, under control. Mentally and Physically. Kinda, those who watch the TV Programming. And those who have no TV Programming.

The plan 'They' have in place. Appears to have, awaken many. To just what is being done to them. How many have awaken? Count those, with a Face Mask. Verses those without a Face Mask. Next "Time" you venture out. As always, the women are the easiest to Program. Followed by the Blacks. Count the Masks. Or did 'They', plan the results we see? How many steps ahead, are 'They', is  anyone's guess. But 'They' Stopped the World with Words. 'They' are in absolutely controllable, of the masses, by words. Who would have ever, ever thought. This was in, 'They's' Plans!!!

"God" bless


PS: "Alien"

Sunday, April 19, 2020

"Let's Shit Can Everything"

US Navy for, throw it in the Trash Can, aka; 'Shit Can'. Thinking about the USA while watching. A YT video of New York city currently. Guy on his bike and walking. "Times" Square and New York City streets. The place has been, 'Shit Canned'. Striped of Life and Energy. A man in his 60s, walking downtown NYC, abandoned. Saying, 'will it ever return'? 'All my childhood memories, of the Sirens, honking hours, jack hammers, all gone. 'Shit Canned'. Will major corporations want to return too NYC? When in a Heartbeat, everything can Stop. Billion never to be recovered, lost. Who could pull-off such a feat? 'All Roads Lead to Rome'?

Who but the Catholic Church, could pull this off. A Worldwide Shutdown.  Only Rome has these powers. Who knows how many centuries old, their powers are? As I drove by a wealthy Catholic Church here is Scottsdale. Empty on a Sunday morning, no tithings $$$, coming in. But Rome has lots of Money. Rome can ride financially, what they created forever. While the hard working citizens of the World. Will within a few months, be starving. Without a job and income. And Rome could care less. As their powers are solidified even more, by the Shutdown. Soon folks will be at the churches door. Looking for food and assistance. Without a job or money. And just what Rome wants. The World dependent on the Church for help. No one else on Earth, can offer instant relief, like the Catholic church can. Soon without anyone noticing.

You'll have a 'One World Religion and Government'. All completed with a hidden enemy, Virus. You have no powers to say, 'Virus is Fake'. With the majority of the masses, totally under mind control. Just look at all the Dead Bodies everywhere BS. None, yet the masses, march as ordered, Masked in Mockery. While Trumpster and his Cronies, hold a Press Conference daily. No Masks and standing next to each other. Mocking the Masses, rules are for you, not us, Peasants!!! While no one notices the Mockery. This is 'True Power'. When you have the power over the Minds of the masses. As you can clearly see today. Mind Control, when Bombs and Bullets are not needed. To control the masses thoughts. Look at all the Tattooed Mindless flock. Once Rome told the masses, their bodies were Sacred and Perfect. Then Rome put tattoos on created Rock Stars. Overnight it seemed, everyone had tattooed all over their bodies. Then the boxer Mike Tyson, comes out. Tattoos on his face, suddenly as if ordered. Guys were getting tattoos on their faces. 'Mind Power'!!!

The old ways were 'Shit Canned'. And the new rushed in, tattoos and piercings became the normal. Now is a Face Mask, the new normal??? What all will be 'Shit Canned' now? Religions, borders, "Gods", public gatherings, public education, travel, on and on. With the fear in the background. A Larger and more Deadly Virus awaits the Mind Controlled masses. Being Planted in the minds of the masses now. 'The Big One', is just around the corner. The powers blast from their controlled media. You can live your life, as "God" intended. When the powers tell you. Telling you, if you can come and go, not "God". And now that's what you have. Meer Words, forcing the masses, to lock themselves up. 'Shit Can' the armies and police. This great Mind Control Machine is working just fine. With this bitchin Virus doing, what armies could never do. Conque a World's population, via the media. The 'Fourth Branch of Government'. The Propaganda Machine, known as the news. Only the news the powers want you to hear, 24/7. In the powers news, news reporters, are a thing of the past. Only 'His Story' can be told.

It appears some folks, are finally awaking to their delima. As more and more protest grow. Women governors seem to be the most Brainwashed. As the democratic female governors. Push more and more Dragonia ideas along. It took a massive march on Lansing Michigan capitol building. To get that dumb ass bitch governor to back off. Same thing in Minnesota happened. Protest Rallies are popping up all over. Tomorrow there will be a rally at the Capitol in Phoenix. I will attend and record for my YT channel. Until Peaceful Protest start in every state. More and more Freedoms will be removed from all citizens, of the World. Stand Up or Stood On???

Let's 'Shit Can' everything that the powers represent!!! Oops, a little to late.

"God" bless on this Chem-trailed Sunday afternoon. May you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Saturday, April 11, 2020

"When to Jump Ship???"

Noticed lots of my Baby Boomer friends. Are not very willing to, let go of the Past. Like the Big Bang BS, indoctrination. Willing to defend their Monkeyem, to death! So many years invested into the Big Lies. To let go now, not me. Every New Year, I look back at the year. And see my new knowledge. No problem saying to myself, 'what a dumbass'. Oh well, onward and upward, hopefully. Now with the Force Lock Down with a Fake Virus. This may being a 'Backfire' on the powers. Closing the schools, was a giant blessing. The parents being forced now to Homeschool. How great is that. No Homo crap being taught at homeschooling. Not all the 'Bells Ringing', programming the children. be here, do that, by the Bell. Home food another great byproduct of stay at home.

Day by day now, folks are awakening to the true Reality. (Except the women, who are so easily programmed.) That the powers have nothing good for the citizenry. That the Virus, is a big ass Lie. Folks home now, pushing buttons, waking up. 'Idle Hands are the Devil's Workshop'. In this case, the awakening of what is really happening. Once the powers convinced the masses. They evolved from nothing. And that humanity's ancestry is that of a Monkey. The rest is downhill. Once humanity was a child of "God". Not anymore, a child of a Monkey. As now as folks have self imprisoned themselves. You can see how truly weak minded the masses are.

From kindergarten through High School. Relently brainwashing, not education. With Theories being taught as fact. Such as the Atom, Big Bang, Darwinism, Space, particles, DNA, Meteors, "Alien" attacks, etc., etc., etc... All Lies for mind control. The average American citizen, never had a Clue. To what was being done to them mentally. For generations now, folks dying. Believing the came from the Big Bang. They evolved from a Monkey. How terrible is that??? To being served, nothing but constant stream of Lies. The TV, radio, music, all controlled. Even the lyrics to the music folks listen to. 'No Free Lunches'. Al you hear and see, is controlled. Look up Tavistock, see where the disinfo starts. Music of the Hippie Days, all created, not Organic. 'The Beatles', Rolling Stones, etc.. All Tavistock babies.

Recent events with the Fake Virus. Just shows how the entire World's leadership. Is working for the same cause. North Korea and Iran both reporting the Fake Virus deaths. So much for Isolationism! Americans great enemies, China and Russia. Chiming right in, on que. Fake enemies with Fake Ass Wars. All to keep the masses conquered and divided. And finally, the division of the Family, with 'Social Distancing'. Folks being treated as Sheep, lines on the floor. All saying, Oh-Tay, like the monkey. They are sure they are. Women forcing husbands to wear a mask. With the American male being turned into the weaker sex.

Here again, women being used to destroy "God" given Rites. Nothing will ever change, for the foreseeable future. Unless folks 'Jump Ship'. Not by going out and shooting the place up. Slowing mentally removing yourself from the Media Mind Control. Nothing to influence your thoughts. Your thoughts belong to others. Until you stop the outside mind altering public information. Then you become free, mentally like myself. I knew from day one. The Killer Virus was Fake. Having not been, 'preprogrammed by the media'. As little subtle hints of a Future Killer Virus are planted. In the minds of the unsuspecting. I could recognize the 33s, written all over this event. Bill Gates, '33 million Americans will Die'. Trumpster, '33 1/3% of Americans, will get the Virus. Always putting the powers signature on their Planned Events. Like Van Gogh, signing his great artworks.

A Silent 'Jumping Ship' revolt. By simple saying, 'we don't believe, your Lies any more'. Visit family and friends. Go hiking and biking in masses. There isn't enough police, National Guard or whatever. To stop 'Jumping Ship'. To stop the Lock Down. Your Freedoms will be taken away. As long as folks sit silently and be stripped. Of their Humanity, their "God" given Rites. Living in Constant Fear, is not Living. The citizens of America, will foreven recognize, the face of a j$$$$w. That will tell them, when they can be free. Not "God", but an inbred bitter little  j$$$$w. Screaming, 'stay inside'!!!. And the Goyim Cattle, went inside. 'Jump Ship' or be DEAD???

'Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship'

"God" bless


Saturday, April 4, 2020


Does everything around you now. Seen a bit "Alien"??? The Unknown that surrounds Life suddenly became. Like a 'Wet Fist in the Night', "Alien"!!! The normal isn't very normal anymore, overnight, hummm. I listen to the kids under 30 on Net shows. Their 1st Real Go Around, pre 911. Wondering when or if, the normal will ever return. Yep we are now Officially in "Alien" territory, be it 'Oz'. 'The Yellow Brick Road (Gold) and Dorothy in her Silver Shoes. The Wealthy create the Road and the poor who only have Silver Wealth. Move up and down the powers roads. And now the powers have Rolled Up the Streets of Gold. And the peasant are now, left at home. Pondering the powers next move, from the porch.

Once again, humanity on hold. Never a moment of Peace anymore, or ever? Herding the mindless programmed Herd around. No mental stability, Red, Blue, Red, Blue. Red danger, Blue calmness. Like political parties in the USA. Red State, Blue States, division. Folks are Herded Mentally, with Fear. Not bombs anymore. Humanity is now in Oz, with an "Alien" power. A unseen, unknown "Alien" Virus. With humanity, far to willing, to imprison themselves. Humanity given a CGI of the Deadly Coronavirus Germs. How funny, microscope live moving Virus. CGI, 'so Fake it must be real', Elon. Who himself may be, CGI! Hard to prove, in this day and age. All Elon's rocket launches, BS videos, are CGI, afterall. Why not Elon?

"God", "Time", "Alien", my Trilogy. And here now, "Time" has come, for. "God" to save humanity from these "Alien" "Times". Never would have every thought, in a 100 years. My Trilogy could fit in one sentence. Who would have ever thought, stuff would get this "Alien". Folks lost, Fear, Fear, Fear. Will things get normal again soon? As the powers flex their Mental Programming muscles. Wondering how far, can the rubber band be stretched  humanity. Seeing the effectiveness, pulling the strings tighter. Who would have ever thought, the masses would Stampeded so easily. Now how to stop the Stampede?

This massive Freight Train. Throttle stuck at 100%, going Downhill. And you 1st, must start slowing the train down. Do the powers, suddenly go. 'We were just joking, go back to work?' Like the "Alien" games being played. Gov saying, 'no such thing, as being from outer space'. Yet let the World know, about Area 51. Always in control of both narratives. Republic, Democrat, Red, Blue.

Now by some miracle, it would seem, to the masses. That all could be taken away so quickly. The obese, no matter the Vice. Obsessions a sudden, thing of the Past. The ancient Hopi Tales were correct. 'If life was a Sunny Beach, you'd never leave the Beach' (Sorta Hopi). And now the obese, are about to be moved off the beach. 'Clear the Beach, Clear the Beach!!!' You snoozed, you induled, you lose. Shape Up or Ship Out, sailor. 'Clear the Beach, Clear the Beach.' Look around, been a many beach Cleanings, before this humanity. Something about, those that forget the past, thing. Looks like the Past my have arrived. Once again, on Mother Earth.

Now in these "Alien" "Times", humanity turned upside down. The women once again, are the most easily programmed. As I go shopping, you see far more women than men, wearing a mask. Most women having no knowledge that the mask is worthless. From her getting the Virus, only from spreading the Fake Virus. Yet the women seldom research anything. Only reacting to the controlled media. Just as women of the 60s and 70s did. When women were programmed to find a better and bigger dick. The Hell with the family unit. The X will send a check, by law. Breast and Butt hanging out, tats everywhere. The Modern Women, working, paying taxes, Ahhh Women's Liberation, with most women. Having no clue, to what they have done to themselves. Now you see desperate single moms, lost and confused, but arrogant. The women living a "Alien" life, not to their original path, of Motherhood. So now the World waits, in a limbo. Will they ever be a Little Free again??? 'And here we are, at Santa Cruz again'!

"God" bless