Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Letter Home 13, Degradation"

Planet wide Degradation of Society, has re-arrived, how many "Times"? Who were the Giants, who built Machu Picchu, Mayan and Egyptian Pyramids. The list could go on forever, of evidence of those who occupied Mother Earth before. Most all cultures have the 'Great Flood' as the last Planet destroyer. Bible, Hopi, Mayan, Hindu all have previous World occupants. Is this the True 'End Times' upon humanity? My Hopi buds, seem to think so. All their Prophecies have been fulfilled.

The Degradation of Society got it's jump start with the creation of TV and Radio. In the Americas in before the Radio and TV. The news was mainly via the Newspapers and word of mouth. Now entire generations can be influenced, I'm part of the very first experiments on changing an entire generation's thinking. The Hippies or today's Baby-boomers, mentality was completely corrupted by the mass controlled media. 'Tune in and Turn off' was the word of an entire generation of kids. The children of WWII parents. My generation had been educated to well, had it to good. "Time" to think, grow mentally, not materially was the new. The Drugs were introduced into society along with well planned music to help fuel the dramatic changed to the World's way of thing, was about to begin.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, away an entire generation. Instead of creating the better family unit. The media was breaking down the family unit. Open sex would be a big part of the degradation of society. 'Free Love', the power's controlled media called it. If that's your brother's wife, it's OK to have sex. It's the New Generation of Love, BS. With the powers knowing this would be a major player in destroying the family unit. The women of the 60s were easily influenced by the 'Woman Movement'. aka: Gloria Steinem and the CIA plan. Just like with LSD on a generation. Telling women of the day, 'they no longer need a solid family unit'. Have sex with who ever you want, was the motto. Your husband is no more than a 'Sperm Donor'. Divorce the guy, get a new hubby. The old will be straddled with Child-Support. You'll have plenty of money$$$. Look around at how women have been influenced today. Hard to tell some poor kid's mother, from some Hooker working the streets.

Next would come breaking down a country's history. Like what you have in America and Europe today. The Muslims are destroying European country's past history. Replacing it with Muslim history. Telling the Whites, 'they should step aside now'. That the Whites are terrible human beings that must be replaced. Replace with Rape of the ancient European Bloodlines. Muslim children of White mothers, is the plan. In America you have the destruction of all the old symbols, like the 'War between the States'. Protest against Whites, with Whites in the parade, brainwashed against their own Blood. Black only seen with White women in the media now. Ever seen a Blond Aryan like myself with a Black Women. Of course not, Aryan men are being pushed into the background. With the powers know all along the mental powers of the Whites over the minorities and mainly the Inbreed J$$$$ws. Who must destroy the White Aryans, or have no control over the rest of society. WWI and WWII were all about White Genocide. Before both wars, Whites were 49% of the World's population. Now after both wars, only 16% are White. If your White, how can you possibly watch TV or listen to radio today? I stopped getting a newspaper for the same reason. Thru away the TV years ago. Couldn't handle the constant attacks.

In the End of every civilization, something or someone comes along and decides to re-set the Deck. Does humanity do that to themselves with some giant war? Where'd everyone go suddenly, thing. Like the Hohokams Indians of Arizona. Is their some sort of Climatic upheaval, like a so-called 'Ice Age'? Or does "God' just say, 'enough is enough'. Like an ancient Hopi tale, when the World's destroyed and re-set. At 70 years old, how can society degrade any further, I ask. Sad what I've seen of society, seen it being done to me. Hopeless to do anything about the Changed going on before me. Like the Chief of Old Oraibi, having to leave the village. Because of what degradation he's seen in the children and adults. That was when I first visited Old Oraibi and the Chief no long lived with his peoples.

'Talking to the Boys at Night'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Your Master(s) Want You To Believe"

All of mankind came from a Monkey, who was first a Fish. That your Monkey ass is spinning at 1,039 MPH. While travel through space around the Sun at approx. 6,600 MPH. While the Sun travels at over one million MPH, spinning along with the Milky Way. The powers want you to believe in all these Theories. Darwinism, Space, Gravity, Atom, Particle, Universe, Big Bang, DNA, Relativity, etc., etc., etc.. Not a single fact to support a single theory. In fact, using theories to prove theories. And all science must be believed, regardless of how ignorant of a theory. Mankind must simple be led by those who believe they are direct descendants of "God". The Pope wants you to believe he represent's "God" here on Mother Earth. Humanity is incapable of ruling over themselves. A single all loving "God" created by the powers, to worship. Who are these so called leaders? The Jesuits, Zionist, J$$$$ws, Rome, Israel, just who??? One thing for sure, you would be a fool not to believe. That outside powers are controlling most of your life.

What you hear, see, wear, on and on. You buy the cloths that are in the store. You go buy groceries, but all the different store carry all the same products. Most all foods are GMO and contain chemicals you can't pronounce. The Skies are lined with Chemicals, water filled with Fluoride. Everyone dying from all types of cancers. CHEMO is the cure for everything, but it's only designed to kill the patient. The programming is so perfect, the good folks. Take their family to the doctor who is only a modern day, 'Pill Pusher', legal Drug Dealer. Curing the patient is the last thing from the medical system's mind. Why kill the 'Cash Cow', until all the funds have been dried up from the patient. A diet so full of chemicals with no nutritional value. Thus the Fat American of today. The sickly Fat American in fact. Who should be riddled with cancers by are 60. With CHEMO waiting to finish the job. Here in America, it's called 'Freedom'.

Your as Free as the powers tell you. Your car, home, saving can be taken from you, anytime the government decides to. You cannot earn to money without a social security number. It's your, 'Mark of the Beast'. No need for a tattoo on the forehead. Sublet isn't it??? Got Americans worried about all the wrong things it seems. The created Terrorist are just outside your door, be very scared. (Pearl Harbor, 911, Tokin Gulf, Cold War, on and on.) The powers must protect you from the evil ones. Tax you, for protection from an enemy the powers created, like Space. The powers created a Universe, then put stuff-in it to kill your dumb ass. Like the stinking "Aliens", Meteors, CME from the Sun and Nibiru. It's your fault your car pollutes. Better put a Carbon Tax on you, you better believe. Go against any of this, well you know. The other Monkeys will beat you into submission, programmed. Cure for all this, knowledge. Learning that all that is told you from the powers, is a plan. That keeps the individual asleep. Your not a Monkey is Darwin's reality. With the computer age now. Their is no reason to act as if you know nothing.

Learn to believe your own Eyes. Your own rational reasoning, called 'Common Sense'. Yet today, most have been programmed from the youth too adulthood. To not trust your own mind and eyes. That's how mankind ended up on a Jesuit Spinning Ball. Everything in your eyesight and mind tell you, 'you are not spinning'. You can't see any curvature of the Earth. No matter how high of a mountain you climb. Yet 90% of the citizens of America. Are convinced they came from a Monkey, and the Earth is Spinning. Mankind is not a 'Darwin Monkey from the Big Bang'. Mankind is a child of "God". Put on Mother Earth for a Spiritual development. Not a Monkey to be herded and taxed until death. As long as you think that little of one's self. Then you are controlled. Take pride that you are a free thinker. And not to trust what is told you by the powers. Take the "Time" to educate yourself. And not be told how and what to think. Mankind is a creation of "God" and not a fluke of Nature. As humanity is constantly being brainwashed into believing. Believing in yourself, is a must.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

"God Bless Lonnie Nutumya, Hopi"

If not for Lonnie and Patrick Lanza of Old Oraibi. (Lonnie Nutuyma 3rd Mesa, Hopi.)  I wouldn't have a clue, who I am. Might be dead, from frustration. never knowing anything about. Where I came from, my parents, who I am, my mission? Twenty plus years ago, I was at a loss. That all changed one afternoon on Old Oraibi, Hopi 3rd Mesa. When I was invited to come live with the Hopi in Old Oraibi. Old Oraibi, the first home of the Hopi on the surface of Mother Earth. I was in shock, mentally, why the Love? To Lonnie and Pat, I was the 'Flute Player' and Lonnie even calls me that today in Hopi. Some of the first kind word ever spoken to me. As my presence seems to bring the worst out in folks. That's why I say, 'you have to get in line to Hate me'!!! But to Lonnie and Patrick, it was Love for me. They were sure I'd returned, to help the Hopi. And that I have done, with my videos and writings. I troll the Internet, making sure Hopi Tales aren't distorted. Been banned by such show as 'Red Ice Radio'. For attacking those who make tales up about the Hopi. Only to put themselves in Spot-Light. Hopi Tale has it, 'the White Brother From the East Will Arrive, at End Times'. 'he will bring Many'. Between my videos and writings, I've brought Millions. Trying to correct those things said about Hopi, are true. Never knew a Hopi, before that day.

Every summer for many summers now, I return to Hopi. Even if I don't stay overnight, I plan my birthday weekend, to at least go through Hopi. The last two years, I did just that. I want to make sure Lonnie is OK, as I have no way to get a hold of him. Always 'hit and miss' with Lonnie. Taken me ten years to get 5 Hopi Kachina Doll drawings from him. Each trip I wanted to find Lonnie and buy his art. Have 5 drawing and a Kachina Doll I bought of his. The 1st "Time" I meet Lonnie, I bought the Kachina Doll. It's the 'Flute Player' Kachina Doll. The odds of me arriving on Old Oraibi and Lonnie happening to be carving a 'Flute Player' Doll that weekend? In fact the Doll wasn't completed until Sunday, when I left. Even more amazing is the fact, that the 'Flute Player' is rarely created/carved. Lonnie always said, 'him and Pat, knew that the 'End "Times" were near. As Pat said to me that first weekend. 'You know the 'End 'Times" are near, don't you'? I laughed and replied, 'thought I was here to warn you'. lol Pat went on to say, 'all Hopi prophecies have been completed'. Which they have. And they were waiting for the 'White Brother' arrival.

The rest is history as I do my part to help Hopi history stay pure. Now at 70 and only Lonnie left from all the years of visits to Hopi. My future trips up too Hopi, will happen as long as Lonnie is alive. I bought 2 more drawings this past weekend from Lonnie. On my way to Moab Utah. My 70th birthday weekend and and Lonnie just turned 68 in April. Only had a few minutes to spend with Lonnie, heading north to Utah. My luck, Lonnie had 3 drawings, bought two of them. Gave Lonnie a big hug, said "God" bless you and left. Lonnie had a stroke a few years back now. His left eye is shut and can only talk from one side of his mouth. But his art work, only gets better, amazingly. He has mellowed and I'm sure the reason for the Stroke. Noticed over the many years, how "God" sort of works when dealing with pushy old men and women. Sometimes it can be cruel, but needed. As your life belongs to more than just you. Some good folks just need a little shove in the right direction. I've surely had my share of shoves. I'm Alive

Hard to believe 7 decades have passed this quickly. With a 7 years lost, but found!!! With cancers killing many my age by now. It always reminds me just how important diet it is. The water you drink, exercise, fresh pure air. Mainly you Spirituality keeps your health. Take care of those who take care of you, the "Gods". Being respectful, is so important and something lost on most humans today. As most folks are pre-programmed, 'it's all about me'. This being done to remove one's own Spirituality. You want your later years to be quality. Best put your "God" before one's self. Be humble, as their are no old pushy men and women. And if their is, they have been compromised I've noticed with illnesses. Be kind, try and forgive others, as the Bible is correct. For most don't know the harm they bring others. 'For they know not, what they do'.

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

Monday, May 29, 2017

"The Soldier"

A realization I've come to. And about to turn 70, I think??? To me, 'Those Above', have kept my ass, alive and wise, not to my doing!!! I've become a Soldier over the years, not even knowing it. Took tons of years to realize how little control I had over my own life. I drowned at age 9 in the mid 50s, and survived before any drowning survival Technics were even known. It all should have ended one Sunday afternoon, on the banks of the Verde River. Same river the ancient Hopi went to retrieve the Root of a dead Cottonwood tree, for their Kachina Dolls (even today). But it didn't for some reason, the reason. I'm alive today, to be the Soldier I am. Living a life so different than I'd planned out. Always a loner in the recent past, once a social animal. Not today, as I've been forced to learn, in many ways, the 'hard way'. The "Gods" gave me Tinnitus, it forced me to give up Beer and Coffee. Which saved my kidneys by only drinking Ginger Tea with raw chopped ginger twice a day now. Beer, which is absolutely terrible for you, as a liquid grain and carbo. Now just a couple of small glasses of wine before bed. In fact, most lesson in my life came out of a tragedy. I rub down with fresh cut Aloe Vera every night. Reason, a son grabbed a log from the campsite fire. Burning the palm of his hand badly. With only Aloe Vera to put on the burn until we got him to the doctor 2 days later. Doctor was amazed and wanted to know, how I kept the wound so well? Aloe, since then, Aloe to bring the poisons out from all the Chem-trailing happening today.

I've watched TV deviate society. Changed the American family structure, with a TV Tray. When a Two Piece Bathing Suit was sexy. Too the degradation of American society today, amazing. Who in their wildest dreams in the 50s, would believe the degradation that has happened, did so quickly. A child's mother, turned into a 'Career Women', independent of a male partner. The women think, from the constant programming. Look-up and how women suddenly became Smokers. I could see what the TV was doing to my generation of 'Free Love'!!! Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll'. Throw in Nam and the music. Programming a generation of Re-cyclers and Tree Huggers. Selling Pipes and Incense to future generations, Love on. Everyone loves Nature, turned bad. A well planned trick, herding the animals, you could say. Burns the meadow down on one side. Watch the herd, run to the other side. Offer them, water on arrival. I was one of them.

Now I'm older and wiser, for a reason. I've been allowed to journey on, for a reason. Should have known I was a Martian. After escaping 13 stories in a Maricopa County Court building. In Phoenix on the 33rd parallel. Apparently, Martians don't do jail. They work for others. Every door or elevator was, waiting for me on my escape. The "Gods"??? Been hit by killer voltages, crying like a baby. Why am I alive??? To be here now, no coincidence. Had pistols stuck in my face, alive at 70. Only the "God" of your Reality, decides your fate. That lurking, 'Other Side's', presence some how, invisible, but there. Age brings a better understanding, others call it 'arrogance'. What do you tell an Old Man with money, 'nothing', I've discovered. They know, they'd survive crap, you'll never know, I'm getting there. Then at age 47, that magical number. The Crescent "C" showed up on mt right shoulder, Game On.

Now consumed with all the sudden UFO sightings, the "C" on my back. Before I had a computer, the little old ladies in Scottsdale library were probably getting tired of see me. Tearing through old books about anything 'Out There'. Then the Stone, that led to the Hopi and my current journey. I'm almost the Perfect Soldier, not for government, religions or cults. As an old friend said to me, 'your now living it'. The "Gods" take great care of my health, with a few shoves and pushes, here and there. Waiting for some answer though. Where next, for now.

My summer birthday(?) trip to Hopi, and hopefully find Loonie and buy some art. Then head on up too Moab Utah for some Petroglyphs. And scouting around for other Native America sites for later trips. How little control over one's life, does one have??? Learn to Roll with the punches, I've learned. "Time" seems to cure most if not all Ills.

"God" Bless on this Memorial Day
VR-21 US Navy E-5 Airedale: Barbers Point, Ha.


PS "Aliens"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Hopi Don't Kill, Hopi"

First evening I spent with Lonnie Nutumya and Patrick Lanza (great grandfather was Chief of Old Orayibi). We were sitting on Patrick's patio, talking about Hopi history. When I heard an ambulance go by on it's way from Keams Canyon, up too Hotevilla 3rd Mesa Hopi. Asked Lonnie and Patrick if their had been a shooting in Hotevilla? In unison they both replied, 'Hopi don't kill Hopi'. They explained to me it was either a knife or fist fight. And it was Hopi tradition to never kill another Hopi. Going back to the beginning of Hopi. Wouldn't it be great if the human population could adopt this simple rule? Being the Hopi were the first inhabitants of the surface of Mother Earth. 'Hopi don't kill Hopi', must have came from the Hopi's creator "God". After all, if you had just created Heaven and Earth for the Hopi. Wouldn't you make sure, your human creation weren't killing each other off? So by instructing the first Hopi settlers, never to kill one another. "God" could be sure his creation didn't kill off themselves. As they the Hopi, were instructed to settle Mother Earth with Hopi. As I like to say, 'in the beginning, everyone was Hopi'.

Seems odd the most peaceful peoples on Earth, Hopi. Live in a country, who's the most Blood Thirsty country in history. No country has ever killed so many innocent folks, than America. Creating Wars to kill off millions in the process. Thank "God" Nukes are just another Rabbit Hole. Who knows what the blood thirty leaders would do with that kind of power. Instead the powers are forced to kill slowly with conventional weapons. While Soft Killing the American population with Diet and Chem-trails. What has happened to turn mankind into a killer of their own species? It's not naturally a desire, to kill another human. This type of hatred, must be developed and religion will do that.

'All roads lead to Rome', get more factual daily now. Seeing how Rome created most if not all religions, to fight and kill amongst themselves. Thus leaving Rome unscathed and holding all the wealth. Making the World's population to believe their are scarcity in life. Such and clean air and food. That the World is on it's way to over population BS. And the masses will soon be staving by the millions. If over-population isn't gotten under control. That vaccinations, GMO foods, weather modification are all necessary to save humanity from them selves. Humanity is reproducible for all the World's ills. So the population must be taxed (Carbon Tax) because of their misuses of Mother Earth. While the powers have kept humanity back. Still a Carbon Based system of petroleum for energy, food and medicines. In fact today's so-called Modern Medicines are all petroleum based. Not the Herbs "God" intended for mankind's well-being.

Instead of humanity moving forward, humanity is being held back from progressing. Keeping society sick and broke for the most part. America has been turned into the most obese nation on the Flat Earth. This was all done as planned. Keeping the masses to tired to resist what is being done to them. Or worst yet, to dumb-down to even notice. The "Gods" knew what was coming down the road with humanity. You can tell it in the instruction given the first Hopi. That the killing of another cannot happen, for the Spiritual development of humanity. Yet the powers acting as if "Gods", have turn humanity against it'e self. Having humanity fighting over resources that are plentiful and not in scarcity.

Thus the Hopi patiently wait for the 'Return of the Blue Star Kachina'. The Christians call it 'Christ's' return. Most all have some sort of Savior at 'End Times'. All these Tales were Hopi originally. In fact most if not all ancient legends can be traced back to an Hopi Tales. With all that's going on in the World today. All you hear on the Net are, 'the End is Near, I can feel it', BS. What folks feel, is the constant bombardment of deathly propaganda. All part of the Plan for control. Think Hopi Peace, instead of fear and death. Hopi don't kill Hopi, we'er all Hopi.

"God" bless


PS "Time" "Alien"

Saturday, April 29, 2017

"The Stage" 7

Everything you hear and see today, be it politics, mass media, organized religions, governments (mind control), etc., is 'The Stage'. Created just for humanity, been operating like a fine tuned ("Time") Swiss Clock, for Centuries. HOW??? And now America and the World, get a Fat Turd Actor for president. If that's not in your face, yet, most will ever notice. Far to busy watching the Actors on the Stage. In ancient "Times", puppets were used, instead of humans. Long before the illusion of freedom. In a "Time" when Slaves knew they were Slaves. Happy for what they had, never rose-up, just like now.

Men turn to sports as a relief from daily pressures of work and family. But everything about sports in the media, now has hidden or in your face innuendos. Black athletes always with white chicks. Black men and women are portrayed stronger and smarter than their white counter parts. While most all professional sports are now rigged. To much money and messages (propaganda) to get out, to let things happen naturally. In other words, sports are all so part of the 'Stage'. Men will base their lives around the favorite team, athlete or sport. Call them their Hero, how crazy is that??? Just goes to show how effective. like politics, have been on the general population. You think for a moment, someone like Tom Brady or Magic Johnson are coincidences??? Sports stars like Tiger Woods, hitting golf balls on Johnny Carson at age 6 with his US Marine father. Do you think that just happened naturally? These people were separated from the herd at a young age and groomed. No different than any president or World leader. You don't grow up in No-Where America and all of a sudden become president. Or the president of a major corporation? For the most part, it's all Masonic controlled. Just as all Wars are created for centralization of power. WWII was to kill (genocide) White goyim by the millions and reason to give the j$$$$ws their own homeland. All made to believe that Hitler was going to take control of all of Europe and America. Today it's the little fat guy from North Korea that's now has the ability to to attack America some how. Vowing to Nuke America with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Another Giant Rabbit Hole Nukes are. And how about Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, sounds damn scary doesn't it. But has anyone every proven their is such a thing as a Nuke or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles? America bombs the rest of the World on weekly basis for years now. Why not send some of those so-called Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles to do it? The American population after all, have spent billions of dollars $$$ on these Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles.

Staged Events like the attack on Pearl Harbor, 911, Tonkin Gulf (Nam), The Maine, (Spanish American War) etc., were all Stage for only one reason, called Control. Just as religions are used for control. US military just supposedly dropped the 'Mother Of All Bombs' MOAB in Afghanistan. Another Staged Event that never happened. While it was used to plant the idea in everyone's head. The Taliban are Back BS. Just more faked GCI, like NASA's ISS and Space Travel. The powers just simply stole the money once again. And Planted ideas in the Americas heads, more stinking Terrorist on the way to your home town. So you better give us all your freedoms and money. So we the government, can protect your ignorant asses from evil terrorist.

And here sits 'Joe six-pac' numbed and dumb from the constant bombardment of his senses. Saying, 'can I just stay Stoned'? Watching their favorite team on TV. Disney is his children's babysitting tool for mind control, sports for the parents. Just as in Roman "Times". As shown before, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Every four years, the Stage is set once again. It's called 'Elections' and they are purely for public consumption. Leading the poor Americans into believing, they actually have a choice in who's president and their elected officials. Stealing millions in donations from the unsuspecting masses. The powers, smiling from ear to ear.

It is now being discovered that most Staged Events are by the numbers. Such as Numerology, Pythagorean, Grammatical, and other numerical systems. You'll see numbers like 33, 47, 88 used over and over for hidden signs. As the powers use number instead of letters to hide messages within the message. Such as this is Us, or this is just all BS. Here is a simple Chart I use now, when questioning something in the News.

1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
A   B  C  D  E   F   G  H   I
J    K  L  M  N  O   P  Q   R
S   T   U  V  W  X  Y  Z

RD = 13 example

Like the 'Flat Earth Reality', it is also spreading like Wildfire across the country. That's why all the attacks on us Flat Earthers. Like 'Trumpster the Fat Turd', telling NASA/hollyj$$$$w, get America to Mars in my first term, LOL. Haven't even been to the Moon, as in another Staged Event yet. But the Trumpster doing just as instructed, that's why he's the pres. Carrying the Giant Lie further down the Staged Event road of NASA/hollyj$$$$w!!! Just another selected political politician, 'kicking the can, further down the road of LIES'. Guess America could have heard Hildabeast doing the same 'can kicking', only in female voice. Those were America's only, so called  choices, funny huh???

"God" bless


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Bottom Line"

It's not my fault!!! Just ask any politician, nothing's their fault, it's the previous legislators. Obummer blamed Bush, Trump blame Obummer, for the current conditions in America. These paid whores can blame everyone, the rest of the population can't. In the End, you Die Alone. Your life's deeds will be you life's diploma. Did you get enough credits to move along of backwards? Can't blame your parents or the environment around yourself. Everyone had plenty of "Time" to work on their perspective Karma. Some say that a child that dies at birth or very young, 'that was all they needed to complete this incarnation'. Sort of a 'step-in, step-out Reality. What most have been programmed into thinking, 'live for the moment'. Mankind came from nothing, so why waste your "Time" being a quality person or soul? That is what has been ripped from the soul of society. Mankind lives in a material World and not a Spiritual World. Did this all start with the Jesuits and Copernicus?

One day mankind was the Center of the Universe. Next day, mankind's a Fluke of Nature. Came from nothing, will die nothing. The very same folks preaching "God" creation, to removing "God" from the equation. All roads lead to Rome, don't they? Didn't Rome create all religions? Then why remove "God" while still preaching religious dogma? Control and Money, is all that's important to a greedy few. But is Rome the top of the Food Chain? Looking more and more today, the Jesuits are all powerful. Most Americans including myself, 'it's the j$$$$ish banksters and media'. Rome created the j$$$$ws cult for financial reasons it appears now. Created the Muslim and Christians for diversions and conflict. That have divided mankind for centuries. While Rome's wealth and power grows.

Trump was elected (chosen?) by telling the American citizenry, everything they wanted to hear. Like many, I wanted Trump to win, just because of Hildabeast's voice. But now, Trump is doing everything the American public was scared Hidabeast would do. Like Obummer and others, nothing ever changes in America the Corporation. The Beast Corporation that take other countries assets by force. Trump's no more wars of aggression, turned into a Cruise Missile attack on Syria, Aircraft Carrier fleet heading to North Korea. North Korea posses a threat to no one, but the American controlled media. Has the dumb-down American citizenry believing the North Koreans can deliver a Nuke to America. Has anyone even seen a test of  so called, Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Weapon??? The whole idea that America, Russia or any other country can deliver such a weapon. Has never been demonstrated to the public. Lets see America fire a intercontinental missile from New York state to Hawaii. Just another Rabbit Hole of fear by the powers. The idea of a Nuke on the nose of some missile is just pure and simple BS. Like the Ball Earth and Space crap indoctrination, how do you put a rocket into Space? If Space is no more than a Theory like an Atom or Particle. yet the World's and most Americas are now in fear of WWIII about to break-out!!!

WWIII and a Nuclear attack is on America's doorsteps??? So the powers pump up the constant propaganda now. Just when many Americans thought that Trump would bring home the 'Peace Dividend'. And restore(?) America to a country of Peace. Instead America just keeps doing what it does best, Killing People. And then taking their stuff. All in the name of, 'America's Best Interests'. Not the citizens of America best interest, but corporations of America, best interests. aka: The Military Industrial Complex

This past winter I suffered through a terrible skin condition on my arms. Being a Gemini for the most part, I'm ruled by my Arms, Shoulders, Hands, Lungs and Nervous System. The lesson I learned from the last episode of incredible rash. 'Heal Thy Self' and 'Patience', the body will Heal itself if given the chance. As a child I was never taken to a doctor for anything. My Earth parents would never tell me why, but "Time" cured all my ills. This would be a childhood lesson, I'd take into adult life. My only choices for help were the VA Hospital or Medicare, both I fear greatly. The VA is only good at Killing Vets. And the AMA is a Mass Murder!!! As a Cambridge educated doctor told me once. The best advice for a long and healthy life, 'stay away from doctors'. Being the idea, doctor are licence to 'Practice Medicine', is the key words. And I know today that, doctors are mainly Pill Pushers for the Medical Industrial Complex call the AMA. Never cure the patients, that's killing the Cash Cow.

With that knowledge of the system trying it's collective best to Kill me and the rest of the population. Prayers and Aloe Vera were my weapons of choice. It took a few months and plenty of fear. I am home free, for the most part. It would appear, I've gotten all new skin on both arms now, from my shoulders to my hands. This all just reinforced my great fear of the American medical system. If I'd gone to the VA or regular doctor, who know's where I'd be today. The regular doctor would have the most to gain financially from telling me I now had Skin Cancer. Which would have been pure BS. The VA would tried to Kill me, just to get out of their system.

Today's beast advice when considering medical help. Try and find a Natural Cure yourself. Like all the proof, that concentrated THC (pot) is a proven Cancer Cure. You should never put any petroleum based pill in your body. Like most all modern medicines are. Why would you put Car Oil on your skin or in your body??? Like the mandatory vaccination the powers are trying to enforce country wide in the future. Your body is yours, and not what the powers want you to believe. That the powers are all knowing and will control your health from Birth to Grave. Is Cancer like AIDS, neither really exists??? A highly doubt it, just more fear tactics, like North Korea is going to Nuke you at any minute. When in reality, their Air Force still fly's piston driven aircraft from WWII era. Sleep Tight

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Flat Earth Reality"

NASA/hollyj$$$$w lies grow greater daily it seems now. Just two short years ago, no one ever talked about the Flat Earth. Now it's under constant attack from NASA and the powers. For very good reasons, their collective lies are crashing down around their soulless feet. The lies to remove "God" from Reality, are being exposed now. Not a simple task to remove "God" from the populations Reality. It take organization and lots of power. Who on Earth would have such powers to use for such evil? Well don't, 'all roads lead to Rome'? Wasn't Copernicus a Catholic, yes he was, along with Sir Issac Newton and Darwin. To were you got Darwinism from, everyone evolved from monkeys (not me!!!). Then the j$$$$w Einstein gave mankind the BS 'Big Bang'. Suddenly mankind went from being the center of the known Universe. To some Amoeba that crawled from the the ocean dept. Mankind became a fluke of Nature overnight, thanks to the j$$$$ws and Catholic church. A plan was in place to steal ever human's soul. In a "God" less World, controlled by a few.

The big problem with Flat Earth Reality, you must have a "God" Creator. With the BS 'Big Bang', "God" is eliminated from reality. So their is number one reason the Flat Earth Reality must be stopped. If everyone is truly equal under "God's" domain, how do you have religions or governments??? You don't because all of humanity is in this together. Everyone should be working for the betterment of each other. Instead you have what you have today, a World in Chaos. A World at war constantly. World's population divided by religions and governments. With Rome at the top of the pyramid of reality. Now the Flat Earth Reality challenges all that. All of Rome and the rest of the World's governments and religions would be destroyed overnight. In a Flat Earth Reality. All of mankind would live in Peace. That must not be happen and the powers are doing their best to pull out all the stops. To save their pack of lies.

The Flat Earth Reality is growing so fast. That less than 2 years ago you would have never even seen a Flat Earth video on YT. Now their are 100,000s of such videos. Never meet anyone who went from being a Ball Earther to a Flat Earther and back to the Jesuit BS Ball. But have heard plenty of atheists who discover the Flat Earth Reality. Who now have a "God" in their reality. But with the Jesuit Ball, "God" don't fit. And just how can the Catholic church have it both ways? The same reason Rome created all other religions, to keep the masses constantly divided. Rome has enough power (money $$$) to stop World starvation overnight. Yet they promote doing nothing, so the money $$$$ keeps rolling in to feed the World's starving population. In the same way America creates villains such as Russia, Iran and North Korea. With the ultimate villains the Terrorist, who the USA and Israeli powers created. With the Terrorist, the power can perpetuate an Endless War. With no country to conquer, just imaginary roving bands of terrorist, living anywhere in the World. Rome gave the poorest peoples on Earth the Arabs, the most hateful religion for good reason. With the j$$$$ws, Christians and Muslims sworn to kill everyone who doesn't agree with them. Giving Rome the seat of ultimate power.

Trump is a Jesuit Puppet, who claimed to be a Flat Earther until elected. With his interview on CNN saying, 'I know the Earth is Flat, I fly all over the World', BS. Then turns around and gives NASA/hollyj$$$$w billions of dollars $$$ to put men on Mars. 'Controlled Opposition' is Trump, once again in your face. Trump's handlers knew the Flat Earth Reality was growing out of hand. So Trump the soulless leader like Obummer and others, do just as they are told. Tell the masses anything they want to hear, to get the popularity up. Because the game of Elections is a Rigged Game. No one is the face of America, unless they are hand picked long ago by Rome. Probably going all the way back to childhood, being separated from the herd. The World saw Tiger Woods hitting golf balls at age 6 on TV, hummmmmmm. You've seen Trump as part of the WWE Wrestlers with Vince McMahon. Is their really any difference from WWE and being president of America? Both are positions to fool the masses into believing something that isn't true. Into believing it is true. Just as the Copernicus Jesuit Ball Universe. Mankind had been lied into believing they live on spinning ball at 1,000+ MPH. Hurtling across the Universe at over 1 million MPH. Yet ever Star every night, throughout history, remains in the same spot. All this put on American children at age 5 or 6. Never in High School, who'd believe it?

Flat Earth Reality isn't going anywhere. Just to easy to show folks how they have been lied to, too steal their Souls and money. Turning humanity against each other for control of the masses via religion and fake science. The only thing that is going to stop the World's madness. Is a Flat Earth Reality, showing how everyone is in this together and not against each other.

"God" bless


PS: "Time", "Aliens"

Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Without Myself"

Reminder to myself, it's myself. Without Myself, I could never help another Self (Soul) along. You see no myself's today. Humanities's Self, obliterated in only a few generations. No youth in the streets, screaming, 'look what you've done to our Generation'!!! Malnutrition, Tattooed, Public uneducated clones, all dressed in Black. The generation of 'Selflessness'. Sadly starring hopelessly into their cell phones. Are they all looking for "God", should be, or for Themselves??? Self has been lost to, look like everyone else.

Politically, and Socially a World of Clones is the ultimate goal of the powers. The last generation of free thinkers were the Baby Boomers. And even they (boomers) were corrupted by the controlled mass media. From the music to the anti war movement. The same powers created the environmental movement at the same "Time". The boomers jumped on that, 'Green Peace' and all!!! Who in the Hell would be against 'Mother Nature'? Not knowing that the environmental movement was all about taking the Open Spaces of America, from the very citizens who own America, the citizens. Now you have a cluster of organizations like BLM. That are solely design to take the freedoms away from every American. The powers cloned the Hippie movement. Turned the Hippie movement into a commercial enterprise. Suddenly everyone wanted to look and dress like the Hippies. 'Turn On, Tune Out', let the powers take care of everything, was the underlying Reality. Buy the CIA's drugs, be Cool. With the American kids having no idea what was being done to them. The Hippies became the entrepreneurs, of their generation. Opening Head Shoppes, designing clothing becoming small business owners, the free thinkers. The powers had to kill off any free thinking. The Hippie movement was only a cog in the wheel.

Next would come the dumbing of entire generations in the future. The schools where instructed (No Child Left Behind, GW Bush) never to teach the student how to think. Teach the student only how to repeat what they have been told. The public school system had turned against the very population they were created to help. Now you have kids graduating from High School, barely able to read and write. Simply moving the kids through the public education system. With never the idea of creating the next generation of Inventors, Mathematicians, Nutritionists, etc.. With it all about removing the I in Me. Telling the children that someday the will melt with Machine BS.

Mankind will have no use in the future, except for War. A generation is to be brainwashed into believing. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the future, and mankind will have little or no part in the Future. All going along with Space Age BS and mankind came from monkeys Big Bang. Mankind will never blend with Machine. Yet you have a younger generation buying into this crap. Just as the Zombie BS had a generation believing in that BS. That the Dead would somehow resurrect from the coffins to attack the living. This is the power, the powers have over the uneducated. So why would those in power, ever want an educated population? Now that 'Myself' has been stolen from the masses. How will 'Myself' and other 'Myself's', ever organize and say, 'enough is enough'? With the mindless ones say, 'you can't do that'. Protecting those who have shortened their lives. Have them living with illness constantly, dying from Cancer far to young. Never wanting to cure Cancer and other diseases. That are part of the larger window to reality for the masses. Work, consume, pay taxes and die before retirement. Be a Humble Myself, is the only freedom, pass it on.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, March 12, 2017


It's called TV Programming, and most think that's harmless enough. Those are the ones being programmed without their knowledge. For TV programming is all about programming the viewers. Through Flicker Rate to hypnotize one into a useless consumer. Then programming the viewer with a bombardment of lies. With the same lies being told over and over until the watcher or listener believes the lie. The Chinese government can't get TVs into everyone's homes fast enough. Amazed by the successful programming of the American citizenry. The TV programming has turned the healthiest country America, into a Third World country health problems. Once American had the lowest rate for Children death at birth. Now America ranks as one of the lowest for healthy babies at birth. The only country that Force Vaccinates their children. But the TV programmed citizens have no idea of how unhealthy American children are. You can always now tell the Americans in crowd, their the fat ones. Look the unhealthiest, easily programmed from the constant dumbing down. In the most important years of a child's mental and physical development. The child is loaded with chemical loaded foods and vaccinations full of Mercury and other poisons. Thus shortening the child's life, ability to learn. Destroying the Penal Glade, Third Eye at youth.

The programming of Americans is so perfect, Americans believe they are actually Free. Statue of Liberty, not Stature of Freedom. Big spread between Liberty and Freedom. Liberty means, 'we're letting you', aka; your government. Programming is so perfect, emigrate families are torn apart within one generation, upon arrival in America. Divorce suddenly become commonplace, the Family Unit is destroyed with personal greed. The controlled mass media is to overwhelming for the unsuspecting emigrate. The emigrate children will turn against the parents old ways of Family First. The child will be reprogrammed in the public education system, the 'American Way'. One way the system does this is through mental intimidation. Making one feel as if they don't believe like the rest of the crowd, their wrong. Much like Flat Earthers are being portrayed as idiots. The Flat Earthers are attacked with ridicule, not facts. Just as the whole "Alien" thing for years. Now most of the World's population believes their is stuff going on in the Skies that can't be explained. Politicians, Sports heroes and Hollywood Stars are now the ones looked up to. Not those trying to improve the mental and physical capacities of the masses. If you don't hear it from the mass controlled media, it's not true BS. Now will all the attacks about who is really the True News. Even that is getting so bombarded with different agendas, who knows who's telling the truth in the media. Flooding the system/media with 'story lines', is the one of the powers favorite tricks. Then it's, 'I'm confused' "Time", just as planned.

Programming Americans to kill themselves. Has successfully been accomplished, via Diet and Lifestyles. Americans are the most unfit humans on the Planet. Processed foods and fast foods has done the trick. The system has made it cheaper for a family to have a poisoned pizza delivered at home. Than to make a quality nutritional meal at home. And by keeping everyone living 'hand to mouth', easily done. With a little education a quality home meal can be less that a pizza for supper. But that education will never be taught. Just as doctors never recommend Diet for a patient's bad health. Diet is the First Target for deprogramming one's mind. Once someone's mental capacities are improved. They will realize what has been done to themselves. An awaking will happen, that extra 50 pounds Americans carry around on average, is a mental block. By removing a bad Diet, that lightens the load mentally and physically. Your health is a combination of mental and physical. Americans males have stopped taking care of themselves, by laziness via Diet. The Diet has broken them down, most getting Cancer before 60 years old. Diet cures all that. Programming has them believing they are eating properly. With the BS government Food and Eating Charts. Telling them the Diet they recommend will ensure longevity. When in fact, the government wants most Americans dead, long before retirement age. The reason the original retirement age was set at 62 years old. Was the fact that was at the "Time" the average age of most Americans lived too. So why would the same system tell Americans how to eat properly???

And the same Programming has given Americans the same political system they now enjoy. Both sides being controlled. America is Corporation and not a Free Country of Citizens. You just don't let just anyone in charge (pretend to be) of a Corporation as large as America. Let the citizens believe they are free to vote for whom ever they chose. As long as the powers chose who the opponents will be. Trump's (the orangeman) brings the same old tired War Machine along as instructed. Not as he promised to get elected. Do you want a Pizza for supper or Mac-an-cheese. neither one is good for your Body or Soul.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings


Saturday, February 25, 2017


The Catholic Church knows the importance of Ceremony. The Hopi "God" Sotuknang, was the 'Creator of all Ceremonies'. So why the importance of Ceremony? It's the "God" connection in you, to worship your Creator. It's instinctive in everyone. That's why you get that high feeling while in large groups. You go to church and the members start singing, your instantly pulled into feeling good about yourself. Mankind today has lost the Ceremony within them. The mass media has blasted that out of the Soul. Making everyone to believing, to live for the moment only. Never looking down the road into the Future of the individuals soul. Removing the "God" spirit within humanity. Replacing the "God" Spirit with the Material World  and it's possessions of glitter. That's how you control the masses. Replace "God" with things that glitter.

You can see how the Catholic church over the centuries. Used their Ceremonies to overwhelm the primitive cultures they conquered over "Time". The church would replace their current "God' or Idol and replace it with poor old Jesus dying on a Cross. Then all the Pomp and circumstance would follow. The local would simple replace one Ceremony with another Ceremony. A good way to keep the Catholic church from killing you, like the Muslim and Christian cults. The only religion/cults who murder their non-believers.

All the Native America tribes until, the arrival of the Europeans. Practiced their Ceremonies for help and protection from the "Gods". From those who would do them evil. The Hopi have tales of 'those above' who would harm them on their migrations. And that their Ceremonies protected them from this evil. When you pray, your asking for protection, it's your personnel Ceremony. But today mankind for the most part has forgotten their own personnel Ceremonies. Simple things like a short prayer for your meal or good fortunes. Today folks are programmed to believe the system did it for them and protected them. While in reality the system is doing it's best to kill off everyone. Replacing your personnel Ceremonies with Rock Stars, Pro Sports, Movie Stars and mega churches, etc..

Once Ceremony was the most important part of the individual's Spiritual growth. A "Time" to praise "God" and thank "God". For without a Creator "God", their would only be Emptiness, void of Sound. This has been taken away, replaced with shortened life and illness. Mankind shouldn't be dying from infectious diseases long before they should. This has happened by design, to control the masses through diseases and illnesses. To shorten mankind's life by half. Without a personnel "God", mankind has no defense for the onslaught besieging them. Create your own Ceremony, your Temple is your Life. Give your family a Grounding Means to the Creation called Life. Your Physical and Mental health depend on it for survival. You are a "God", start acting like it!!!

Flat Earth and the Christian bible are connected at the Hip. Yet most Christians would defend the Copernicus Jesuit Ball Earth and Universe to their collective deaths. This just shows the effect of Mind Control via the media and church. The Jesuit Ball BS was the beginning of Darwinism, because without the Ball BS. You can't have the Big Bang BS. Here the Catholic church has given humanity a "God" to worship, their own "God". Then on the other hand, remove "God" from the equation! The same church that created Christianity and the Muslim religions/cults. Even dressed the Muslim women up as Nuns. It's all about 'divide and conquer' of the masses. Here is a couple of biblical Flat Earth quotes.

Psalm 93:1 'Thou hast Fixed the Earth immovable and firm'

Psalm 96:10 'He had fixed the Earth firm, immovable'

link to 'Flat Earth Bible' Didn't know much about the bible until the Flat Earth Reality came about in the last couple of years. It just shows what a good history book the bible can be. And the creators never intended to happen what has happened today. With all types of Christianity fighting amongst themselves. With some churches dominating financially with Mega Church structures. Your Body Temple, take care of it, worship within it.

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"