Sunday, March 4, 2018

"3 13 2013"

Add them up, magical 13. Also the date the World changed. Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became the first Jesuit Pope, the 266th Pope. First non European in 1,300 years and first Jesuit. Pope Francis, ruler of the World? Representative of "God" here on Mother Earth? Do all roads truly 'lead to Rome'? Not sure who's behind the Numerology of everything it seems, Rome? Like the number 911 and how the World changed after September 11 2001!!! 911 the number you call for emergencies. Another well known number the j$$$$ws, will never let anyone ever forget. 6,000,000 j$$$$ws some how ordered to be killed, by Hitler during WWII. A j$$$$w himself.

The number 6,000,000 in j$$$$wish history. A firm believer that I never meet a j$$$$w with a original thought. So here is some proof of that, you'd think they would have change it up a little. But then again, that falls into that non j$$$$wish thing. An 'original though'.

Some Examples

11 June 1900, New York Times 'There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering augments in favor of Zionism'.

1902, Encyclopedia Britannica 10th addition 'While there are in Russia  and Romania, six millions of jews who are systematically being degraded'.

1 November 1905, New York Times 'From 1800 to 1902 he (?) caused 6,000,000 jewish families to be expelled from Russia'.

17 March 1908, Desert Evening News 'poverty, starvation and disease are the affliction which now beset 6,000,000 jews in that country and Romania'.

14 October 1915, New York Tribune 'What the Turks are doing to the Armenians is child's play, compared to what Russia is doing to 6,000,000 jews, her own subjects.

5 April 1919, El Paso Herald, 'to save from starvation, 6,000,000 jews who are the helpless victim of German terror.'

1 June 1933, New York Times, 'Dr. Margoshes said he had received a letter from the poet in Zurich a few days ago, stating that she had 'ran away from the holocaust'

15 November 1940, The Jewish Criterion 'JNF to raise $6,000,000 for Palestine for the coming year, the jewish National Fund voted to raise $6,000,000 for the holy land's war this coming year'

10 October 1945, The Chester Times, 'It was our very unhappy convictions all along that the responsibility for the extinction of 6,000,000 jews in Europe was not Hitler's alone, the entire Christian world shares that responsibility.

September 11th or 911 is also another date or number throughout history, used over and over. Here again are some examples of 911.

911 September 11 2001:

September 11 1786, 'Convention of Annapolis' Revised Articles of Confederation, United States of America was born.

September 11 1789, Alexander Hamilton was appointed the 1st Secretary of Treasury

September 11 1936, FDR dedicates Boulder Dam, now called Hoover Dam. Opened southern California expansion with Electricity, Las Vegas was reborn.

September 11 1941, Ground Breaking day the Pentagon.
Same day, FDR authorizes warships to open fire German and Italian Warships. WWII began

September 11 1948, Death of Jinnah, founder father of Pakistan, 'Jinnah Day'

September 11 1977, The death of Nikita Khrushchev 77 yrs. old

September 11 1973, Chili's president, Salvador Allende was assassinated.

September 11 1990, president H.W. Bush delivers his NWO speech to Congress.

September 11 2001, 911 to remove Americans Freedoms and put America in constant Wars.

6-4-1947 = 21 The date of birth, given me. What does your name or birth date add up to? You can see how pro sports games are rigged by the numbers. An old major league baseball player friend Terry Mullholland always called the Major Leagues, 'the Big Show'. When you got called up to the majors. You were called to 'The Show'. Now I know, what he was trying to say to me. One Big Ass Game, 'The Show'. The NY Yankees are the Evil New Yorkers! New England Patriots, are the American lie. Control, Control by the numbers. Only now like Flat Earth Reality are folks awakening to Numerology. The Christian bible is pure Numerology, listen to some of my old friend's vids Santos Bonacci. Using ancient books to explain Numerology and the Stars. The reason most religions sound the same. That's because they were all based on Numerology. Only fixed thing in Life are Numbers that rule our World. The Symmetrical Cosmos. Hard to sit on a chair with only 2 Legs.

Speaking of Santos Bonacci calling me on 3-11-13  'Santos Bonacci and Me'   Asking me to be a guest on his American Freedom Radio Show. Saying 'that if I don't come on. He won't do a show that night'. Did a much larger force push Santos into calling me? Why of all the shows Santos does, that I had to be on 3-11-13=9. The Jesuits could have replace Pope Ratzinger on any day. Not on 3-4-13 or 3-5-13, why? The only Pope to resign in 600 years. Had to happen on 3-13-13 and no other day. Folks have been pushed from the knowledge of Numerology. This is to keep the working masses as sheep. The powers have taken Numerology and turned it into several religions. All based on the same idea. And turned the World's citizens against each other. When if the citizenry only understood the numbers. The famous painting of the ' Lords Last Supper'. You see the Sun Halo around Baby Jesus head. And the Twelve Disciples in groups of 3. That represents the Seasons and the Astrological sign each represents. By the action they are in. Before the calendar was changed, "Time" was measured by 13 months with 28 days. All was change to confuse and control the masses. Just as the Jesuit Spinning Ball was created, for Mind Control. Their those who want to learn and grow. And their are those who do, just enough to stay alive. It's your journey, where are you going??? Was Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ???

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams and soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Soft Kill"

Today in central Arizona, is another 'Soft Kill' day. By blocking the "God" given Sun, Chem-trailing the skies. The powers are, 'Soft Killing', the masses, 'bottom line'. As Sunlight is the Father of all Life!. Water, Food, Shelter, etc., are mankind's Mother. Soft Kill comes in many packages. Big Pharma, Corporate Farming, FDA Food and Drug Administration, AMA American Medical Association, EPA Environmental Protection Agency, are the big players. Set up as agency by the government. To supposedly, protect the citizenry of the United States of America, a corporation. When in reality, these agencies were designed to Cull and Control the citizenry. Because all government ever wants, is more and more control over it's citizens. That's why this final giant push to remove Guns from the citizens of the USA. That will be the final hurdle to complete control of the citizenry. But until the day come, as more and larger False Flag events take place. That all about telling the citizens of the USA. Their are crazies out  there, with a AK-47 going to kill you at any moment. Religion is a great 'Divide and Conquer' tool, but fear of your neighbor? That is where this is all heading.

I see Soft Kill every day on my job sites. It what the guys are eating and drinking, that's the Soft Kill. Throw in Chem-trails overhead, and wallah, death before 60 years of age. As I walk the job site, I wonder. How few will make it to my age? And if they do, how terrible will life be? When a simple change in their diets, would change all their fates!!! As long as the guys are linked to their cell phones, TVs and movies. I'll be the crazy old man. That's what the powers mass communication has accomplished. Folks like me are drowning in a sea of hatred. No one want's to believe, they've been duped. When it's so obvious most have been Duped. Look at all the Tattoos on everyone, within a generation. Now that is Mental Power over the masses. Look how frail the children look, within a generation. Living on Pop Tarts, Pizza, Mac and Cheese and soda pop. Tell me, just what part of a Pop Tart or Pizza is good for you? Mac and Cheese is pure carbohydrate poisons. Yet the populace have been brain washed into believing this is a proper diet. Like Killing Brown Arabs in the Middle East. Is good for the American citizenry.

Another Soft Kill is done by killing off so called Hollywood celebrities. Seldom letting them live to ripe old age any more. 'Death by Numbers', Numerology. It's part of the mental physiological, that 70 years old, is old. While the age of retirement goes up and up. The whole idea, don't let the citizens reach retirement age and become, useless esters. I noticed when I tried being retired for a year, mental games going on in my head. A fight for survival, I call it. One part of me, wanting to rest, another par of me in fear of rest. Plenty of "time" for rest, after death, I guess. I would start to ache in my joints. This is when I realized, retirement is Death. The old line, 'quit working die', hit me right between the eyes. I'd taken such good care of my mental  and physical health. That Age was not the same for me. I'd beat the constant propaganda from my youth onward to now. Age is a State of Mind, and mine is in a good place. The exact thing the powers do constantly to break down the population with. Mental Stress, which brings on Physical Stress!!! And the body and mind finally, surrender to Death. This has missed me completely, thus I'm hated. Pull yourself out of the Mud, now your a Loner of Truth.

Suicide is another Soft Kill. You see it in returning vets now, from the Middle East wars. Kid comes back from seeing crap in combat, he never wanted to see. Done crap high on drugs, he would have never done without. And now the kid needs Mind Altering drugs, to sleep at night. Soon his head is so full of stuff. Suicide seems the only way out. Saw it in my era of Nam vets also. You see it in the children, who were diagnosed with BS mental problems. And given some Mind Altering drug at childhood. Assisted Suicide is silently being pushed. Hillbilly Heroin and Opioids, rip through America now. Just as LSD and the Hippie generation of drugs, was introduced in the 60s. Britain conquer China with Opium. Same game, new Century thingy.

The powers have no soul, when it comes to torturing the masses. While the masses naivety, keeps them in the Dark. Thinking that others, believe as they do. That's the furthest from the truth. j$$$$ws have no conscience, when it comes to dealing with the Goyim cattle. For lying to the Goyim, isn't a j$$$$wish sin. Soft Killing the masses, apparently has no Karma to the powers. Fore this has been going on for centuries. Same bloodlines, killing the same peasants. World Wars not working, on the ever multiplying masses. So Soft Kill will have to work. Starting with the child in the womb. By poisoning the child, via mom. Then a series of Vaccinations, soon after birth. Soft Kill, in the modern age. Is far more subtle. You just get old and die, in your 60s, if your lucky. My son-in-law, wasn't so lucky. He trusted what the controlled media told him. It cost him his life. Cancer, true or not, is the Weapon of Choice. When it comes to diagnosing any illness, in modern so called medicines. CHEMO is the Bullet!!! How goods the mental Soft Kill, everyone's, dressed in DEATH BLACK!!!

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, January 28, 2018

"Jews Stealing, Hopi Kachina Money $$$"

One thing the j$ws are well know for, 'bleeding to Death, anything they touch!' This was happening to the Hopi Kachina carvers every year at the Heard Museum, in Phoenix. Every spring for several years, the Heard Museum would have the 'Annual Hopi Kachina Carvers' event. My first recording of the Hopi Kachina Carvers was in 2010 (link)  The first year I attended, the crowds were massive. Every open spot, had a Hopi Kachina carver in it. In 2017, the room was half empty, where had the Hopi went? I'd notice the decline in Carvers and attendance every year, since 2010. So I started asking question about the decline, from Hopi carvers I's become friends with. The common answer, 'the Heard (j$ws) was taking to much money, on each sale'! The Hopi sales were going down each year. As the Hopi carvers were having to add extra money on the price of the Kachina Dolls. To cover monies taken by the Heard j$ws. As the prices went up, the sales went down. So the Hopi carvers decided to stop coming to the annual event. The best known Hopi Kachina carvers, like Ernest Honanie and Gerry Quotskuyva. Would still show up each year, as they had a following and buyers already. But the Hopi carver trying to make a few extra bucks $$$. Were pushed out, by the blood sucking j$ws, at the Heard. It was bad enough on the Hopi carvers. As the Heard Museum, kept their Gift Shop open during the Hopi event. Thus completing with the Hopi carvers, for sales. The Heard had their own collection of Hopi Kachina Dolls, for sale.

I'd notice no date for the Annual Hopi Kachina Carver Event. Was on the Heard Museum 2018 calendar. Heard rumors, from many of the Hopi carvers. That they wanted to move the annual event, someplace else, out of the Heard. First thought was, glad I'd recorded the last 8 events. Then put a couple of calls out, to find out what was going on. Wanted to be able to record the event at the new location As I tell the Hopi carvers, 'someone needs to record this bit of History and it's me'. 'The Martian', the Hopi carvers call me, funny. Talked to Hopi carver Gerry Quotskuyua, who lives southeast of Sedona, in Rimrock. Sounds like the Heard had heard the same rumors. The Heard was making millions in sale from the Hopi Kachina carvers event, according to Gerry. So now they want the Hopi carvers to return. By offering prize money, $$$ $2,500 for best Kachina Doll and other money rewards to the carvers. The j$ws at the Heard could care less about the Hopi Peoples. I've seen the Heard's older volunteer employees, hand out small bags of chips and a stale oranges. To the carver, for their 5+ hour bus ride back, to the Hopi rez. Thanks Hopi Peoples, the j$ws are saying, you Goyim. To the Heard, just cattle to be taken advantage of. When you think, 'your the chosen peoples'. When in reality, the real 'Chosen Peoples', are the Hopi  themselves!!!

We'll see what happens, if the Hopi carvers return. In typical fashion over centuries, the j$ws, take from others work. Until, their is nothing left of the product. As 'take, take' is all the j$wish mentality can protract or envision. From 1,000s of years, of Inbreeding. As all the j$ws are basically, cousins. Rome's Banksters, come from the j$wish stock. One thing I've notice over the 20+ years of knowing Hopi folks. They are now well aware of the j$w agenda. As the earliest Trading Post in the Western US, were j$wish. So the j$ws stealing from the Native American peoples, is nothing new. I'll be there to record the next addition of the Hopi Kachina carver's event. It will be interesting to see, who returns to the Heard. Or has over a century of lying to the Hopi peoples, win out? Will the j$ws offer of more money $$$ be enough!!! After all, the j$ws bring nothing else to the table. The j$ws took and took from the good Hopi peoples. And would have never stopped, if not for the financial losses to the Heard Museum. By not having a full house of Hopi Kachina Carvers, every year. J$ws against the World, is why over 70 nations. Have kicked the j$wish menace from their countries. 

United Nations Agenda 21, has arrived in the metro Phoenix area. With a, 'in your face punch'. As 100s of bicycles are now parked at every Bus Stop. The Green and Yellow bikes mostly, are strew all over the neighborhood now also. The bikes appear to rent for $1 an hour, but not sure. All part of the idea, that the citizens of the World. Will not own a car or even a bicycle. As a next generation of Steering Wheel less cars, are introduced. I only bid government work, so I get samplings from the General Contractors. What the governments, both federal and local have for the future planning. I've noticed lots of Bike Paths being build across the Valley of the Sun. You can now take a bicycle from the tip of north Scottsdale. Too the southern tip of Tempe. From Mesa to Glendale and beyond west. All part of UN Agenda 21. Drip, Drip, Drip is how UN Agenda 21 moves along. Nothing drastic overnight. Just the slow movement forward. Like lowing a Lobster into boiling water. The same thing is being done to the citizen of the World. The citizens are being corral and killed off slowly.

'It's all about the Children', the powers will tell the citizens of the World. When in the future, the children will be removed from the family, all together. As the citizens of the World will be deemed to not be worthy of raising their own children. That's why all the planted stories now about. Parents doing terrible things to their children. Like the recent BS from the California family. Starving and beating their 13 children. Just another planted BS story by the controlled mass media. Just as the Native American children were removed from their, so called Savage parents. The powers using the same old tired agenda, over and over.

Now the powers are slowly convincing the public that the lines in the Sky are just normal. And that if the Chem-trailing was stopped. The Planet would die from Global Warming BS. Every chance I get when the Chem-trailing is going on. I point out the Sky, to who will ever listen. Most folks are unaware of what is being done to them. Eating their poisonous GMO foods and processed diets. As I tell folks, what an Airline pilot said to me, about the lines in the Sky. Not wanting to believe that the Chem-trails were not natural. And only aircraft exhaust vapors. I called an major airline pilot, I'd done electrical work for. Asked if I could come over and meet with him, about something. When I got to his house, that day, Chem-trails were being sprayed. I asked him, 'do you know the difference between Condensation Trails and Chem-trails'? He got  right into my face, and with a hick voice said, 'I sure do Ron!!!' And said next, 'your the one who does all the investigations, who's flying the aircraft.' He was told to never talk about the Lines in the Sky, just like any UFO sighting. Is never to be mentioned by airline pilots. In fear of being grounded. He knew, but him like all other airline pilots. They have been silenced by the powers. Soon most folks will just accept the lines in the sky, as part of life. While the self educated ones, look in amazement at folks stupidity. Educate yourself, to help others, along 'Life's Path'.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Alien"

Saturday, January 20, 2018

"The "Aliens" are Coming"!!!

The recent release of  an, U.S. Navy pilot, chasing a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Was in fact, a 'Soft Disclosure'. A way of saying, 'see, we (government) aren't hiding anything'. The masses are being pre-programmed, like 'German NAZI Krauts' and 'Japanese Thieves' before WWII. The so called 'Cold War' with Russia. (Trying their best, to drag that Dead Horse, out again.) The new villain, the 'Stinking Aliens' from outer Space. Terrorism is getting old, running out of Arab gangs with Nukes, everywhere. With Muslim kids coming to America, and are changed from the past forever. In the Reagan speech about, an "Alien" invasion, 'uniting the World'. Just another precursor in the build up to an 'Stinking Alien' invasion from Space. NWO, but is it way to late? Will holograms in the night Sky, of "Alien" invaders works? Just how do the powers, pull off such a giant accomplishment? I guess after convincing most of the World's population into believing. They evolved from Monkeys, starting from Lichen Moss on a Volcanic Stone. A 'Stinking Alien' invasion,  should be easy, right?

These plans are laid out many years in advance, as many are awaking to. Like all the pre-programming before 911. When you look back on it, even to children's Saturday morning Cartoons. Which is no more than Programming, as in 'TV Program'. Space and "Aliens" agenda appears to have started in the early 1900s. With Silent Movies starting about the Space in 1902, with the movie 'A Trip to the Moon'. That was only the beginning, with approximately 372 "Alien" type movies since. You can see how the Baby Boomers were singled out for the Space "Alien" agenda. With such movies from the 50s. 'Invaders From Mars' 1953, 'Killers From Space' 1954, 'It Came from Outer Space' 1953, 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' 1956, 'Earth Verses Flying Saucers' 1956, etc., etc., etc.. With the introduction of the series and movie 'Flash Gordon' in 1936. Became a giant show, dragging a generation into Space Travel. With the Baby Boomers being the most programmed into the "Alien" Agenda, being put on the masses. Throw in Roswell "Alien" crash landing and a generation was hooked. Including myself, long before any of my own UFO sightings. Now I wonder if I wasn't single-out, for the push of the "Alien" Agenda? After all my UFO sightings, I once believed in "Aliens" from Outer Space. Now after becoming a Flat Earther, I'm sure the "Aliens" are here with humanity. Inside a Dome or Eternal Flat Earth Plain. This fits perfectly with the Hopi 'Ant People'. Who were "God's" helpers, to the Hopi.

Are the Chem-trails being laid out to become a giant Movie Screen? Holograms of Tupac Shakur and others have been tested already. 'May you live in interesting "Times"', is  ancient Chinese Proverb. And this surely must be the 'Most Interesting of "Times"'! As the final push to get the World's population under one "God" and one government. The technology has caught up with the powers plans for domination of the masses by the few elite. 'Fear Porn' is a term heard a lot these days. 'Godlikeproductions' is a type of 'Fear Porn' site. Turn on the radio or TV, nothing but 'Fear Porn' being produced. Mind Control through Fear is the name of the game. With the idea of physical people or races being used as 'Fear Porn'. Has used it's term life up, a whole new much larger 'Fear Porn' enemy is now needed. And nothing can bring more fear to the masses than, an 'Stinking Alien' invasion. The stage has been set for years now. The idea of "Aliens" from outer space has been set in the masses minds. And it all couldn't happen without Rome. The very people who gave mankind a "God" and religions to divide the masses. Is now going to take away "God" from the masses via "Alien Attack. And give the masses one "God" to believe in, their "God". As the Pope has now acknowledge the existences of "Aliens". And the "Aliens" should be baptized into the Catholic religion. Rome gave the masses religions, some 500 years ago. Then took it all away with the 'Jesuit Spinning Ball' BS. Rome using their priest like the puppets they are. Used Copernicus and others to remove "God" from the masses and hid "God" behind a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'! Rome introduced the Spinning Universe and Galaxies, to hide "God". Once mankind was the 'Center of the Universe'. Has now been reduced to a 'Fluke of Nature' or 'Darwinism'. The 'Big Bang' of life, from nothing was introduced to the masses. Humanity was once the product of "God's" creation. Then Rome removed "God", via the 'Spinning Ball Universe.

And folks will defend the idea, that they are living on a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'. Not even realizing they are defending, that they came from a Monkey. I defend the Flat Earth Reality by pointing out this fact. Saying if you believe you live on a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'. Then you must surely believe you came from a Monkey. This tends to wake folks up. Never realizing the two went together. You can't have a 'Jesuit Spinning Ball'. Without claiming to be an Monkey!!! And the fact humanity came from nothing. Tell folks they have no chance against you, being a 'Child of God'. And them being, the 'Child of a Monkey'. If "Aliens" from outer Space do exist. What Created the "Aliens" from Outer Space? Humanity and all about humanity is a creation of "God". The "Aliens" are already here, their the Hopi 'Ant People'.

"God" Bless


Sunday, January 7, 2018

"I Had the Flu this Christmas"

Almost, cut my hair' Stealing old lines from a Crosby, Stills and Nash song. 'Almost Cut My Hair'. Spent last Christmas eve, escaping Mexico. Not sure, which was worse. Started my new project on the Fire Station addition. After sitting around a year, trying to hit a project. When you start a new electrical project, it's not long before you realize. Why I was Low Bid!!! I'd missed a 1 inch conduit run run of 150 feet.. And the cost of some Cord Reels, to the tune of $3,200. Although I'm fighting the Cord Reel cost. The day I started, the Chem-trailing was terrible over central Arizona. It was damp and the Sun was obliterated by Chem-trails. 2 days later, I was sick, coughing my brains and lungs out. The thought that the Chem-trails have something to do with my sudden illness. Is always in the back of my mind. So went on-line to see who else was complaining about the coughing. Found 1,000s of folks who suddenly became ill with the same symptoms. How easy is to sicken 1,000s of folks from the air? Far to Easy it turns out.

'Public Law' 105-85 can be viewed on-line. It states, 'The Secretary of Defense' may not conduct, (directly or by contract) (1) Any test or experiment involving the use of a chemical or biological on civilian population or, (2) any other testing of a chemical agent or biological agent on human subjects. (B) exceptions; does not apply to a test or experiment carried out for any of the following purposes.
1 - Peaceful purposes that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial research activity.
2 - Any purpose that is directly to protection against toxic chemicals or biological weapons and agents
3 - Any law enforcement purpose, including any purpose related to riot control.

Here a law is written to protect the citizens of the USA. From being mass sprayed by the government. Then states it's legal for the above 3 reasons. Typical double talk by the USA government. As the citizens of the USA are now considered 'combatants'. After the 'Patriot Act' passed, after the 911 attacks.

Folks moved too Arizona for the clear Skies and lack of rain. Well the rain is still less than 10 inches a a year. But the skies are cloudy most winter days, like today. The morning starts out clear, then these thin lines  start appearing behind aircraft. Instead of a Vapor Trail of condensation of Water. The thin lines outspread and turn the sky a Milky White. You can tell which cities in the country are being spayed. Just go to the National Weather Radar Loop.   Here you will see areas like Metro Phoenix, covered in clouds. Yet their is no weather front for 100s of miles. Just the same cloud cover over a city, without movement. This is not "God" created weather. Purely man made clouds, that don't blow away.

I've given up trying to point this out. As folks just don't want to believe. That their own government could possibly be Poisoning them, from the Sky. During Nam, Arial spraying was used in Defoliation of the Jungles with 'Agent Orange'. Another type of spraying was used to create Monsoon type rains. That was to supposedly slow down troupe movements from North Vietnam. Now these lessons learned from Nam. Are being used on the citizens of the USA and World. As Chem-trails are being reported from most all other Nations. Except North Korea, and Iran.

Here 2 weeks later, I'm still feeling the effects of what ever I have. Is this a natural winter Flu? Or was I and thousands of others poisoned by Air??? With the government knowing I can't prove what I'm saying. You will never hear on the news about the constant bombardment from the Sky. Yet millions of Americans are aware of the Chem-trailing. The powers have and will in the future. Do as they please to the citizens of the World.

"God" bless on this cloudy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, December 24, 2017

"Dog and Pony Show"

Religion, Politics, NASA/Hollywood, Public Education, Mass Media News, TV, Movies, Pro Sports, Video Games, etc., all just. Pieces of a much larger puzzle of a, 'Dog and Pony Show'. The message, 'we are all powerful'. And you Peasants, 'you came from Nothing'. Keeping everyone on edge, and hatred for each other. Have to say, working quite well, practice, practice, practice!!! The 'Dog and Pony Show', like practicing on the public. Throwing Bones out, to find the reaction. Like all the Fake Shootings, just what will the public tolerate? How dumb are the masses now, what's the limit? Mass Shooting are more about convincing the American citizen. How Gun Crazy Whites are. If the powers wanted Gun Control, that would have happened by now. Guns keep the population thinking they are safe from the powers tricks. While the powers plant stories in their controlled mass media. That keep the masses divided, racially and religiously.

The so called 'Cold War' is a perfect example of 'Divide and Conquer'. With the Russian and American powers, setting up the masses. Stealing billions of Tax dollars,  to build more and more weapons. Telling the American masses they needed Nukes to keep safe from the stinking Russian peoples. While charging billions of dollars to the American and Russian citizenry. To build Nukes that don't even exist. How would 'Joe Six-Pac' even know, if Nukes were actually built? Like how much Gold is really in Fort Knox?

The ultimate 'Dog and Pony Show'. Hiding "God" behind a Spinning Ball! This would be history's (his story) Greatest Lie. To convince humanity they they came from Nothing and "God" is Dead. Yet 500 years ago, that was accomplished, via the Catholic Church. The same Rome that gave humanity religions to divide the masses, from each other. Before the Jesuit Spinning Ball, humanity believed they were "God's" chosen ones. That Heaven and Earth were created just for humanity. Not only for Life, but Spiritual Development. Now most Americans believe the came from nothing and evolved from Monkeys. Sad part, without even knowing they have been Tricked again. Most folks know nothing about the Big Bang BS and how Darwinism tied it all together. All these lies taught in school about Evolution Theory being Facts. With absolutely nothing to back this up. If humanity evolved, why aren't other Species Evolving around humanity. Where are the Neanderthal Man, evolving from a Monkey. How about some Fishes just jumping out of the water. Instantly getting lungs upon hitting on the soil. How about some Bird's wings, transforming into Arms and Hands. Just all BS Mind Control. How did Evolution suddenly Stop??? Be cause it never happened in the first place.

Now enter the 'Flat Earth Reality' again. Being brought back by some unknown outsider. Like a 'Wet Fist in the Night', Flat Earth and "God" are back. Be cause you can't have 'Flat Earth Reality' without a Creator "God". Big Bang and Darwinism removed "God", in the Spinning Ball equation. Not sure how this came about, but nothing seems Organic anymore. Just to many ways to influences the public. With everyone having a computer in hand now, via the Cell Phone. 2012 was all the talk about Mayan End "Times". Flat Earth, was nowhere to be heard. Now Flat Earth topic is everywhere. Those for and those attacking Flat Earth. Another 'Divide and Conquer' tactic? If so, working quite well. Nothing gets folk's Dander Up like the Flat Earth topic. Either for or against.

And now the public is being prepared for the Ultimate 'Dog and Pony Show'. The Stinking "Aliens" (unknown) are coming. This week's release of US Navy F-18 Super Hornet's footage of one of their aircraft recording of a UFO. That was a 'Soft Disclosure'. With the government using US Navy footage of the recent UFO. To tell the public, the "Aliens" are here. Using US Navy footage, gave the powers a way of saying. 'We the government, are not hiding anything from the public'. The powers have now, put the Stinking "Aliens" in everyone's head. Been doing it for centuries. Just recently (John McCain) brought back the Stinking Russian threat, just like the 'Cold War' BS. Rewind, NASA discovers water on Mars, every couple of years. Told me in the 50s, Mars had Canals.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landing.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 3, 2017

"No Birth Certificate, No Death Certificate"

As Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover told me, 'they can't Kill you'! I guess, meaning the powers. Without a Birth/Death Certificate, I don't fall under 'Maritime Admiralty Law'. And that explains it all, some 70 years later. Just what is 'Maritime Law'? When you are born, you are given a Birth/Death Certificate. When you are born, you arrive via your Mother's Birthing Channel. Same as a Ship arriving in Port Docking. When you arrive in Port Docking, you are a Live Birth. You are given a Certificate of Arrival or Birth/Docking. You are now part of Maritime Admiralty Law. Your mother unknowingly, gave you to the State. Now when you go to Court, you get a Docket Number. You are Property of the State. If you don't pay your Taxes, because you are property of the State. You can be incarcerated by the State. The term Money comes from Water and River Banks that control the Water Current or Money. When you get out of jail on Bail. It comes from 'Bailing Water' out of the Boat. When you are losing your home is, 'your underwater'. When you are heavily in debt, you are 'drowning in debt'. A few other term for the Vessel/Ship. Citizenship, Lordship, Ownership, Partnership, Worship, Township, Scholarship, Fellowship, Friendship, etc.. America is a Corporation and if you have a Birth/Death Certificate in America. You are owned by the Corporation called America. That is why your name on your Birth/Death Certificate in in all Capital letters. You are not a human in the eyes of the State. You are a Taxable corporation. If you notice, most all you bills (water, electricity, etc.), you name is in Capital letters. On your Driver License, you name is also in all Capital letters. Your Credit Cards, your name is in Capital letters. Your not John Doe, your JOHN DOE the legal corporation operating in the USA Corporation. Scary isn't it???

You as a corporation operating on USA soil. You must have permission to do almost everything. Getting a job, you'll need a State issued Social Security number 1st. Want to leave the country, better ask permission from the USA corporation. The USA corporation will issue you a Passport. Telling you, you may now leave the USA. You are not Free from the USA, you are only on Liberty from the USA. That's why the Statue of Liberty isn't called the 'Statue of Freedom'. You are not Free to come and go as you please. And the USA corporation can tell you, if you may reenter the USA corporation. You can't even get Married without asking permission, to get Marry from the State. The State will issue a Marriage License. You think you own your home, land, automobile, wrong. Stop paying Taxes on those items, see if you really own them. No new TAGS on you vehicle from the State. Your car doesn't move along State Roadways. You can't even own a Dog without the States permission. yet like the Jesuit Spinning Ball. Most citizens of America, will defend their so-called freedoms to their Death. The mental programming has been so effective on the American walking corporations. They are defending those who are poisoning their food, water, air and stealing their hard earned money. Just try an think of how many freedoms, one really has?

This is why the powers, feel they have the Rites to Kill,whom ever they want. Never knew this until Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover explained it to me. When I went to see Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover the 1st "Time". It was because I awoke with Bloody underwear on, one morning. And I needed some answers. An x-girlfriend told me of the 'Crescent C' on my upper right shoulder. Which I had no idea existed. Then came the Bloody Underwear, I needed answers! That I wan't going to find in the Scottsdale Public Library. Dr. Ruth was associated with Dr. John Mack of Harvard and the book, 'Abduction', by Dr. John Mack. She was having a UFO Show at a local Mall. One of her (Dr. Ruth) books for sale. Had a picture on the cover, of a women with the same 'Crescent C' as mine. I introduced myself to Dr. Ruth. With only a few words of wisdom, Dr. Ruth said, 'you can't be Killed'. Not knowing at the "Time", just what all that meant. Now some 15 years later, I know all to well, what Dr. Ruth meant. Dr. Ruth said the Bloody Underwear, was a 'Wake-up Call'. To far bigger Realities than I was currently experiencing. And Dr. Ruth said the 'Crescent C' was to say, You can't be Killed'! My World flopped over, instantly. I still remember like it was yesterday, walking around the Mall, stunned. No know where to turn, or even tell anyone. After all, who would believe me!!!

Dr. Ruth remembered and knew the answers. And for several years, until Dr. Ruth McKinley Hoover's death (cancer). She would have one of her personal friends contact me. 'Would I please start coming to meetings with her and a few others'. At the end, asking for meetings with me. I was promised it would only be me and Dr. Ruth at the meetings. Dr. Ruth wanted to parade me around and I was having no part of it. When it's "Time" to be awaken, you will be awaken. Not sure if this is for everyone, not quite sure if everyone is Created Equal anymore. Or is that just some BS from the powers. Trying to dragged the self knowing/educated ones, down with the rest. More than likely, Yes! Their are those that pretend to know and those who know. The World is full of those who pretend to know. They are dragging down, those who want only the Truth. Religions and cults have the same results. They both divide the masses and create wars of Killing. Killing over one's personal "God". Verses another human's personal "God". My "God" is better than your "God"!.

Until 'Maritime Admiralty Law' is swept away. The World will only know appointed shortages. In Health, Diet, Knowledge, Spirituality. and day to day needs. Making the masses suffer from stupidity and malnutrition needs. Will keep the powers, in power. Myself lost also, until I was awaken. How many else will get what I call a, 'wake-up call'? After all, we are all Children of "God". Not some Fluke of Nature about to become part Mechanical. Just as the Jesuits brainwashed the masses into believing, they evolved from Monkeys. And came from nothing, while spinning on a Ball. Nothing Changes!!!

A firm believer that the "Gods" pretty much control everything. Outside of you personally imputing, your own Karma into the situation. The "Gods" had me take last year off. I bid over 1.5 million in commercial/industrial electrical project, during that "Time". I got one project for over $330,000, by being $30,000 low bid, ouch!!! It was the same school I'd graduated from Junior High School from, 'Eagle Park'. The $30,000 low bid didn't scare me. If you don't miss items on your estimated. You will never get a project anyway. It's called, 'I missed just enough Boss'. I never got that project, as my quote was peddled. aka: Shopped Around. 'Lord acts in mysterious ways', thingy. The "God" did recently give me two project. They total nearly $140,000 in Electrical. The City of Phoenix bailed me out, by giving me a good sized warehouse/office building. And I got a Fire House addition on the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community reservation. Here next to Scottsdale. Both projects being only 10 or 15 minutes away. By fate the owner of the General Contractor, I got the rez Fire House project with. Is a member of the one SRPMIC tribes. Maybe Good Karma on my part, as I just recorded the Pow Wow on the SRPMIC rez. And have about 10 other Pow Wow videos from the SRPMIC. The "Gods" surly knew. I'd burned through $20,000 this past year. keeping the Company and my own ass alive. Diet, Diet, Diet being the biggest part of my budget. I'm constantly foraging for the freshest, organic fruits and vegetables (not Cheap). You can never forget, 'you are what you eat'. Eat poisons, die young from Cancer. Avoid all of Baby Jesus, cows, pigs, sheep and all hoofed animals. Most have a Birth Certificate, so Killing You by the powers. Is no skin off their noses, they believe. War, Starvation, GMO foods, no matter the way, your still Dead. A reminder, you are at War with the powers. Don't Roll Over, Fight Back, as Best You Can.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweat dreams, with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Gravity, Space, Atom, Particle, Molecule, Chromosome,  DNA, Big Bang, all just a Theory. The list could go on and on. Pretty much everything you were taught in school was a Theory. From the Disney Cartoons on Saturday morning, through High-school and College. Mankind's minds have been directed in the direction the powers want the masses to believe. And Believe, the masses do. The programming has been absolutely brilliant. Their is almost no escape of the constant bombardment of propaganda. Say anything off the 'Beaten Path' and under attack you'll become. Poor miss directed folks, defending the lies that they have been taught. Not knowing what has been done to them. That mankind has been programmed to not use their own Common Sense. That's why all the Gender-Bender crap going on now. You cannot be trusted to figure out if your a Boy or Girl at birth. In fact now, in some states. The child can decided what Gender they are. No matte how obvious that might be. The parent has been taken out of the equation.

And the biggest Theory of All "Time" is? Your living on a Spinning Ball and Mankind evolved from Nothing. And most of the World's so-called educated population, believe both Theories! With absolutely no proof, folks believe their ancestors were Monkeys. But when I confront someone, tying the Spinning Ball to Darwinism. They suddenly realize what they are defending. You hear, I'm no Monkey. Yet the same individuals will attack your senselessly about living on a Jesuit Spinning Ball. You simple can't have one without the other. It's all about hiding "God" behind a Jesuit Spinning Ball. Take away "God", you control the masses. Or give the masses the "God" you want them to have, same thing. Give the masses several "God" and religions, as we have today. And you have what you have today. A World at War with each other. Over religions that were invented to divide the masses. Just can't get away from, 'All Roads Lead too Rome'. And Rome created all religions to control the masses. Then in the last 500 years. Rome has planted the seed, mankind lives on a Jesuit Spinning Ball and they evolved from Monkeys. Starting with Moss (lichen) on a Rock! Why would Rome do this?

To eliminate "God" from this Reality, would be my guess. Rome used religions to divide the masses, for control. Now want to bring all religions under one blanket, the Roman Church and one "God". You can see how this is being accomplished. The Family Unit must be broken down first. And through the controlled media, using the women as Pawns. The Family unit is dying a ugly death before our eyes. How many families survive until the child is raised and gone? The percentages must be small as compare to my childhood. Both parent must now work to provide. this was done to the masses on purpose. 'It's all about me' from the controlled media, selfies and such now. Convincing the masses they are Lesbian or Gay, via the movies and music. Has been very effective. Putting chemicals in the food, GMOs, using product like Soy. To changes one's idea about their sexuality. With the media only showing Gay men on everything. Working on the child's mind from birth. The male is now shown as only the weaker sex. To dumb to make their own decisions. Turning the child against the male parent.

Finally flooding the media with all these tales of Space. How mankind has reached into the depths of unknown Space. All these Space probes, heading beyond one's imagination. When in fact. it's all from someone's imagination. All CGI BS from NASA/Hollywood. 52 million dollars $$$ a day CGI BS. All because of the Flat Earth Reality now upon the scene. NASA/Hollywood is under attack. like no other "Time". NASA/Hollywood had a Free Ride until now. No one questioned NASA/Hollywood before, but a few. Who realized the Space Program and Lunar Landings were Fake.

As a Flat Earther, having no knowledge of where I live or the shape of my surroundings. I do know from my own observations, Common Sense that the Place is Flat. And I know I'm a child of "God". And not some Jesuit Monkey. So when I'm confronted over being a Flat Earther. I always ask, 'are you a Jesuit Monkey?' You'd be surprised to find out. That you cannot separate the Jesuit Spinning Ball from Evolution. And most folks never realize this fact. The propaganda has been so powerful from childhood until this very moment. Folks never take a moment to figure out. Just who in the Hell they are. Close out the controlled media and Open Your Mind.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Once Your Flat"

Common saying amongst the Flat Earth community, such as it is. 'Once Your Flat, You Never Go Back'. A guy called into Poncho Pete's show (Mr.PonchoPete Chan Strong), with a new twist. 'Once Your Flat, You Never Go Back, Unless Your on Crack'. The caller's buddy went to prison for making/selling Crack. When his bud went into prison, a confirmed Flat Earther. Cleaned up his act in jail. Got out and started cocking Meth again, went back to being a Ball Earther or Baller. So now even that sacred term is lost. Funny, I call it, 'As the Flat Earth Turns'. And the Flat Earth has grown so much. the Flat Earth community, is splintered. The so called self proclaimed Faces of Flat Earth, are falling on their own Swords now. 'Tea Party', Flat Earth style of inroads is now happening. I compare it, to the take-over of MUFON (If not created as  a PSYOPS). MUFON meetings went from someone's living room. To what it is today, totally infiltrated. Now MUFON is controlled by a NASA sub-contractor. here is a link that show's NASA in Hebrew means to, 'Deceive'.

Now you have Biblical Flat Earthers, Infinite Plain Flat Earthers, Dome Flat Earthers, No Dome Flat Earthers, and what ever new type Flat Earther tomorrow. I have my own Flat Earth Theory, 'I don't Know,' Theory. I'm sure I'm not on a Spinning Ball and my ancestry isn't from a Monkey. The rest of how the Flat Earth operates to me. Is a mystery, maybe at death, one will find out. Until then, only Theories abound about the true shape of Mother Earth. This need among Flat Earthers to prove just how the system works. Is also dividing the Flat Earthers.

I'm now a firm believer, that Flat Earth movement, isn't Organic in Nature. This all got started in 2015, with a Bang. Most folks, mainly male. you talk to about Flat Earth. Say they first heard of Flat Earth from a recommended YouTube video. Myself included. YouTube/Google knowing who the Creators verses the viewers are. YouTube/Google knowing, they have the Creators in hand. The idea of Flat Earth appears to be introduced to the Creators. Knowing the Creators would do the Leg Work. Much like the Hippie Movement and all that went with that. So why would YouTube which is owned by Google. Suddenly start pushing the, Flat Earth idea on their site? I've leaned the hard way, their are no 'Free Lunches'. So just why did this phenomenon get started and by who? When it may have never been rediscover on it's own. It use to be, 'In "God" we Trust'. Now it's, 'what did Google say'. In many ways, Google has become the modern day Bible. Got a question, don't research your Bible. Simple Google the answer your looking for. No need foe Deep Prayer and Meditation, looking for answers.

And now the Reality of Flat Earth followers, has turned into name calling. When something like Flat Earth Reality is between, you and your "God". How and Why this place is Flat, is now outright War. With opinions like Belly Buttons on, how, who, why and shape etc.. A Comedy for sure. Even my long "Time" bud Santos. Shoved a Sword through is own Heart, on 'Sun and Moon Group'. In a fight to say, 'who's right'. Egos have replaced 'Common Sense'. And the powers are making all the right moves. To take control of the Flat Earth Reality. It's the Tea Party all over again type play.

This week the 1st 'Flat Earth Conference' was in Raleigh North Carolina. With all the usual suspect as the main players. The powers lined up the Gay and Lesbian parade of players. As the power love doing, because these lost souls, are easily controlled. Imagine waking up each morning saying to yourself, 'am I boy today or a girl today?' As sexual deviance seems to be the powers persona!!! With the powers doing their best to lower everyone into their sick homosexuality reality. FEC had a Fag and a Transsexual as the main presenters, why not! With most in the Flat Earth community now know who they are. The whole FEC thing, has become a joke in the Flat Earth chat rooms. The Whores that were in the FEC. The media will try and present as your average 'Day to Day' Flat Earther. Crazy dumb-ass Transsexuals all messed up in the Head thing. It's worked in the past, look how the Tea Party was brought down. And just about all other good movements that started as wholesome endeavors. Just as the 'Flat Earth Society' was created by the powers. To fill the whole Flat Earth Reality, full of miss-directions. Thus turning the persons looking for knowledge away from the subject.

Flat Earth Reality will not go away, no matter how hard the powers try. Flat Earthers seem to be the most educated and least to be corrupted. They were the ones who already had no trust for NASA and the fake Moon Landings. The same folks who realized the powers were behind 911, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and so on. These folks are not going to say one day!. 'OK government, now I trust you'. Never going to happen!!! So what do the powers do now? The FEC was a giant dud, with only a few going and most following on-line. Making fun of the whole FEC. Folks are waking up to who is real and who the powers have put in place. To miss direct the movement. Flat Earth Reality is a Leaderless Reality. It's more a "God's" Presence reality than anything. As their is no denying the need for a Creator "God" for Flat Earth. This BS Darwinism and Jesuit Spinning Ball crap, just don't fly! Just ask a Ball Earther if they came from a Monkey? They will have no idea the Spinning Ball and Darwinism are connected. In the denying of "God's" presences. Folks just believe as they have been told, never questioning the truth. Me included, most of my life. But like so much of America and the World. 911 was so badly pulled-off, that awoken the masses who were asleep.

Just as the mass media has put the World's population to sleep for decades. The mass media is awakening folks, with the mass medias own mistakes. It makes one wonder if mistake are made on purpose. Or are the powers just dumb asses, which is hard to believe. As the World's minds have been compromised so well over the centuries. Flat Earth Reality is now out of the bag, one could say. As most have at least heard of Flat Earth topic now. And the funnest part of Flat Earth Reality. Is when a Flat Earther brings up the subject to the programmed masses. The uncontrollable hatred for the Flat Earther. Comes fourth like Hot Lava. As the song goes, 'Orangutans are Skeptical of Changes in their Cages'. And yes the World is a Zoo and the humans are treated like Dumb Zoo animals. It's the 'Herd Mentality' of humanity thing going. And the powers use it on the masses, to control the masses. TV and mass media, being the biggest weapon used on folks mentality.

It will be interesting over the next few years to see how the powers react. Or is the Flat Earth Reality just another card in the 'Divide, Conquer, Control' plans? Maybe a miss direction, to advance the One "God", One Government, or NWO. Flat Earth Reality needs no leaders and that must be the scariest part for the powers. Who always force the masses to decide a Leader. That helps the Control Mechanism work. Because it always divides the masses, from each other. Just as religion has done for centuries. Pick One's Own Road, is the Best Road!!!

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

Saturday, October 28, 2017

"Mass Poisoning"

Wasn't Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, both accused of 'Mass Poisoning'? One 'the j$$$$ws', the other, Brown Cat, killing other Brown Cats. Billions $$$$ spent supposedly, killing the both of them. They supposedly had, Weapons of Mass Destruction. And Poisoning their own citizens and other country's citizenry. In American and the rest of the World. It's now legal to simply Kill, Everyone!!! Look Up, Skies ripped with Chem-Trails. Read the label on the processed foods and liquids, before consuming. All the warnings In Your Face, We'er Killing You. Can't say we didn't warn you, it's right there! No only the Body but the Mind at the same "Time".

My last trip to record the 'Apache Crown Dancers' on 'Apache Jii Day'. I panned around to the audience. There in your face, was a dying American population. White, Native American, Black no matter the Race. Killing Americans is indiscriminate. How can this be? When it's so clear to me, what is being attempted and accomplished. The Native Americans and women, seem to be the most vulnerable. The amount of women in their 50s, needed walkers is amazing. And what do the women have in most in common with the Native American population? 'Obesity' #1 problem, so easily cured. Women have been programmed to believe, 'bigger is better'. Overweight women are now on the cover's of publication. The 'Single Overweight Mom' is now the norm. She is now called, 'Soccer Mom'. With Soccer being part of the Programming of weaken the male child. Mom is 'Soccer' or Suckered unknowingly, her child to be Weak. This is one of the reasons the NFL is being brought down now. Weaken the defenseless male population. So they may never rise-up in rebellion against their masters. All so Zionist for mass control.

What amazes me is that the 'Single Overweight Mom' could be cure overnight. If you need a Walker before age 50, because of overweight. Why doesn't the same doctor who prescribed the Walker tell the female patient. 'YOUR OVERWEIGHT', but that's never going to happen. A simple cure for a simple problem. Modern medicine knows nothing of proper nutritional needs. Instead their is a Petroleum Based pill for every cure. The female patient's joints are weak from carrying around an extra 50 - 100 pounds. Crushing the joints, causing all the pain. Yet no cure of, 'Stop Eating' so much! Pills will be prescribed for Joint Pain, then more pills for the side effects of the Pain Killers. An endless cycle designed for only one purpose, 'Killing the Patient'. This is no more than 'Mass Poisoning'. Poisons to cure a problem from eating Poisoned Foods.

Other than the constant Chem-trailing, and chemicals in everything eaten or drunken. A push for Fast Foods is also part of the plan. Their is nothing in McDonald'as that is good for consumption. Or any of the Fast Food Joints. What part of a Pepperoni Pizza is good for you? How about a Donuts for breakfast, pure poisons. Processed Grains are Killers, turning into Carbohydrates as soon as they are cooked. The Rawer the better. This after all is 'War'! A War against those in power to shorten and weaken one's life.

This is a War of Survival, being fought with Nutritional Needs. The Nutritional Needs of your "God" given body. Not the poisons being given out by the powers. Of processed chemical laden foods and GMO to make you weak and sickly. Never to reach retirement age. Sad to watch as the citizenry has been weakened before my very eyes. As a kid growing up in the (50s,) deserts of Arizona. You never seen an obese person, no A/C units helped. No Fast Food chains, no GMO foods. Never hearing of folks dying from Cancers. Old Age and Falling breaking a Hip, was the major death factor then. Not now, Cancer has become the common malady, of today's modern  foods and medicines. At 70 years old, I'm suddenly in 'Rarefied Air'. Most of my Baby Boomers generation, is dead or dying from Malnutrition. And now a sick American population, dependent on Pharmaceutical Petroleum Based Drugs. 80% Overweight, all Poisoned. This is my 'Small Part', all I can do. For most have been programmed into fighting with me about proper Nutritional Values. As my Son-in-law once said to me. 'Why do you worry so much about your diet. Why don't you, just enjoy the rest of your Life'. He's now Dead, never made it to 50 years old! Riddled with Cancers before he made it to 50 years of age. Chemo was used to kill him off. Who will ever know if he was truly riddled with Cancer? In Modern Medicine, everything is diagnosed as Cancer with Chemo the only cure. All part of the Plan. (The kid's Organs were surely sold off before Death.)

Now with all the discoveries about using Cannabis and Cannabinoids to cure Cancers. Their is an alternative to certain Death with Chemo therapy. But the very best cure for Cancer, is a proper Diet. Simple eating as fresh and raw as possible. 'The Fresher, the Better'. 'The Organic and Raw, the Better'. A High Alkaline Body keeps Cancers from developing. Processed foods, processed sugars and a high Flesh Diet, are your sure path too Cancer. As I tell folks. 'You can't afford not to Eat Properly'. Do you want to  end-up? 'With a bunch of strangers walking around your bed at death. With Tubes hanging out your arms'? No one deserves to Die like that. But that's what the powers want happening to all Americans, no matter the Age or  and Race. Surrender, Never!!!

"God" Bless


PS: "Aliens"

Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Does it Really Matter?"

All the background noise of War and Doom, who's listening? Does it really effect you're  Life's Journey? Or is all this background noise, there to misdirect your life? The Las Vegas Shootings, Hollyj$$$$w Sex Scandal, North Korea attacking the US, Trump BS constantly. It never ends, does it? Their's a reason for all this, your Mind. It's all about 'Mind Control' of the masses. Who you are, where you came from are the biggest 'Mind Control' weapon. Remove "God' from the equation, you have total control. You now have a 'Mind Controlled Monkey' or as I've invented the term. ''Jesuit Spinning Ball Monkey', type of mental control! After "God" is removed, with the Jesuit Spinning Ball BS (aka: Copernicus) , Darwinism and Einstein's' Big Bang' BS. Who need's a "God"? Now the powers are programming the children into believing, the child would one day. Become an adult and merge with a machine, AI Robot, fake as Space it's self. And I thought it was crazy when kids on the job site were believed in Reincarnated Zombies.

What has to happen before complete control over the citizenry, Guns. The guns must be removed from those who will not take the programming. Majority of the masses believe everything the controlled mass media tell them. Or as Richard Nixon said it best, 'American people don't believe anything's until, they see on television'. With all the recent False Flag shootings, what do you see. Folks believing that some crazed lone Wolf, killed 59 folks in Las Vegas. And fired over 550 rounds of ammunition into the concert crowd. (Concert played in front of the Vegas Sphinx and Pyramid psyop) The same masses that bought into, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and so on. And right on Que after the shooting stopped, 'Gun Control'. With a Bill awaiting to be introduced about Automatic Weapons Control. Just as the 'Patriot Act' was introduced the day after 911. Which turned every citizen of a America into, 'a Combatant of the State'. Now the only thing left, is the drip, drip of total Gun Control. 2nd Amendment was all about, not letting the government have total control of it's citizenry. Citizens having guns is about the citizenry protecting themselves from a Tyrannical government. Exactly what the USA has become today.

So the False Flags just seem to getting bigger and bigger. The pressure keep growing to remove guns. Until the older and wiser generation have all died off. With the dumb-downed generation that's been compromised with poisons and diet. Mentally and Physically to weak to defend or learn for themselves. What will turn the Tide? End of the Hopi 'Fourth World'? Return of a Hero to save humanity? Baby Jesus, Blue Star Kachina, Buddha, Allah, Adonai, etc.. Folks better save themselves, mentally. No one's coming, never has, only cycles of Life. Every so often, the Landscape changes, look around. Who ever comes along in the Planet's history, comes and goes. Far greater things are evolving than anyone could possibly know. Yet these morons come along and try to direct history. One day, it could all end in a Heartbeat!!! One never knows. Your last Breath, everyone's last Breath, gone in a Heartbeat. Does it Really Matter, is everything? Just in your head, your soul?

Is the 'Fix' in? Are all Politic and Sports, Fixed? You bet ya!!! All for a misdirection of mankind's reality. Just as in Roman "Times", feeding Christian to the Lions. The NFL is nothing more than modern day Roman Coliseum Gladiators. The NE Patriots are the greatest of all. Red, White and Blue, just like the USA. TV has only one Job, programming the viewers. Music industry has only one Job, programming the listeners. Politics have only one Job, controlling through legislation. Breaking away is simple, stop Listening to all the Noise! It all really doesn't effect True Reality. Folks only let it get to them mentally and physically. The bad news Bombardment is designed to hurt you Physically and Mentally. Nothing kills you faster than Stress. With the powers using the media to create all these unwanted outside Stresses. That's why nothing you ever hear or see from the controlled media. Is for your own benefit. It's all about tearing you down. That's why, 'Does it Really Matter', what powers say? No, your life is your own, not the government, not the church. Your own "God" given common sense is your leader.

"God" Bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams, with soft landings.


PS" "Aliens"