Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Hopi" pt. 1

Now to write about one of my favorite subjects. The 'Hopi' of Arizona. I became involved with the Hopi, because a stone. The Stone you see on my blog home page. That is pictured on a Hopi photo book. Didn't really know anything about the Hopi. In fact I'm not sure if I even knew what a Hopi was. I had several Pima and Navajo friends. And one of my sons at the "Time", of finding the Stone. Was dating a Navajo girl from New Mexico. The Stone you see, led me to the Hopi homeland of Arizona. I've written before about. How I happened upon the Stone. So here is brief history of the finding. So you can see how "God" or the "Gods" act in mysterious ways. Two of my helpers, one Navajo and the other Mexican. Were doing site lighting at a home. That was located next to Senator Barry Goldwater's home. In the city of Paradise Valley. A super wealthy community next to Phoenix. The person I was doing the work for was Terry Mulholland. And at the "Time", was pitching for the N.Y. Yankees. Jerome my Navajo helper hit a water line. The line didn't burst, thank "God". But I realized I had better figure out how to turn the water off. If in fact we would hit a water line again. The City of Paradise in that area had no central water system. A group of homes, would shared a common well head. Mulholland and Goldwater shared a well head with others. So I needed to be able to find a way to shut the water off. Just in case we hit another water line. That is when I found the Stone. Looking for a shut off valve.

As you can see. The Stone or Meteor as I found out later. Has a very unusual shape, basically round and flat. Meet a person at a rock show selling Meteors. After several conversation about the Stone, now AKA meteor. I turned down several offers for the Stone-Meteor. The last one in the million dollar range. The reason for turning down the money. Will someday be in a book, I may write eventually. So how did the Stone-Meteor lead me to the Hopi? Via a book store in Tempe. Browsing the shelves looking for something to read. I came upon a book called, The Book of the Hopi, by Frank Waters. I looked at it a few moments, paging through the pages. I was hooked immediately. After reading it and studying the book. I wondered if the Stone-Meteor, had a Hopi connection. So I made a plan.

By this "Time" I had dealt with the safety of the Stone-Meteor. (Which is a story all to it's self.) But before that, I took a couple of photos of the Stone-Meteor. My plan was to take the photo of the Stone-Meteor. Then head up to the Hopi reservation. Showing the photo to local Hopi villagers. This way I could find out if the Stone-Meteor belonged to the Hopi. Going from village to village. Starting with Walipia on the First Mesa. Having no luck with the photo. I came into Old Oriabi on Third Mesa. Here everything changed drastically. I approched two Hopi men carving Kachinas. One was Patrick Lanza, who great grandfather was a Old Oriabi past chief. (his picture is in the Book of the Hopi) The other was Lonnie Nutumya, a Hopi Carver and Artist. They looked at the photo and got giant smiles on there faces. They asked me and the guy with me. To come back in three hours. We came back three hours later. The two of them took us out to where the petroglyphs are on Old Oriabi are. Their they showed me a petroglyph of the Stone-Meteor. Then said to me, 'there is your Stone'. After a tour of the village and the petroglyphs. They told my companion. He was to never come back again to the village. Then they told me, I could come live with them. The rest is history. So now you will hear some of my insights into the true Hopi ways. As my friend Lonnie Nutumya calls it. Here is a video I made with Lonnie in it.

The Hopi live in a place. That the wind constantly blows sand into your face. The winters are cold and windy. The summers will bake your skin dry. And sand blast the strength out of you. If you were to pick a place to settle. I'm sure the Hopi reservation wouldn't be one of them. But the Hopi say they picked it for many reasons. Many believe including my self. That the Hopi were the first inhabitants of North America. And that all other Native American tribes have Hopi in them. If you read about other Native American tales. You will see that Hopi influence in them. I will start by telling where the Hopi first came from. And it's a place you would never think of.

The Hopi believe they came from inside the Earth. They call it the 'Emergence Story'. And that they climbed to the surface of the Earth. (Hopi Emergence Story by Derrick Davis) They say they came from inside the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Along with other living creatures created by "God". Many other Native American tribes have similar stories of the Emergence. So to give the Hopi some kind of "Time" line would be useless. As I'm sure some historians have tried to do.

Today the Hopi have become very important. They show up all the "Time" now. In interviews on the Internet. And I find myself trying to dispel some of the exaggerated lies. One of the greatest prediction that have came true. Are the Spider-Webs in the skies. Some think it's the power and telephone lines. Some believe it's the Chem-Trails being sprayed through out the World. I believe it's the later version. This just one of many predictions that have come true. As I get further into the Hopi. I'll bring the others out. First the Mayans were the hot item. As the 'End Times' quickly approach. Everyone talks of the fore seen predictions of the Hopi.

With the "Time' I've spent with the Hopi on Old Oriabi. And the things I've learned first had. I have appeared on several show on the Internet. Talking about the Hopi. And trying my best to stop all the BS stories that have been exploiting them. Here are some other videos I've made about the Hopi. Enjoy Hopi Dancers Hopi Carvers

"God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you havesweet dreams with soft landing. bye

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