Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Hopi" pt. 3

When I look at the Swastika, made famous by Adolf Hitler. I now see it as the Hopi migration map. Because that's the path directions. The Hopi were given to make there migrations. By using that pattern. They could fill in the areas between the migration route. The Hopi migrations were done slowly. They would set up a village, at there new location. Before sending a younger member out to open up new areas. The village may have been established for generations. Before they move further along on there migrations. The main reason I bring this up. Is to show that the Hopi had protection from above. The Hopi were led by a greater power, to there new locations. And along the way they were protected from certain death. These attacks from others, are not clearly stated. If they were the first people? Then surely the attacks must have come from above. One hears of all these great battle through-out history. Of the "Gods" battling it out in the skies above Earth. Maybe there were those above. That didn't want the Hopi to survive there "Time" on Earth. I can only speculate. I bring this up to show how the social and spiritual aspects of the Hopi. Were established from day one. And that's why they are so respected in history now. There prophecy's have come true. And they are looked to, for answers for the presence and future. If you go to any search engine and type in Hopi. You will clearly see what I'm talking about. Starting with the Clan and social ways of the Hopi. You will see how they have survived. Not only survived, but to know things of the future. These thing of the future could of come to the Hopi in only one way. The "Gods" or "God" must have told them. Now to finish my brief Hopi history lesson. Most know of Native American Shamans. And how they were the medicine men of there tribes. To the Hopi, he was the Chief also. For he was the one to talk to the "Gods". The one who would asked for protection from the elements. Who would ask for good weather and rain for the crops. One more aspect for the Hopi Chief and Shaman. If bad befell the tribe or clan of the Hopi. The Chief and Shaman. Would have to kill himself. Because it was his communication with the "Gods". That protected the Clan-Tribe. If he failed at this. This would cause him to lose face with Clan-Tribe. Once he last the faith of the members. Then his source of food, water and protection would be gone. Thus forcing his imminent death. Who knows for sure if the Chief and Shaman. Who was there when the first encounter with the Spaniards came. If he would of committed suicide. If history would have been different for the Hopi of today. And the Spaniard who wanted to force Catholicism on the Hopi. The Hopi have there dances and ceremonies year around. This was to ensure the health and well being of the clans and tribe. Each clan has there own unique dances. With the men creating masks for the ceremonies. To represent the Kachinas. The Kachinas were to have processed supernatural powers. That would enter the dancers bodies. The Spirit of the Kachinas. Lived above the mountains to the west. In the mountains north of Flagstaff. The Hopi dancer were know to dance with live snakes. Holding them in there mouths even. When the dances were done. The snakes would be put on a design of corn-meal. Then the snakes would be released out side of the villages. The dancers were also sent away. To bring the thunder storms to insure the crops survived the heated summers. Part of the Hopi culture, are the Kachinas. Each Kachina represented a different powerful spirit. The children are taught the names of the different Kachinas and what they represent. I've heard so many different stories about what the Kachinas represent. Even heard one guy say on the Internet. That the Kachinas were "Aliens". So the children would not be afraid. When the "Aliens" returned to save the good Hopi. The Kachinas are representatives of those above. Who protected the Hopi. The ancient Hopi elders got the ideas for making the Kachinas long ago somewhere. And the Hopi also have a word for Transformers. Thus you could say the Kachinas are a reproduction of what the Hopi saw as spirits. That transformed themselves into guiding spirits here on Earth. Here is one of four parts of videos. I recorded of Hopi Kachina carvers, at the heard Museum Phoenix. The Hopi first meet the Spaniards in 1583. They meet Spanish explorer Antonio de Espejo. In 1598 many more Spaniards arrived. They wanted the Hopi to swear allegiance to the Spanish Crown. Then in 1629 the Spanish missionaries arrived. The Spaniards like the Christians who came along later. Wanted the Hopi to stop all traditional ways. And to follow there Christ. The Hopi who were known as peaceful peoples. Joined the Pueblo Rebellion, with other southwest tribes. The Spaniards conquered the Pueblo Rebellion. But stop short of entering the Hopi homeland. Thus the Hopi continued to carry out the traditional ways. Here again, those from above. Protected the Hopi from out-side evils. And let them remain free on there traditional homelands. Today the Hopi continue to reside where they started. Still planting there crops where they did thousands of years ago. With many still living in the pueblos, there ancestors built. And with the help of the American government. They have chased the Navajo off there traditional lands. That the Navajo encroached on over the years. The sad part is. That much of the ground water has been pumped out. As an agreement with Peabody Coal Company was made. To supply coal for boiling water for the For Corners Power Station. Today there is a fight going on in Hopi Land. The traditional who want the past to remain strong. With those who want no more part of the Hopi ancient ways. The Hopi have a saying. That when the 'End Times' appear. The good people of the World. Will find there way to the Hopi Homeland. To be save from the coming end to the 'Fourth World'. Are you one of those? Who are thinking about heading to the Hopi Homeland. You might just be one of those. Who are destine to live a future life in Peace. This summer I'll be heading up to visit the Hopi again. Hope to have plenty of new videos of the Hopi Homeland. Along with a video connecting the Hopi to the "Alien". As the Hopi say, 'That's The Hopi Way Now'. "God" bless on this Sunday evening. May you have sweet dreams, with soft landings. bye

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