Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Zapatista Army of National Liberation"

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about the Zapatista Army or EZLN. They would be the Mayan Army basically called ‘Zapatista Army of National Liberation’. Every since and before Cortez arrived in Mesoamerica in the 1500s, the Mayan peoples have been under attack. The Mayan people had to deal with Mesoamerican tribes like the Aztec and Mexican. Then the Cortez and the Catholic Church wanted there ancient ways stopped and converted to Christianity. In 1994 the Zapatista Army declared war against the Mexican state. The Mayan peoples of today Mexico live in the state of Chiapas mainly , but also in bordering countries. Chiapas is the most southern state in Mexico. The Mayans have been pushed deep into the jungle of Mexico. And now even there remote location is under attack from the Mexican government.

1 January 1994 the Zapatistas Army let it be known, they were at war with the Mexican government. This happened when NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) became effective. The Zapatista believed this act would separated the gulf between the rich and the poor even further, and they were correct. You need look no further than America, then to see this did happen. (In America jobs were quickly sent to foreign countries like China, Taiwan, etc..) The Zapatista Army wanted a revolution started in Mexico by there act of defiance. This did not happen and the Zapatista were left to go it alone. So they used this platform to gain attention to there movement, which did happen. The Zapatista were not asking for independence from Mexico, but autonomy (self government). And to have the wealth of the natural resources of the state of Chiapas to benefit the indigenous people.

The Zapatista Army was formed in 1991 in the state of Chiapas, which the capital city is Tuxtla. This area has mountains, jungles, highlands and even a desert. With the Pacific Ocean and Guatemala bordering it. And much of it’s inhabitants are living in extreme poverty. Living in one room huts with no electricity or running water. It is Mexico’s poorest and least modernized state.

The American government under Bush sr. and Clinton, sent American military equipment to Mexico to help with attacks on the peoples of Chiapas. American corporations have plans for the lands of the indigenous people of Chiapas. Mexican troops have been trained at Fort Bragg in jungle warfare to fight the Zapatista Army. 73 Huey helicopters were given to the Mexican army for attacks in the jungles of the Chiapas countryside. The CIA has trained, and equipped Mexican Army personnel for attacks against the Zapatista army. Night vision goggles, training for helicopter mechanics and much more has been given the Mexican army to fight the Zapatista army. All this being done on the premise of fighting drug cartels. With America's wealth being used to mastermind the efforts against the indigenous people of Chiapas. Once again the American public is being duped into believing there tax dollars are being used to ensure the ‘American way of life’, or national security. When in reality the ‘powers’ are only making sure that there future financial earning will not be in jeopardy.

The Globalist, Illuminati, Freemason, Zionist or who ever name you attach to the ‘powers’. Have used Americas military to promote there own agendas. You saw it when the Europeans invaded the Americas. As they used the U.S. Calvary to conquer and divide the Native American people. You are now seeing it in the Middle East. And yet it still goes on in the State of Chiapas Mexico. Soon these same ‘powers’ will be taking away the reservations that were given to the Native Americans. Just as the peoples of Chiapas were promised there lands years ago. And are now being forced off there lands. The same thing will happen eventually to the Native Americans of both America and Canada. This will be the NWO and all laws that were passed by individual countries will not be honored. A new Central Power will rewrite all the laws for all the World to adhere by. There is to be in June in Brazil a meeting of all the major and small countries of the World. This will be another step in the direction of Agenda 21. This will be the next step in World Sustainability and that means most of the World’s population dead. Just as the good people of Chiapas are being run off there homelands and turned into refugees. The population of the World will be pushed off there homelands and herded into concrete jungles. No matter if you live in your home in suburbia or the jungles of the Chiapas. To the ‘powers’ you all one in the same. A plague to the ‘powers’ future of a clear Earth, with fresh air and clean water and you DEAD!!!

Here is a You Tube video I found that will show the history of the struggles of the Mayan indigenous people for there homeland and freedoms. And another link to peoples of the Chiapas.

Thought I share something I found in the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’. It’s the Three Levels of Existence and Three Poisons. First gives a whole new meaning to the word “Alien”. And that there are those who live with mankind, above mankind and below mankind. hummmmmmm

Celestial Being, meaning Heaven, Sky, Outer space

Terrestrial Being, meaning Earth, Gaia

Subterranean Being, meaning living under the Earth surface

Three Poisons:

Attachment, meaning attached to your possessions

Aversion, meaning dislikes

Delusion, meaning mistaken belief

"God" bless

‘To Those Above’, sorry for my poor writing of late, as my Earthly duties are interfering with my duties to you, sorry and “God” bless.


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