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"1995 Oklahoma City Bombing Revisited"

Been a while since I’ve even thought about that day in 1995. To be exact it was 19 April 1995 at approximately 9:02 in the morning. When the lives of most citizens of Oklahoma City changed for ever. Just as the lives of most Americans lives change forever after 911. And both event were designed to change the freedoms and landscape of America's citizens. (I for one never believed that Timothy McVeigh was behind the events of that day.) America was just beginning to enjoy some peace benefits. The bull shit Cold War was over and America had no more enemies outside it borders to worry about (as if they ever did). And the militia groups were growing, silent, and were still a tiny part of Americana. About the only thing troubling a small handful of Americans was ‘Ruby Ridge’ and the murder of innocent children at the ‘Waco Compound’ (Branch Davidians, David Koresh). But back at the ranch, Nel was being tied up.The best way to control the masses is with constant fear. And the new Boogeyman was going to be the militia groups. And the face of the militia groups would be Timothy McVeigh. Timothy was painted as a angry ex-veteran who was upset about ‘Ruby Ridge’ and ‘Waco’.

19 April 95 was the two year anniversary of the ‘Waco’ murders by the ATF or Alcohol Tobacco Firearms. And a perfect setting for another False Flag Attack. Using Timothy McVeigh as the one who wanted revenge for ‘Waco’. The target would be the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building. And 168 lives were lost that day, in that number were 19 children. You see the Alfred P. Murrah building had a day nursery on the bottom floor. I guess the thinking was that no one would attack a federal building with children in it. Unless the that attack was by a rogue division of the FBi itself. Or maybe an outside group such as Jewish Mossad (911 attacks). One telling fact about that day in Murrah building, no federal agents were in the building. All though for the government to cover there tracks, claimed 2 agent had free fallen several stories in an elevator. The agents not only survived the fall, they were helpful in rescuing several victims. For your information as an electrical estimator, elevators are designed to stop moving when they lose power. And the only way to rescue those inside is via the top. So there is no way this happened and if somehow it did, those inside would be very injured by the sudden stop at the bottom.

The supposed weapon of choice for the pawn Timothy McVeigh was a rental van filled with fertilizer and diesel fuel. That was parked out on the street and was supposed to be driven in the parking lot under the Murrah building, except for one small mistake. It was too tall to fit under the building. In that way all the evidence would have been destroyed by the bombs place by someone or group in the building. Because the rental truck wouldn’t fit under the building the truck was placed as close as they could get it, to the outside of the building. This van loaded with fertilizer and diesel fuel made a blast so powerful it damaged 324 buildings within a 16 block radius of the blast. This blast was so powerful it cause over $650 million dollars worth of damage in the surrounding area. If this was possible you would have seen the same type weapon used in every corner of Afghanistan and Iraq. By the other so called bogeyman the terrorist

There was an Arizona connection to the bombing in Oklahoma, and it was in Kingman Arizona. There were three original conspirators in the bombing. McVeigh, Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier who lived in Kingman along with McVeigh. McVeigh meet Nichols in Army basic training and Fortier was a roommate of McVeigh in the Army. Both McVeigh and Fortier lived in Kingman Arizona. Supposedly Fortier and his wife Lori helped in the plot to destroy the Murrah Building. Michael helped both McVeigh and Nichols move and sell stolen guns and survey building for the attacks that included federal building in Phoenix Arizona. Michael’s wife Lori forged a drivers license for McVeigh. Also it was reported that both Fortier and McVeigh set-off test bombs in the deserts near Kingman. Later both Michael and Lori would testify against McVeigh, with Michael getting 12 year sentence and fined (Lori was not prosecuted for her part). Makes you wonder what was the deal with the Fortier's and the feds?. If McVeigh obviously was only the patsy like Oswald in the JFK assassination.

Before the bombing that morning in Oklahoma City McVeigh was supposed sited with another individual in the Ryder Rental van with him. A person working at a tire shop 5 blocks from the Murrah building said that McVeigh had stopped and asked him direction to the Murrah building. He stated there was a dark complected individual in the passenger seat of the van. Could this have been McVeigh handler? Which is common. Making sure that McVeigh did what he was ordered to do. Later this individual would be called ‘John Doe’. What ever was going on that morning, efforts were being made to make sure McVeigh was seen in the van by witnesses.

There have been many individuals come forth stating that no way the Fertilizer bomb McVeigh concocted could have brought down the front of the Murrah Building. And there were many reports of other bombs going off during the destruction of the building. Exact same things were being said about the ‘False Flag’ attacks of 911. At one point the rescue effort was stopped so bomb squads from a federal agency could remove undetonated bombs from the building. There are eyewitness reports of massive amounts of weaponry being removed from the 9th floor of the building. Where federal agencies had offices. One person report that every imaginable type weapon was removed from the office, ‘everything but a Russian tank’ was reported by one witness. One lady who worked at the EMC center located where the day center playground was located just moments before the bombing. Stated far more people were killed than reported by the government. And that soon after a group arrived that said they were from the FBI and that they were all relieved of the duties and were told to tell no one what they had seen. This same lady said they all seemed rather immune to what was going on around them. Like they were just there doing there job and the victims were only numbers to them.

Just like in the Kennedy assassination in Dallas and the 911 attacks. Many of those who were denying the federal government’s reports. Have shown up dead or missing. All the surveillance cameras in the area, seemed to have stopped at the exact “Time” of the bombing in Oklahoma City. Just as there were no cameras (supposedly) running at the moment the reported airliner hit the Pentagon. And just like the World got to see Lee Harvey Oswald killed on live TV. The World got to watch the execution of Timothy McVeigh. I often wondered if the execution of McVeigh was a fake turned real. If he was the fall guy or set up to be the patsy for the Oklahoma City Bombing. Did the authorities tell McVeigh that the execution was only an act for the World to see. Then went ahead and injected him with the real thing and killed him. After all could someone who turned against his own countrymen be trusted? And just plain knew too damn much.

Why was the Alfred P. Murrah building bombed? For the same reason the 911 attacks, Tonkin Gulf (Vietnam war), Pearl Harbor attack, were orchestrated, your freedoms. By creating False Flag attacks the ‘powers’ can come in a pass laws they say are intended to protect John Doe citizen. ‘Order Through Chaos’. Create a problem then have all the answers to solve the problem, is the order of the day when it comes to False Flag Attacks. ‘We can protect you John Doe, but it will cost you your freedom’. The Murrah building was bombed to start rounding up militia groups and creating agencies to infiltrate them and follow them closely. Many believe the next False Flag Event will happen on 21 December 2012. There were reports flying about the someone or group had warned they were going to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah building days before the actual bombing. And of course there were reports released about Osama bin Laden was going to make an attack in New York days before 911. This has been a long use tactic to set the general public up before an inside job. As the old line goes, ‘if it ain't broken, don’t fix it’. And now in the news there is plenty of information being laid out about those damned old “Alien” space people. So it would be safe to assume, some sort of False Flag event will be forthcoming. If not before that, with the 2012 Olympic being held in London. After all, all sort of stories are being put in the news about anti-missile batteries being put around London for the 2012 Olympics. Not to mention as part of the 2012 Olympics the 2012 is turned to look like it reads ZION. And therein lays the ones many believe are behind most if not all False Flag events.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to a small creek that runs into the Verde River near Strawberry Arizona. I’m taking Rudy to a place is Hopi ancestor went on there treks to get the dead roots of cottonwood trees. Then they would return too the Hopi homelands and create there Kachina Dolls. Even today most all Hopi Kachina Dolls are made from cottonwood roots from the Verde River.

Link to the creators of a documentary called, ‘A Noble Lie’ about the reals facts concerning the Oklahoma City bombing. Here is another link to a great site featuring several documentaries made by folks like you and me. Picks from the events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombings.

This might be my last post for a couple of weeks. I'm planning to heading up too the Hopi rez next weekend. I plan on doing more of a documentary of the Hopi and the year 2012. I've already made plans to meet with Ahkima and Ernest Honanie and record some of there stories. What I want to do different is to plant myself at maybe the small market in K-Town. Then ask the local Hopi what it's like to be Hopi in 2012. And what are there feeling about this being 2012. And what many feel is the year of change. Then put the pieces together for a 1 hour plus presentation.

"God" bless


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