Sunday, May 13, 2012

"What A Mess We Have Today"

Never talk about what I do for a living, so here is a brief idea. The reason I want readers to know this, #1 gives me some credibility, #2 what changes I’ve seen over the years in the electrical trade employees. Which equates over to everyday life in America and most likely the World (although I can’t say for sure). I wanted be over with my electrical career for the most part and travel to various art shows and sell my jewelry. This seemed like a great life, do some small electrical jobs here and their. Spend the rest of my “Time” making my art (silver and gold castings) for sale. Then on the weekends go from town to town and sell my art in small open air art festivals. I’d taken the “Time”, money and effort to learn to do what is called ‘Lost Wax Casting’. I could carve my own wax patterns then cast them myself, instead of paying a professional caster to cast my art. This way I could say my art came from a design on a piece of paper. Too the finished product, my customers could wear and enjoy my Karma in my art work. Plus this would be a great way to have some influence on those who bought my art work. It was always more of a plan to get my thoughts and ideas out to others, than selling my jewelry. I did a couple of shows, one in Flagstaff (Art in the Park) and one here in Scottsdale at Scottsdale Center for the Arts. For your information you just don’t show up pay a fee and start selling your art. First you have to make a presentation called (being juried), to see if your artwork is worthy of being part of the show. Knowing that the folks at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts approved my work, I knew that my work was quality. I did a couple of shows, just as the economy went into the dumps. I soon found out folks were more concerned about paying there bills and feeding there families than buying my artwork.

Knowing my dream would have to go on hold, I posted a brief add on Craigslist. Saying that I’d do Electrical Estimating for a set fee ($5.00 per thousand dollars of total bid) That way I could still keep my dream alive and just do parttime estimating. A company here locally answered my ad. It was a mom and son operation, that did only service work. They wanted to know if I could take them too the next level of electrical construction. They always wanted to be more than a service oriented electrical contractor (Small repair for mostly homeowners and small electrical jobs). And were curious how big electrical project were bid. I told them I could take them too the next level, but there were some rules for achieving this. #1 rule was ‘pay your bills, then yourself’. #2 Open accounts with as many electrical suppliers as they could (This gave me a way of bidding out the electrical parts.). I hit a job for them right off the bat, Mesa Amphitheater. And the rest is history, as we now have about 2.5 million dollars worth of work going (an example) I do all the estimating and most of the purchasing, or head baby-sitter and bottle washer.

Now the company has grown rather quickly once General Contractors knew of my estimating abilities and my numbers could be trusted. We are doing work for three who currently some of the largest in Arizona and the rest of the country. As we hire new employees on a weekly basis now, and one thing I’ve noticed. They all come with a Cell Phone attached too there Ear. When Cell Phones first became a day to day item, you only seen women on them constantly gossiping amongst themselves. Now the men are just as bad, in fact I would have to tell the guys to not answer there Cell Phones when I was talking to them. The constant interruption was driving me crazy and seemed downright disrespectful. And respect of any kind has been thrown out the door with this generation of individuals. One of my foreman was complaining about how much “Time” was being wasted on his job site, because of the Cell Phone problem. So I decided to lay down the law about Cell Phone use while working. I’d warned the guys about this problem and now it was “Time” to halt the practice of Cell Phone conversations while working on our jobs. So Friday afternoon I went around the one job and started telling the men. ‘You are to turnover your Cell Phone too the foreman when they came to work. And that at lunch “Time” you could have them back. Then after lunch you would have to give them back too your foreman. Fuck you would have thought I’d killed there oldest child. One young Navajo kid we have, almost went into tears. ‘What will I do if there is an emergency he said, how will someone get a hold of me?’ My reply was, ‘a brother committed suicide, long before Cell Phones and folks somehow found me’. The mass media has the kids so convinced that every “Time” they fart, they must let someone know about it. And it’s all just a scam to take money from them they don’t have. Yet you could never convince one of them they are just being scammed out of there money, money they don’t have. They were all upset about the new rule, but no one said ‘I’m quitting’. I guess what bothered me most was the look in there eyes. ‘How could you do this to me?’ I bet in a week or so, they will just get use to the idea. You're just not that important, so just come to work and do your job, simple stuff. I know how we got from their to here, the kids just don’t seem to know it. ‘What A Mess We Have Today’ And it will take someone like me to help get thing turned around. From all the ‘Mass Mind Control’ from the controlled media.

I written about the Surface Water the ‘powers’ were trying to take away from the Hopi and Navajo on there reservations in northern Arizona last week. And this week I was talking to Rudy a young Hopi/Navajo kid we have running one of our jobs. About how corrupt most Navajo leaders have been over the years. Rudy’s response was, ‘Navajo leaders have had so little over the years, it was easy to bribe them’. So just to prove my point about how easily the Navajo leaders can be corrupted. Here is a quote from a past Navajo Tribal president. He is now a state representative, Democrat Albert Hale. Here is his appeal to opponents of the water settlement. ‘If we do not approve and support the settlement, the alternative is more decades of fruitless litigation’. A letter Hale wrote, ‘we will spend more years sitting on the hilltop watching the Little Colorado River flow off the Navajo Nation and saying, ‘all that water belongs to the Navajo people’. To me that is not acceptable’. (Sounds like Nancy Pelosi saying, ‘let pass the bill and read it later’.) For your information the Little Colorado flows through both Hopi and Navajo lands. Why strike any kind of deal with the federal government in the first place. Last “Time” the Hopi and the Navajo did that they lost the rights to the groundwater. Just a reminder of history. Every treaty the U.S. government has made with Native American peoples, they broke.

Navajo Code Talker (other tribes were also used as Code Talkers) Samuel Tso, died Tuesday in Lukachukai Arizona, he was 89 years old. He lied about his age and joined the Marine Corps at 17 years old. He was sent too Camp Pendleton and told he was to become a Code Talker. Samuel Tso has been campaigning for a Navajo Code Talker museum to be built on the Navajo reservation. Samuel was Vice President of the Navajo Code Talkers Association.

‘Oxymoron’, two opposing words used together like, ’cruel kindness’. In southern Arizona it is not uncommon for local ranchers to round up illegals crossing there lands on the way north. A Oxymoron would be, ‘if you are in the country illegally, can you sue a rancher who caught you for mental abuse’? Well in Arizona you now can. Rancher Roger Barnett must pay restitution to the tune of $77,000 to some illegals he caught on his ranch. Roger Barnett lost his battle with the federal courts and now must pay that amount. Arizona legislators tried to help Mr. Barnett by passing a law that would stop him paying the amount because the incident happened in 2004. To no avail, federal judge overruled that bill. And now Mr. Barnett must pay-up. When the plaintiffs (illegals) were awarded punitive damages in February 2009. The four plaintiffs were not present in Arizona, due to the fact they were illegals. (You can’t make this kind of stuff up.) Now for the really stupid shit about this. U.S. District Judge Frank Zapata wrote in his ruling, ‘three of the plaintiffs were lawfully present in the U.S. and the fourth plaintiff had returned to Mexico.’ Now if they were illegals crossing the border into the U.S., how did they suddenly get legal status? Here again the federal corrupt courts showing just how ignorant they are or how above the laws they are. Here again, ‘What A Mess We Have Today’.


"God" bless on this hot Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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