Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Drugs and the Other Side"

Drug and the "American" sixties, why the connect, how did it happen over night? Absolutely changed the World, could of only happened in "America". Could "America" youth be going to introduce the next step, UFOs. It all begins in "America" or until some other country steps up to the plate with more knowledge. So "America" got the World stoned you could say, took them to the other side, sometimes scary side. "Mayan" writings have it that way, the "Hippies" would bring drugs and their children would take us to the "Universe". Exposing two new dimensions to the World. If you nave ever taken mushrooms or peyote looking for "God" you'll know exactly what I mean. Like an electrical wavelength, plus minus, up down. Those drug were around long before mankind would have arrived. Just waiting silently their, animal surely never eat any of them more than once, would they? Waiting until the sixties and some "American" kids, for thousands of years, sitting their silently. Only "Shaman's" for the most part using them for their travels and rituals. But when the "Time" was right for mankind's little step, they were their to provide the journey. As if "God's"plans were set in place long ago. Those little drug induced trips changed the World. Their were no care takers for the planet, recycling, environmental issue where never in place. A drug induced this to happen, a step that couldn't happen without the ability to reach inside one mind for knowledge. Divine Intervention, like Tesla's electricity, both using electrical currents, one organic, one physical. Drugs and Tesla came from somewhere else, drawn to "America", both to advance mankind through out the World. Asked my "Kachina" of the out doors one night, that sit on my patio, that I had found near the dumpster one day, if he crashed those two helicopters? My up stairs condo seem to be on the way to everywhere for the network copters, sometimes fly through my attic. Big town small town, is it true, one "Time". Can you talk to a wooden carving and get answers, who to say you can't, that's right the government has regulations covering that, I can't. Does that make the "Kachina" innocent, only government has that power, no other "Entities" can have power? Where they making fun of him, being "Christian", just happen to have the TV on on midday news, heading out he door, when it all happen, another car chase. The "Mayan" story of how the "God's" were returning back to see if the same people were still there doing the "Spiritual" taking of mushrooms. Did they remembering them, where the drugs needed to induce an electrical current to the brain to be able to comunicate with them? Just like Tesla's transmitting electricity through the air? Where are the "Alien's" and "Jesus" hiding anyway? bye PS Skies are Quite now, did the "Kachina" scare them off, all five are back in the air now, can the "Kachina" say sorry?

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