Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Looking Down"

Can you imagine arriving from some other solar system or dimension and see what is going on down here. Must look like a bunch of lower than life it's self, running around down here. Think if you were here five thousand years ago and you wanted to return to the sites you last saw here. Maybe see if the people had advanced or regressed, do they still have fear of a greater being or fear if the unknown. Have they learned to kill one another, did they retain any thing you taught them. How about all the knowledge you left behind, where did it advance to, was it lost or taken? People can say what they want to, but something gave mankind a push around five thousand years ago. If you were "God" and saw what was happening to your creation, what would be your reaction. Would you simply go oh well, what can I say, their animals, damn thought this bunch would do better. At this point I'd say we have failed as a group, the animals are far more civilized than the human race now. Animal family groups are much more loving than our own now, when the "Hippie's" freed the wives all hell broke out. An elderly lady came up to me, pointing her finger at me saying, it all your fault, had no rebuttal. Hard to find a lady now, their just breasts walking around, everybody has tits now, even the guys. All women have attitudes now, lost with their new power, not loving only stern, Hillary Clinton and the Nancy chick in congress. To me their viewed differently, having seen them both ways, I'm perplexed, can't get a grasp on it. Do you want to be in power, or show me your breast, then tell I'm only looking at your breast. Like mid evil "Time's", then all hell broke out, the plague came along. Was reading where places like "StoneHeadge" were having more than normal UFO sitings, someone suggested, the Ufos were returning to what they left behind. "Arizona" has so many ancient Indian ruins, World knows we've had our share UFO sitings. Maybe Silvia Brown got one right when she said the "Alien's" would return in the south west some where. Maybe they dropped off the "Hopi" in the neighborhood and are now returning to see what's left? What has stayed the same even in the last one hundred years. Why did the story of "Jesus", put the World at war, how can that happen? How can a story of sacrifice turn the World up side down? If you were looking down, you must wonder how this can be, we thought they would be more civilized by now. How did mankind regress so far, to only waring, instead of "Spiritual" growth, who or how did this happen? When you really think about it, all mankind should be really embarrased how we act. Something in our heads tell us all the "Time" thing aren't right, like the old song, ghost appear and fade away, only to come back another day.(Men at Work?) If you were looking down, what would you think? Kind of like self exam, you cannot remove your self from the picture, thats you in the crowd, what would you do. Love asking people this question, most common answer is, take us out. Their shows a basic good in all people, they would sacrifice them selfs, for the good of the Planet. Problem is now the same person might put a gun to your head if pressed. Only the strongest jump on a Gernade, the weak would let everyone die. Go out tonight an look up, and ask, is someone looking down and if they are, are you proud of your fellow mankind? bye PS Pulling wire tired.

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