Monday, October 29, 2007

"Roller Ball and Corporate World"

It's a corporate World now, just like in the old movie Roller Ball. Where everything is fixed, shortages, prices, sports winner's and hero's. A good corporate player, aka employee, is the guy that will, barbecue with your and your family on a Saturday and on Wednesday will fire you and tell you, to get the hell off the corporate property. Many people will sell their soul, for that bigger home, that prettier wife. When the movie was made thing weren't quite that bad, now it's the given. The really smart and gifted employees, will be wiped out by the slick Willie's. Look no farther than Ford, GMC, Chrysler ran on that system, now look at them compared to the Google's of the World. Google base was to not be like that, get away from Roller Ball type corporation. Let the real brains move the corporate mentality, the old line a company is only a refection of the pioneer of it is so true. The big three auto makers mentality was, will make it, marketing will sell it, to hell with quality. A good song is always a good song, no matter who sings it. Life is like that, try and get away from it will only bring failure, only quality survives through "Time". Companies like Google are the future, the green ones, the ones connected to the "Universe", not the old big, head stuck in the mud. Our government runs like the big three auto makers do, even they are trying to stop, the current system, the Bush and Cheney type are hopefully are heading into the past. Brain's like quality will hopefully come to the top now, because Google has shown how it can be done. Let thing run of their own free accord, the best will find and leed the rest, not what we have now, the guy with the biggest hammer Win's. Didn't mean to turn this in to a Google promotion, but their the best example. The start of a mental World not a material World, where idea's have a chance to see if it works without giant looses to see a new way of thinking. The World moves on wars, not advancements of mankind now, this has to end, because it's killing the Planet. Hopefully people will see how the current system has fucked everything up so bad, no one will ever what to come back to it. With all the communication now days it's hard to hide your failures. Once the Bush administration is out of office and people aren't scared of them any more, all will come out. It will be, man have I got a story for, how much will you pay me for it. This I hope will be the ending of our past ways, showing the Bush's dirty laundry to the World. Corporations will always be the bottom line, but now it would appear, green is the future, not war. They got to start thinking how can I build something green, not how to kill someone better. The problem of pollution is so bad, you could shut "America" down and the the World would keep getting dirtier. China and rest of the third World counties still using coal, oil, and other pollutants for energy. China has surpassed the USA as the World largest polluter. Maybe the planet is beyound repair and only out side intervention can turn thing around. The Roller Ball Corporate mentality got us here, can they back us out of here. One way or another thing as we know them, will come to and end, you can only push "Mother Nature" so far. bye PS Always wondered if sports were on the fix, you only need a few bad calls to turn a game around, give Dale Jr. ten more horse power, call that non foul. Ali's phantom punch, horse racing so easyly can be fixed. Cardinal's football? "Roller Ball"

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