Friday, November 2, 2007

"Alien's and Things"

Ran into a Navajo mason I'd worked with two years ago, on a new site. We had a UFO sighting over the job sites we were on, near a municipal airport. I was inside the building working when all of a sudden it sounded like a small aircraft was about to crash into the building. I ducked as if that would help, when I realized what had happen I looked up and seen the aircraft was just real low and not on normal glide path. Then noticed silver round shape in the sky over the foot hills just north of us. On the walls working where the masons, they were about twenty feet up, topping out. Yelled up to them, hey, look their in the sky to the north, do you see that? Working on the wall was three older masons and a few illegals below. The three mason laying block were, Norm a Navajo, Australian, and guy my age, Norm the Aussie and me keep watching while the white guy who is religious tried to ignore it. Keeping an eye on it I slipped down to my truck to get my binoculars out. Every "Time" you try an get a up close look, they'll disappear into the blue. Slipped up the the truck, open the door slowly while keeping an eye on them reached in opened the glove box, reached for my binoculars and right on Que, Bang gone! When they want to make an appearance, it will be on their terms, not yours. Don't know what it is about the "Christian's", they just don't do UFOs. Seems to fit perfect to me, if "Christ" wasn't an "Alien's", then what would he be. After all he's from some place else, just like the illegal aliens here working. Come to think of it in "Christian" law, "Christ" would be an illegal alien, not being from here. My daughter is still having a hard "Time" dealing with my things, can't change for her convenience. The whole World want to open up to the UFO phenomena, but here in the so called land of the free, head in sand, ignorance is bliss. Hard to believe how controlled the "American's" can be by just a few. Just like on that wall, a perfect example of how controlling religion and government can be in "America". The Native American, Aussie and an old hippie wanted to know what is was, an the "Christian" said it wasn't there. Thus by doing this, calling us all lies, only the so called religious people have no respect for others thoughts or beliefs. The Bush line, your with us or against, bull shit to divide us, sad part people bought into it, and sent their children off to kill or be killed. bye The third "Hopi" village is "Kykotsmovi", try saying that fast three "Time's". The beatniks opened the door for the "Hippie's".

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