Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Try Taking Less"

One incredible thing happened today on my porch. Getting ready to make some lunch, when all of a sudden this bird type noise, starts coming from patio. Run to the door to see what is happening out their, their was the source, a "Hawk". This young "Hawk" had landed on my railing, I looked at him and he looked at me. I was magical moment to be within ten feet of this incredible bird, we made eye contact and he showed no fear of me. Then he took off came back around and zoomed past me, saying because I can. I really needed a lift from somewhere and the "Hawk" delivered it, see their is something out their that senses life on this side. There the three of us stood, "Kachina", "Hawk" and little me, in a triangle. Try and explain any of this to a "Christian", it didn't happen, I lied, they would say. Their answer to everything, head in sand. "Time" has come for every body to start taking a little less each day. A little less would make you feel better about your self, lift your spirits. Eat whole foods more, that don't require energy to prepare, like raw nuts and fruit for your snacks. No meats, lots of wasted energy for no gain, that animal is killing you why you try and digest it. Fact is you can't digest the energy from meat, that energy from the grains was all ready used up. Like trying to quit smoking, a little at a "Time", meat only once a day. It's a fact once you stop eating meats, you can't stand the smell of the meat department in your store. Did you ever sit down and have a steak and want to go out run after, no, your down just like after Thank Giving day turkey. I have my veggies and I"m ready to get something done. Like in "Mexico" siesta "Time" after lunch for the meat eaters. Sitting here writing this down, at the same "Time" wondering if it anything we try now is go late? What really could be done to try and save the Planet at this point? How do you stop global warming now, how do you tell the rest of the World they can't have it as good as the "American's". That's just not going to happen in this day and age. Are own dumb ass goverment won't accept this happening. Here in the south west, every year is hotter than the previous. You try and be conservative then a big old Hummer goes by you on the freeway with 8 MPG fuel economy. all of a sudden you realize what can I really do? The so called experts on this don't agree on anything, how in the hell would anyone know anyway. You watch CBS in the morning and they have an expert for everything, problem is it's the same little chick, what dumb asses. Stop treating people as if their as ignorant as you. It's like you got to be some dumb ass Jew to have knowledge, damn look at "Israel"? What a kaos, Jew's don't ever like Jew's, they are truly to extremests. Much worst than the "Christian's", a constant life of tit for tat, whit no real end in sight. What is at the end of the tunnel, it's like the World is in a tunnel in the darkness now. No real future of pease in sight, just this giant military machine of destruction. This is the final battle of good over evil, being played out in the middle east now. Just who in the hell are the good guys, can't tell from my program, they all look like killers to me. The citizens are just secoundary to the game of death and distruction. Look at "Iraq", were some how doing all this killing for the good of the country. Those wounds were their long before we arrived and will be their long after were gone. The US ought to "Try Taking Less" by bring the troups home. bye PS Sign at taco shop said, Lost Pit Bull, grey and black, scare over left eye, please call, loving dog. The Worlds fifth largest economy is "California", ran by an "Austrian", only in "America"

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