Friday, November 30, 2007

"Baby Boomers the Good the Ugly"

A true "American" hero died today, Evil Knievel died at a young age 69, in today's age of living longer. All those falls and operations finally did him in, he claimed to be a good Christian. As an ex motocross, and desert racer myself, I could appreciate how hard it is to take a motorcycle weighing around five hundred pounds, and then jumping over something with it. The old line, when ships were made of wood and men were men. I had raced against Gary Wells who had broke some of Knievel records, but never really got credit for it because of going in and out of jail. Knievel did his jumps with a big old Harley Davidson where as Wells did his on a motocross bike weighing less than 250 pounds. I guess Evil had a lot to prove, being a father less child, thing seem to always work out that way. The baby boomers gave us recycling, environmentalist, freed the women, music, clothing styles, still in style to day. Stopped a war in Vietnam with less than two percent of the citizens, that still amazing to me. Made the advancements Tesla talked about come true, unfortunately gave us some of the worst criminal ever born. Bush and Cheney will go down in history as two of the worst mass murders that ever lived. Not much has been invented since the boomers gave us all the electronic toys we have now. Nothing really Earth shaking has come along. The World still riding on the shoulders of the baby boomers creations. Look at the music, where's the next Jimmy Hendrix, will lyrics and stories ever be as good as in sixties music? More stations on the radio playing oldies but goodies than all ther other types of music combined. Where is the new music or sound for the next generation? So far it apears that the World has only gone as far along as the baby boomers lead them along. Is it now "Time" for the baby boomers to lead in the next step, contact with the Extra Terrestrials? The free thinker, not to clones or followers, "God' bless the clones or I wouldn't have clothes or a truck to drive, you need the worker bee as you would say. Unfortunately right now there in the Bush Cheney camp, busy being lead around. The soul less murders and plunders of the system in place now. As the baby boomers start to retire with there wealth and knowledge, well see if they still have something to offer. Maybe guilt of the good life will turn them all into now, protectors of the environment, demanding change in our ignorant policies of war and more war and screw the envoronment. All the fat cats running for President are baby boomers except for mixed guy, talk about something to prove. Do any of them have the balls to try change thing, or just scared of the Military that potects them while on office? My bet is no, same old shit, different delivery man or woman, being bought off by the same old tired system of war and death. The fat cats behind the scenes are the ones who really need to change. We don't need these old retreaded tale and lies buried with in a new face. Our politicans are no more than puppets on a string, being held by someone or something we'll never see. Come on "America", "Time" to wake up from that sleep of, I must go along quitely and not make any waves syndrome. Living in fear, is not living, what would be the point of your steps here on Earth? bye

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