Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Taker's and Giver's"

Here's a line from a friend, "I like myself when I'm around you". How many people in your life can you really say that about? With some people are you just waiting for the taking to start, hoping maybe they have changed? True environmentalist are Givers, Bush and Cheney types are Takers. Surly those two names will always be connected to corruption, like how people use the term, I'll O.J. you, or they got O.J., knifed. When your good to the environment your a tree hugger. Another term the government put out their to put down people who care for Mother Earth. The government easily controls the Takers with fear and a promise of a better future and that's all they need to run the show. The Givers are wary of the government and it's lies. The givers are educated in things pertaining to the Earth, the ones giving "Time" to try and help the Planet. Givers take less, while Takers believe it's theirs to take. "America" is based on Takers, look how this country was created, look at our Military. Everybody better start scrambling toward Giving or every one dies, like Bush said, no future history. It's truly hard to fine someone who can really up lift you. You go to church and they are constantly asking for something, starting with your soul then money. The TV wants to scare you, then sell you something to relieve anxiety, you'll feel better about your self in a BMW. Hopefully the TV will start scaring the Takers about impending doom if something isn't done about the environment soon. I'm a Giver, my Martian buddy said to me once, you always give to people more than you take. Well their must be some kind look I have, because I'm always being hustled for money. I swear people lie in wait for me. On a job site, I'm always the first approached, I must look, easy white boy. Lately I've become aggressive about this, these are the souless ones who won't even try and help them selfs. Recently and Indian guy approached me asking for change, I yelled at him, how old are you, he replyed fifty, I said I'm sixty, shouldn't you be here to offer if you can lighten load. His answered back, hey mister can I have some change. Absolutley no pride or soul their, just wanted money to fullfil his need for alcohol, he had dead eyes, he was already dead, just didn't know it. Today, pulled up to a gas station, went inside to pay, went back to my truck and fuck here we go again, only difference this was white trash. The guy said he had ran out of gas right there and needed a little to get going. I lost it, said to him what the hell do I look like, aren't you embarrassed to be asking for this, he just held out his can for me to put gas in. Soulless white trash and Indians, with a Black guy across the street preaching to a gas pump. You'd think "God" would be really pissed off about what has happen to "His" creation. Every town has a homeless Black walking up and down the streets preaching to something. Doesn't seem to matter, surely Beverly Hills must have their own. What really stops someone or something from wiping all this humanity off the face of the Earth? bye PS It's the holidays, "Time" for more taking by the Takers.

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