Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Chemicals and the Mind"

Trying to keep control of the mind can be terribly hard sometimes. Just turn on your TV and their they are, depression pills, sleeping pills, lose weight pills and so forth. As drug companies try more and more to find chemicals to alter your state of mind, what does that say about your mind. For example, if it's true that with death only personality or your being (mind) survive, then that is you. But while your here, you can alter that behavior with drug, legal or not. If your brain is just a mass of electrical waves, is their a you? With death your generator shuts down and current no longer flows to the brain, is it your spirit that lives on? Now if the thoughts in your brain make up, what is you, then altering them through chemicals who's that? We all have thoughts in the back of our minds we don't react on, like when someone cuts you off in line. As we come onto life with pure thoughts, then we're bombarded by negative thoughts. If you need mind altering chemicals to sustain life, then who is that being? Is the one who was born of purity, then progresses steadily down hill from their. Is it your battle with the subconscious that makes you who you are. Are you, you or the person of your dreams? As a friend said as I bounced this off his head, if you killed someone then said you only did it because you where drunk, that thought was already their. Did that make you a murder before you ever committed the crime? Is that your life, to go through all these worst case scnarios and not react on them? Not to let your self be lead along my mind altering chemicals produced by man. Why did Mother Nature produce mind altering drugs naturally, like pot, or peyote, mushrooms and such? This mind altering chemical were left here for a reason. Why did all ancient cultures use them in rituals to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness to who? Mankind seem to spiral down hill as the "Time" between visits from another leader goes along. We must be nearing a visit soon as thing are now so corrupt, just as most ancients writings have them. Did the ancient "Mayan" writing talking about personal sacrifice to appease the "Gods", get turned into cold blooded murder latter on? If we don't advance our selfs spiritually, do the chemicals in your brain make you feel depressed from your failures? Then by taking a man made chemical to alter your state, have you commited suicide mentally and your spirit dies? Are your battles with your mind, come from a poor diet, a kind of chemical imbalance? If you eat a bunch of sugar and get a sugar rush, have you failed spiritually. You know it's bad for you but you can't control your self. All these constant battles going on, based solely on the chemicals flowing through your brain? What really make a human, human and seperates him or her from the other animals on the Planet? Is it just a chemical additive in your brain that make you human, or are you really no different than any other living creature you share the Planet with? Stop eating those animals you share the planet with, a very fine line between you and them. bye

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