Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"No Anti War Movies Now"

What happened to good old anti-war comedies like 'Catch 22' or 'Mash'. Here we are at war again for no apparent reason, just like North Korea and Vietnam. Is Hollywood in fear of the system in place, like most "Americans"? No one whats to touch this mess with a movie, why is that? Are Bush and Cheney that powerful of intimidators, or dictators? Are all civil rights gone now, during this pretend war, with it's pretend enemy? Whats a fat turd like Gore visiting the White House for, the great environmentalist he's called. Living in a huge house, eating enough food for three people every day. Our leaders are just simply ignorant to the core, not one soul among them. It's obvious the system has total control over their Jewish cronies making the movies. Hard to have freedom when fear is at the door. Whats being held over their heads, even the comedians shun this subject, instead they avoid it and go, rah, rah support the troops. I'm in favor of supporting the troop, by getting their asses out of harms way. I was in the Navy during Nam, I know how hard it is to feed and support your family on an enlisted mans income. I always had a second job off base. Our soldiers are getting the shaft now, most qualify for food stamps. Yet are so called leader keep sending them back for more punishment. While all the brass lives like a scene from "Apocalypse Now". All sitting around eating prime rib and getting fat. If I could find a better word to discribe are leader than soul less I'd use it. While in the Navy my kids had to with out alot. Weekend were just going out for pizza, that was our big outing, while the Generals get prostitutes. I drove a twenty year old Simka, that when it broke down I went to the junk yard for parts. While John McCain father and the other Admirals had four polished C-118 sitting in our hanger. If people only really knew how the brass lived, nothing for them to arrive at our base and take a plane to Japan for Christmas shopping. No doubt this is still going on until this day, only better aircraft. People don't understand their's no one to watch the military, their busy watching you. The President flys in Military aircraft, the military guards him, think about it, where are his loyalties. Not to John Doe citizen, who can't harm him while the military is guarding him. Bay of Pigs and JFK syndrome staring at him right in the face. All President learn quickly which side of the bread the butter is on, JFK didn't and he died. John McCain is just another carpet bagging, war monger. He grew up as a Admirals son, with all the privileges rank brings. How in the hell can McCain feel the troops pain, he had it made, just like his son or sons in the military. Dumb ass McCain walking around Baghdad dressed for combat, surrounded by troops with helicopters over head, saying look it's safe. Just like Bush landing on that aircraft carrier, ignorant fucks love making asses of them self at every opportunity. Bye PS Like I told my children, you never got to see "America".

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