Monday, November 26, 2007

"Why is the Dollar so Weak"

First of all, noticed Cheney's heart was in the news again today, at the top of the news. Like most "Americans", kind of surprised he even had a heart. He keeps telling us how smart he is, but he can't even keep his hands away from his own mouth. Little round ball of ignorance rolling along, fucking other people life's up, because he hates himself first. If I'm miserable you have to be miserable also. All these little miserable men and woman running around out of control trying to tell the rest of us how it is. This little band of dumb fucks have now even gone out and destroyed the value of even our money. Spending money we don't have on a war we don't need, then turn around and say we're going to the Moon. Dragging us all down with their ignorance, soiling our good name and that, our fore fathers gave us, like the heroes of WWII. All the good thing "America" could be proud of, medical, communication, electricity, computer and on and on. Took them only seven years to reverse what our fore fathers took generations to build up. Now are money is becoming worthless because of over spending on the war. Just like Hitler's economy near the end, spent far to much money trying to control all of Europe and Russia. Same exact thing Bush and Cheney are doing with war and our dollar. They have plenty of money from all those years of being bought off with cash. Every "Time" Bush gets into Air Force One and flys somewhere I wonder if it's to pick up some cash. Any country he has that plane land in we're giving some kind of foreign aid to.It's probable that Air Force One can only land in countries we have helped either now or in the past. Still can't get the imagine out of my head of little drunk Bush flying circles over New Orleans at a bank to get a better view. How much did that little joy ride cost "American" tax payers? I'm sure some little fat Jew with a funny shaped head on NBC can tell me whats wrong with the dollar. See what I'm always talking about, how stupid the Net Works think the "American" people are, That why no one watches them any more, and they refuse to change with the "Time's", just seemly stuck in a rut. They the Net Works don't offer any real truths, just lies and distorted shaped people to tell them. No human worth a once of honesty, could tell their lies, just takers not givers. Cheney and Bush have the best medical teams in the World around them, while our G.I. coming home from Afganistan and Iraq are just rolled over on. Now they have been caught lying about brain injuries that are reported, what next, how many soldiers have been killed. The rest of the World watches are follies and failure and must sit back and think, what a bunch of hicks. Talk about looking like a bunch of hicks, look at the Bush's family tree and where it started. Who is "America" going to elect to get things turned around and make us look once again like a honest, strong Nation? Any more it's getting harder to act like a proud "American", the illegals see how weak we are as a nation. Slowly taking over the southwest because, just like in Mexico, no one enforces the laws, where corruption rules. Here they can come in get a fake I.D. from some street vendor and bang, their in, kick them out and they'll just come back across the border. No laws, no one to stop them, we're to busy trying to tell the Middle East what to do. This county has gotten weaker in the last seven years and our money shows it. The rich get richer and the rest by into all the propaganda. bye

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