Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Sunday Politics"

One by one the cronies of Bush's failed policies or how he see World Order has fallen. Australia has dumped their Prime Minister in favor of a more responsible human. As always the Bush policies of ignorance has failed the test of "Time". Now maybe the World can get on with trying to save the Planet from pollution and global warming. Hopefully the people that push Bush's buttons will now let someone try and start the healing process from war to environmental problems. If their goal is more money, there is plenty to be made, if it's just seeing death at any expense, then there's little hope for "America". Resent polls show people are willing to pay to be able to breath, eat, and drink in a healthy environment. All this talk of if their is global warming is just plain stupid, who cares, the bottom line is the air, water, and food we need to survive as humans. I'm sure they can see through the use of tree rings the patterns of drought and wet periods. Here in the "Arizona it's quite obvious, we have the Petrified Forest in northern part of state. Still think that's some how connected to the Bible, look back and turn to stone. Or maybe a nuclear explosion that turned the trees to stone, get to where you can't believe anything the government tells us. Now that the Bush administration has been caught rewriting the environmental studies, things can get going in the right direction. The bull shit of space exploration in the near future makes. With all the issue of our air, water, infrastructure, war, taking care of our veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq, how could that even be brought up. Simply build more Hubble type telescopes that peer farther into the universe and be done with it for now. The Worlds main concern is the immediate attention the Earth needs. The ET's can wait, their not leaving, spending all this effort on trying to see if their is other life out their can wait. If there is water on other celestial bodies it will be their latter. What the hell are the policticians thinking anyway, they can't seem to cure a single problem here on Earth. These dumb asses talking about interplanetary travel, just never seem to have clue. Talk is cheep, anything to make themselfs sound as if their some how inteligent, lower forms of humanity. Now "America" is the only country not to sign in on Kyoto Protocol. As long as people like the current people in power are their, will always seem backwards to the rest of the World community. We are, just look at our leaders we elect. What choice do you have now really, between the dumb and dumber. Why doesn't someone run on the idea of Environment First campaign? Bet they would get the educated people and money behind them, the one's with "Time" and money. All the educators that are retired, old hippies, all the free thinker. Damn, sounds to good to be true, how simple and easy, run an environmentally good campaign, like bio-signs and such. Getting out your idea's out through the internet and radio, be to cool for TV. Let TV come to you. Actually hire some inteligent people, not some cronies or family members, tell people you want only the educated ones. People will jump for the chance to say their with the smart ones, not I'm with stupid, like Bush. Right now only stupid people run for office, we need some fresh faces, not the same old Fat Cats. "Time" to put the diving board at the deep end of the pool, not the shallow end, like buisness is done now. Sending people to dive into shollow water seems to be the "America" way now, absolutely no fore thought, no Yen Yang. Never a, if I do this, what will happen. bye PS Maybe their's a future in our future.

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