Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Malibu Fat Cats Homes Burning Again"

Karma, bad luck, Eco-terrorist, seems like every "Time" the wind starts blowing in so-cal a fire erupts. Like something from the Bible, the photos of so-cal fires. Is this the beginning of the have verses the have not here in "America", is that our next great enemy, us? You have meet the enemy and he is you. As the middle class get smaller and farther separated from the rich, will war between the rich and poor erupt? You already have more and more communities with walls and gates. Will the roads become what you see between Baghdad and Baghdad Airport? The rich will have to travel in a armed convoy. Here in "America" you have a lot of educated people who are not driven by money. Look at all the people trying to live on less, that come from our best universities. Our environmental movement is from are best and most educated people, not from the lower classes that are willing to kill for a few dollars and then call themselves a patriot. So called defenders of the constitution that for the most part have never even read it. If they had they would have noticed that little thing called freedom, the freedom to have an opinion and express it. People of this country are all up set about whats going on. Here in our upper middle class town, you mention Bush, Cheney or Iraq and people will start piling on the whores. The only following they have are the uneducated "Americans", bet their real proud of themselves. The people they answer to are the few supper wealthy that buy and sell them on a daily because they have no soul. A man or woman with a soul will not prostrate themselfs for money or power, only the weak. In my years it seems, that Jews, and short men and women are most of the prostraters. the almighty dollar and the feel of power. Look at he look in Condo Rice's eyes, see a soul in their. Today you have tree huggers that fuel the eco-terrorism movement, in So-Cal it's a different type of terrorist, seeing all the wealthy in their home and cities that will drive them. Pure and simple the have and the have nots, the opposite of Bush who has the haves and the have more behind him. Something is causing these fire to have multiple starting points. How in the hell do you feel sorry for someone who lost a home worth several millions of dollars? Not only that they wacked a mountain to death to get it their. Let the Fat Cats home's burn, the takers get taken, just seems like justice in a way. The laws of "Mother Nature" cannot be taken for granted, the Earth will always win in the end. Man just wants to control everything when he can't asure anyone he will awake in the morning. Think about a small fact like that, that next car coming from the other direction may be your last moment, bang over. Get uppity with "Mother Nature" and you better keep your eyes wide open. Are the homeless the ones behind the fires, the true have nots, the ones being kick around. Human nature is it's own being, will the onslaught from Mexico do them in? The poor of the poor from Mexico and Central "America" coming here and seeing all the opulence surrounding them. Will they want to burn down the so called temples people have built to adorn themselfs. Soon So-Cal will be a Police State, with a cop on every corner to protect the wealthy. If that doesn't happen the poor in the end will reclaim the land. Is that what is meant by 'The meek shall inherit the earth'? The same exact thing thats going on in the middle east, will spread to "America" from the south. Their truly are no borders to the south of us, walk into the kitchen of your local resturant. Go out to a construction job site, where's the border at, nowhere. Bye

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