Friday, November 23, 2007

"When it's Time to Go"

When "Time" is "Time" it's "Time" to let go. Thinking about Thomas Van Sant of Lynard Skynard dying in the airplane crash that killed most of the band years ago. He was asleep when trouble with the airplane started, he was a waken to watch his own death. Karma I guess, who really knows on this side, who knows until you die, except who even knows about that. One of my brother died the other night, left us while watching TV. His wife of fifty years or so awoke sensing something was wrong. Called 911, the medics arrived to revive him and did. Took him to the hospital for treatment or "God" only knows what. Doctors told him to go home and die, he had three months to a year to live, nothing they could really do with the cancer and his age. This is the sad part, now him and the rest of us must sit and wait for the inevitable to happen. In the end it's simply one on one, but now outsiders can have their influence on the out come. The old Indian story of, near death you would take what you needed and go for a long walk, then die on your terms. Is my brother glad to be back, or can he only see sadness in his families eyes? Almost like, For Whom the Bell Tolls, it's on it's way, just when and where. Was his second peek what he wanted, was that in the cards, doubt if he even knows. Didn't ask to come in, didn't ask to leave, spoken by a better mind than mine. Both in someone else's hand unless you intervene, is thats why it must be a sin in everybodies Bible? "God" drives the bus, not us, not George Bush, regardless of what he thinks. Once heard the story of, you leave when your work is done, not when you think your done, unless you intervene. If you lost a young child, well sorry, his journey was maybe completed on this side. Maybe, she or he had only a little to do, to complete their journey, and you got much further to go? Maybe in the big picture they were more advanced on their spiritual journey than you? Maybe their passing had to do with your advancement and others a round you that are affected by your pain? Your wanting thing to be different, is only selfishness on your part, it's natures path not ours. With age comes wisdom, no escaping that, maybe your child was an old spirit, only here to teach you, then leave to complete their own journey of life, not your life. We all want things to be the way we want them, thats just selfishness on our parts. We can't even let people leave on their terms anymore, a little bit of technolgy, and away we go acting like were "God". Funny how things work out, this was the brother who had to make the call on if they revived our father at ninty one. He choose no, mom was gone already, what was their to hang around for anyway, sad, was still in good health, just wanted to leave, on his terms. All just part of the trip through here called life, you make your calls and live with them. A soul can only hope, if your trying to play the game of life strait up, your calls are correct, not really ever knowing for sure. A nephew said to me, now we can spend more "Time" with him, maybe he didn't want to spend anymore "Time" with you. People never happy for the way thing just are, always trying to control event around them selfs. Selfisness in fear of their own mortality. bye PS A letter to the family I grew up with.

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