Thursday, November 22, 2007

"For Future Considerations"

Tried watching Carl Roe on Charley Rose today trying to explain all his failures. Problem is, he doesn't believe he has failed. The last thing he wanted to do was talk about how we got in this mess, only the resent events of the so called Surge. See he got a job with some weekly, their goes all their credibility out the door. Does anybody really trust a short fat middle aged man anyway? Look in the mirror naked Mr. Roe and see what you see, bet you would get real depressed. Only made it about ten minutes, then the rage started sitting in. Something about a short fat, balding guy telling me he git his shit together. Like all murderers, in total denial of any wrong doing, like watching O.J.. The O.J. and Roe's of the World, still trying to explain their side of their failures, never really a thought as to how ignorant they sound. Fat men don't live long anyway, you can't tell if he's walking or rolling, one taco from obesity. How is that heart and prostate doing Mr. Roe? Living in the moment like all criminals, no one in jail is guilty anyway, just ask them, were framed, weren't their. All those dead babies in Iraq and Afghanistan and absolutely no guilt, how can that be? People like them are never looking for future considerations from above, only right now, give it all to me, greed. Tryed watching a little football on FOX, had to turn it off, it was a recuiting tape I think for the military, with a little football mixed in. No future considerations wanted by anybody working with FOX, just looking for some more killers, blood on all their hands. Tatoos and war, throw in a couple of dogs bread to kill and their's good old "America", sad, far cry from my childhood. The Black's are not advancing to far humanitarily, why not let them do all the killing in Iraq. Put a little dark make up on the enemy they'll think their Black and gladly kill them for you. Look in our jails death rows, mostly Blacks sitting their, what happen to the Blacks in History? Watching Reno 911 last night and had noticed they had stole my line, For Future Considerations. I started using this line in my blogs to discribe me and my "Marsian" buddy, deals with the other side. Are they stealing my lines? Funny they used it to discribe someone getting Baptized for the secound "Time", even fit with my writings, making fun of the "Christian's" with it. Does that make them followers or theifs, or was it written long ago? My old line, love "Jesus", down on the "Christian's". The show is funny I have to say, humor right from the sixties. Like the short cartoon, Godzilla meets Bambi from the sixties. Showing Bambi grazing in the forest, next moment Godzilla's foot come slaming down on Bambi, credits start rolling. You can't beat that kind of cut to the chase humor. Unlike we do things now, no real talent, and what little they have, is drag it out till the point is lost. Try watching Howie Mandrell on Deal or no Deal, I call it the Jewish Drag of no talent, no class. Ever wonder why eating turkey on Thanksgiving makes you so sleepy, you ate the bird right now, the bird is eating you latter. (Yen Yang) The vegetarian dinosaurs out lived the carnivores, why is that. All those days of going through you digestive tract rotting like meat left out in the open, but just inside your gut killing you. Mankind was always a gather, eating what he could gather not what his teeth or fangs could kill, get it no fangs. bye PS your whole life is based on, For Future Considerations

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