Monday, November 5, 2007

"Democracy" got some

Heard Bush saying the Pakistani government of Musharraf was undermining democracy with his recent move. How incredibly stupid on Bush's part, what part of democracy does he know? Every "Time" I hear Bush spit out some words like a drunken fool, off goes the TV or radio. Pissies me off, him thinking me and others out there are as ignorant as him. Go to your local bar around closing "Time" and listen to the loyal Bush followers, same dumb ass statements rolling off their lips. Go get them, you Marines, make me seem like a big man, and me and the boys will sit around and say how proud we are to be "American". Redneck driving around in a Dodge pickup with flags all over it, made with Chines parts, go "America". Use to liked going to NASCAR races because it was kind of like a bunch of good old boy racing, harmless. It's now like going to government propaganda event with race cars. Several of the cars now sponsored by the war, military jets flying over head, at what expense to the people of "America". Remind me of when I was in the Navy, and an Admiral was coming to the base for inspection. Damn what a show we would put on for something that was over in just a few hours, not cheep. Just like NASCAR does today, by the way, who really is NASCAR? Is it, NASCAR brought to by War? In other form of racing that seems to attract a more educated following, you don't see near the military present. Military is like the grays, they know how and where to pluck the easy ones. Swear one of my buds is with the grays, real smart, real dumb. Like me he claims he's struck his deal for future considerations, has everyone done this and are just not telling? Once heard that no movie could be made if it didn't some sort of governmental approval? The Jew's were once scorned by the government, after all "America" was built on "Jesus", not the Jew's guy, if they have one. Now look what has happened after the Nixon era with Henry Kissinger, Kissinger now talk of how Nixon was so drunk at night, he had to handle a lot of decisions, sound like Bush and Cheney. On U Tube looking to see if any new UFO photos were out their, when the video of Bush drunk trying to deliver a speech found me. Can't believe they didn't kill all the reporters in the room and burned the film. Isn't that how we do thing now, with our new freedom? Bush's line in Moore's movie, it would be easier if I was a dictator, thought Cheney did that already? When Bush and Cheney leave office, will people start pilling on with 911 stories of all the explosions at the base of the Twin Towers. Both fell just like controled demolitions we watch on TV. Their's a"Hopi" story come true. How much democracy do we still have left in "America"? bye

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