Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"After Life"

Why is it some of us run around fretting over what next, and others don't seem to care? How could any General sending men in to battle, knowing all well they'll die, have a soul? Is that a man with no consensus, no soul? The planners of 911, what were they thinking about, only the moment or did they believe they were "God" driven? Do all the people of "Universal" sin's, belong together, maybe from another dimension, sent to stir things up? No ones life escapes undamaged, somewhere out their, your next bummer. Aging it's self is a bummer, but your driven on in fear of the opposite, at less this is the known. I call it a convicts mentality, this is the given, is that why so many return. The guard telling the newly released con, I'll see you later. Politicians and convict surely fall into the category of, no fear of the After Life. Can the War Generals, Bush, Cheney go to sleep at night without medication, alcohol or prescription drugs? Or just soul less and sleep quite well at night? Do the haves and the have more, sleep well, what drives them to need more than others? Eating others around them on their way to the top, do they have an After Life? One of my nephews quit going to church because, you could live a life of sin and in the final moment, give your life to "Jesus" or "God".(still not sure how that works, "Jesus" or "God") Don't the Catholics offer their flock an out with purgatory? Muslum offer virgins, don't they, what do the women get, dicks? How absurd is all of this, how can someone buy into any of this crap? What are people thinking about or is mankind really this low of form of life? How can a "Pope" thousands of miles and millennium in "Time" away from you, tell you how to run your life? What kind of human form ties on suicide vest and goes out an kill for "God"? How about the people who talk them into it, where in the human life chain do they stand? Bull shit were created equal, what in the hell do I have in common suicide bomber? Things around you you can't see,are trying to keep you down. If you have a leg up on others that's OK, you just can't flaunt it, minute you use it it's gone. How can a little old man and his wife trying to do the best they can, be put in the same category as Bush, Cheney, they have done no harm? Because their "Americans" are they equal to those killers, can't buy into that. The old couple have spent their life in fear of the After Life, not Bush, Cheney. What keep us all from running around and plundering, fear of the After Life. Unfortunately for us, people with power have no fear of the After Life, thats why they wield power. Are the "Alien's" flying around us have fear of the After Life or is that just an earthly thing? bye The "Urantia" and "Mayan" writing tell of similar story of the begining, putting things in place first, same authors?

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