Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"The Bottom Line the Death of a Planet"

Life in "America" has turned into the Bottom Line. We run around shitting on each other for the bottom line. You can't get a decent meal for the Bottom Line. They keep cheapening the product so much now that soon their will be no product. The Bottom Line is, an the fat cat's keep getting fatter, while the rest of keep paying more. Working with a guy who owns a Carpentry company and a couple of Restaurants. He recently had by pass surgery, for the obvious reason, clogged arteries, a carnivore Karma thing. Your eating them, they in return are killing you, Yen Yang. A stressed out carnivore, poor guy will never see Sixty. Didn't get the picture from first heart attack. Had a couple my self before age thirty, but that was from cocaine, don't do cocaine any more, got my picture perfect. When I was a young electrician their was a company called FPE, they built large electrical gear for industrial use. UL keep warning them that their equipment was unsafe, burning electrician's, never attempted to cure the problem, till one day UL stopped sales in "America". The Bottom Line was, they didn't care if they killed electrician's. A rare case in our field but today the World runs like that. A hand full of fat cat's running the World, watch the news, their those board members who are a board member on many giant corporations boards. All friend giving each other money, fuck the company, Bottom Line. No more Mon and pops, all in the family deals any more, all been bought out and monopolized. The Jew's and Chinese are the worst, the old line, why aren't their any Jews in China. Both races have had to do with out for a long "Time". "Americans" don't really produce much any more, other than dreams, movies, TV. What we do produce has to feed a lot of mouths. You can really see it on big job sites, my generation works, these generations thinks something is owe to them. Even the illegals come across the border thinking that, the older Mexicans talk about it. Taught to them before they ever reached the border, soft "Americans". The illegals in construction now control the pace of a job site, no more hard workers, they have figured the game out. Problem is you can get three illegals for the price of one white educated guy, the Bottom Line. They put a strain on our systems and the fat cats live above it, not with it, the Bottom Line, Bush people. Living totally in the now, no remorse for future diet to the Planet. How close is the breaking point now, when our sins have done is in? How could you change this trains direction, that has no reverse? "Mayan" writing tell of a day when our tools will turn against us. Our tools are the environment "God" gave us, and we ruined it, polluted her water and air, the Bottom Line. Looks to me we have reach the real Bottm Line, the Death of a Planet. bye PS Can you get dragged into anothers reality in the middle of the night?

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