Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Try Again"

Lost my work for the last hour somewhere in space or something. Was writing about chaos and 911 and how more chaos their is in our lives now. As a friend said to his employee, nothing is easy now. You can't trust the food you buy, can't trust anything from China. Find out the medication your taking is killing you. Can't sue them hardly, even if they lose they will just keep appealing the decision. In the mean "Time", your dead and gone, they'll just out last you. Look how long the system turned it back to the tobacco industry. Now it's the drug companies turn, to do you in. Since "Time" everyone knew smoking was bad for you, look how long it took the government to step in. "Katrina" is a perfect example of how inept the system is. Local governments trying to deal with immigration issues, because the federal government is useless an inept even at war. Is all they want to do is drag us into another war somewhere. No real smart people, only people out of work because of their lack of skills. Do you have "Time" to run for office, hell no, your just trying to pay your bills and stay afloat. What kind of person goes door to door and lies to you, to get a job? Here in "Arizona" our governor is a women that looks like a man, walks like a linebacker and has more facial then me. Where in the hell would she be in the private sector now, if she wasn't governor? Look where all this dumb asses have dragged us into. A World in chaos, and their all on the take, because you need money to get elected. Who out their in public is honest and you trust, my guess, damn few if any? It's so bad, California's governor is Austrian, can't find an honest "American" willing to take on their problem, why? Where is their brain trust at, or is it still just the same old white trash destroying their state? Look at recent fires, weren't aloud to use better equipment to fight their fires, why is that? Soon hopefully the states will start taking over taking care of them selfs, the federal goverment can not function anymore or ever. bye

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