Friday, November 9, 2007

"The Ugly American"

First heard this term from and old friend that was a roadie for "Fire Fall", Robbie the roadie. He like to spend a lot of "Time" down at "Rocky Point, Mexico" or Porta Penasco. The locals called him that, he could go down their an make a complete ass of himself and no one back home would ever know it. No part of "Mexico" is safe, no real law any more, just drug lords controlling the communities and roads. One "Time" Robbie rolled his VW on the road to Sandy Beach and they put him in jail for it, no harm to any one or thing, "Mexico". Unlike Robbie, most "Americans talk down to the people of "Mexico". It's easy to fill superior while in "Mexico" because of the backwardness of the people and communities. The trick is not to lower your self into this hole of stupidity. Known some real wealthy people in my life, but you would have never known it by their actions. You never hear the Humble "American", look at politicians, all think they got a leg up on you. Their are some legitimate, down right scary faces in "Washington". The ugliest of the ugly, needing attention, one and all. McCain's short man syndrome pours from him, little stubby arms crossed, looking like some kind of absurd cartoon character. You got a guy from New York with a bunch ex wife's, a Mormon, an actor, and McCain running against Hillary. Thats down right scary, what kind of choice is that? Where is Ike, bring back Bill Clinton, this ain't right. Talk about a ugly line up, watch the debates on TV. All of them talking down on you, telling you they know more. You always here how the rest of the World loves "American" culture, hates our leaders, the Ugly "Americans". There's your hated people living in Washington D.C., not me and my neighbor. I'm working with an ugly "American" now from California, his fore fathers were the dust bowl generation that settled California. Pushy, over weight, a couple of nickels in is pocket, can't deal with him. The closest he ever got to humble was the city of Humboldt, Ca. a old gold rush days town, now known for it's Pot now. No humble in Bush and Cheney, they got it all figured, just like the guy I'm working with. Ugly "Americans" go out and deface a mountain, then put some ex presidents faces on them. Ugly "American's" drop three "Atom" bomb on the "Japanese". Ugly "American's" killed millions of Native American's. Ugly "American's" are distroying are Planet. Ugly "American's" got their nose in every country in the Worlds business. bye PS A real funny show on TV called Reno 911, it reminds me of our own local police force. We don't have many murders in our town, and illegals and people out of place, really stand out. Our cops always seem to be in trouble with the law, one Cop has killed two or three people at crime scenes. One year we had only one murder and it was a gay killing a gay, don't know if that really counts.

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