Saturday, November 10, 2007


One of my many Guru's in life is "Ching Hai", a wonderful lady. She has done much for the World in many ways over the years. A great humanitarian, her organizational abilities for food and other human needs is well know through out the World but not much here in the USA. "American" are the kings of shameless self promotion, don't need to be sharing the credits at the end of a movie. Like her thoughts on reincarnation, especially when it comes to the "Christians''. "Christians" don't believe in reincarnation but on the same hand waiting for "Christ" to come back, which is reincarnation. If you fail as a human, do you reincarnate as a monkey as in "Mayan" writings. As most religions believe you never die, then you couldn't have reincarnation. Why would "Christ" want to come back to this? The so called "Christians" never got it in the first place or we wouldn't be at war. What is "Christ" coming back for and for how long. If "Christ" came back that would be reincarnation, would you all kill him again, you are the "Romans" of the now in "Time"? Just like when I made my first trip up to the "Hopi", asked if they would recognize the "White Brother" they await? Would the "Christians" recognize their own or just brush him off as some radical, not wanting war? "Quetzalcoatl" and "Christ" both said their coming back, why? Are they pissed by the way they were treated, and want to settle some scores with the so called human race. Was Hitler "Christ" reincarnated and came back to settle his score with the Jews? Why did "America" set back and watch the Germans destroy the Jewish population? Did president Roosevelt think Hitler was "Christ" reincarnated just getting his revenge. Didn't "Christ" say revenge was his? Didn't "Quetzalcoatl" say here would return on One Reed and bring his revenge to the people that pushed into the ocean. One Reed was the day Cortez arrived and as they say, the rest is history. Do all the animals that were abused and eaten by humans get to reincarnate, to seek their revenge? How about the dogs the "Gods" gave us, as told by the "Hopi", do they reincanate and come seek revenge on the Michal Vick's of the World? Is reincarnation the reason their are so many people on the Planet? People coming back to get thing right, they don't get the big picture? The look in your pets eyes, is their a glimmer of a soul in their. Is he on his path to enlightment, one of many reincarnations? As a human race, we are not our selfs, very enlightened. Their are one trying to make thing better for mankind, but for the most part, it's all about me place. The illiusion of our day to day lives thinking we're the only one who got it right, probably keep us alive. Illiusion being one of the steps to enlightment surely. The ability to conquer ego has to be near the end of what we know now about our journey through life? Once ego has been put in it's place of self importance, you can make the next step. Ego keeps you moving, but ego can stop you in your tracks. As I like to say humility could go a long way to save the Planet. Reincarnation has many meaning, which one is the true meaning? bye PS Heard on the news their was talk of a senate member starting impeachment hearings starting with Cheney then Bush. Is this the begining of the pileing on, could this be the begining of a new path for "America"?

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