Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Sunday Thoughts"

Asked a friend why Christ was coming back, he said to retrieve his flock. Had to ask, isn't that reincarnation, his reply was all powerful or close. Just like the "Hopi" story, except without space ships. Personally I like the "Hopi" exit better, like U Tube video's. Saw Dennis Kucinich rebuttal to the UFO he had seen, man they set him up. He did a good job I have to say, didn't know I was one of about fifteen million "Americans" that have had a UFO sitting. Fifty percent of the people poled, believe something is out their. Thank "God" for Google, now their is no where to hide for criminals like Bush and Cheney. And it's all electronic, can't be stopped now, Tesla was right, the electrician's will cure the Worlds problems. War between the "Alien's" and the way thing are done here. See where our ex-governor Symington will be talking to the National Press Club Monday in Washington, about UFOs with military and government officials from seven countries. He was a witness to the "Phoenix Lights", can't believe I didn't see them, supposedly went right over my condo. Maybe their is going to be some forward movement on all of this. Google has some great footage on U Tube from Google Earth. Also great 911 conspiracy footage on U Tube, you must see before it disappears. The Bible's version of Yen Yang or Karma, "what you sow. so shall you reap'. I've heard the next great war will be for water, for what ever reason the Earth is heating up. If mankind caused or not, it's still happening. Phoenix is way ahead of the game by filling the aquifers under the city with water. Phoenix or the Valley of the Sun, is surrounded by mountain, when bridges are built over the dry Salt River bed they never reach bed rock. So what you have are all the giant caverns under us capable of holding millions of acre feet of water in storage. Always said their is something planned by someone for future needs in this area of the World. To many UFO and other natural occurance in this part of the World. What draws people to this heat, whats in store for the future. Noticed we set a record for deaths in Afganistan and Iraq already with a month and a half to go. Heard Reagans speach about, how a threat from outer space would unite he World. Seems to me their doing their damnest to hide the facts. Also why not a giant show from above, why only certain people in certain places? Why are other World goverments willing to come out about the UFO and not our goverment? Were the Rosewell crashes staged, still can't get a grip on that one. How could someone with such advanced tecnology run into the Earth? Doesn't fit in any real answers, but then what do I know. Nice touch to tea, slice some dryed papaya and pineapple and use as sweetner. Why didn't Reagan bring out what the goverment knew about UFOs when he was in office? After that speech, did they tell him to shut up about such things, operation Blue Book had been around for years? Wonder just how much power does a president really have, the system stays and presidents come and go? Like what happened to John F. Kennedy and his family, you just don't come in an make waves. They learned with their lives, one and all, letting Teddy be the token Kennedy alive, what a mess. Your best bet, if you go to office is just go with the flow, do as you told and skim you share of money. Sunday night dreams. bye

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