Monday, November 12, 2007

"Citizens of Rome and America"

Is "America" ancient Rome, two thousand years latter? The same fate that brought the end of the Roman Empire is the same one that confront us now. The Romans could not secure their border's and neither can we. All the cheap labor and poverty to the south of us will be our down fall. The current administration whats to control the World, but the dumb fucks don't even know how to stop illegal immigration. Cheap labor will not cure our ills, we need a strong middle class of the smartest, not the cheapest. The middle class is dying and "America" is along with it. What will be the incentive to try harder. Soon you'll have a brain drain back to European countries. All the brain trust will be living in places like Monte Carlo. "America" will look like something from a Mad Max movie. People at the top seem to never look beyond the wallet, look at Iraq now. The dumb fucks running this show are only thinking of the now. Never looking to see what this deception will bring latter. Still hard for me to comprehend how badly one human will treat another. Where are the soul that "Jesus" is coming to retrieve, can't find any of those cats. Will "Jesus" come back if the aren't any souls to retrieve? Maybe that why the Jew's guy hasn't shown up yet, no souls to lead to the promise land, damn that sounds like the Mormons. Are all the past great leader ("Jesus", "Buddha" etc.) circling overhead waiting for some souls to develop? Are the "Alien's" our "Christ", an our government just like the Roman's will deny their presence? The "Time" is ripe for something big to happen, not that chessie war in Iraq. Where is John Prine sadly, but it all has come to pass, Mr. Peabodies Coal train an all. His train even got the "Hopi" coal and water. Will the Jewish media be the mouth for, theirs nothing in the air, you people are just seeing thing. The rich Jews are really in a bind her, they have got nowhere in the World where their accepted to run to. Israel is a mess, will be always, no fat cat Jew is going to want to live their. Israel will never be safe. Will the Jews go down with their captors as part of the lie. Why isn't their far more coverage in the press of whats going on above us? Goverment says it doesn't exist, so the Jewish media is forced to go along, by their captors. Freedom of press is a dead term now, only trust worthy news is from the net, not TV or print media. Who said, I only know what I read in the news papers? Those days are behind us now, as long as a person can use the net to reach others. That keeps everbody some what honest now, to many stories breaking on the net distorying live. Look at the Republicans in recent years, the Jewish media keeps things quite, but the stories broke on the net. The bloggers now have more power than the media, because their trusted. All the systems lies are harder and harder to hide. Hardly a news paper in "America" makes money from selling their propaganda in print. News paper power is at its end and less than ten pecent of "America" gets their news from the evening news programs. Thats why Bush and Cheney are so hated, the Jewish media can't protect them from the net. Here we are back to "Smart White Boy Power", cream always come to the top. The White boys in their basements changing the World, just like the Hippies did. The goverment tried to stop the movement in sixties and seventies an couldn't and the net is off and running with no way to stop it. People are more tuned out than ever, look at how much video and music options their are now. Sure looks like "Roman" days to me. bye PS Will all the coruption in Washington, force the states to start thinking how the federal goverments power over the state should be limited?

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