Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Crop Circles"

Don't care what kind of propaganda and who ever is doing it, humans are not out making all those beautiful crop designs. Gone way past just some random circles and has turned into incredible art work. Digital patterns of faces, unlike the face on the moon, but faces, animals and such. One mans opinion thinks, thing are being ratcheted up little by little, more and more sightings and circles. If you got a great photo of something unusual its because you were aloud to have photo, not some random thing. Creativity of the circles, and other pictures is almost like some "Alien's" now are trying to out do each other. Starting to get some here in "Arizona" now, near some old Indian ruins and canals near Queen Creek. You almost get the filling that "Arizona" was the center of a lot of activity, no matter where it was sitting on the face of the earth. Why were the "Hopi" put here and brought back after each destruction of the Earth surface? Why was there a circle at the top of the hieroglyphs on "Old Oribia", like a starting point, read on? An outer circle and two inner just like my stone, same people? That round object sent my World into a whole new dimension. Maybe that what the circle makers are preparing you for next. Like "Christ" returning, but on their terms not yours, that makes you feel good. Looks as if will all get to see, maybe soon. It's two by two is four and four by four is sixteen and so on, like an Earth quake scale. Someone wants noticed, the ET face now on the net is a good example of advance of the crop circles. To many flaps (multiple craft at once) being seen now. Making sure their seen and photographed, and now a place to be shown on the net. As if they gave the goverment the tecnology, now used it against them via the net and no way the goverment can sensor or stop it. How many millions of witnesses are out their now, almost five percent of "Americas" have now had sighting. This number has to be growing and right along with the more crop circles. Google Earth showing all those circles in such a close proximity. Why now, goverment didn't stop Google from doing Google Earth and now showing all these incredible photos now. Fake or not the point is being made, alot of people now are seeking knowlege of whats going on above us. Art Bell is a perfect example of the growth of people seeking answers and not trusting the system for answers. The federal goverment is falling on it's own lies, just like in "Roman Times". The system is drunk with power now, the "Alien's" are getting more and more press, something has to give sooner or latter. To many thing vieing for our attention, I guess will all just have an wait and see who really has the power. ETs must have a leg up on everything, don't see any of our flying objects doing what the ETs are capable of. bye PS My writing probably have the same effect as my shaving once a week has on the envirioment, but that doesn't stop me.

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