Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Government out of Control"

The land of free speech and assembly, theirs another train that's left the station. Operation Blue Book, the investigation of something the government says doesn't exist. Have a friend that was one of the early people that started a UFO investigation group back I believe in the seventies. He tells the story of in the beginning they were a small group people. As "Time" went on their little group was starting to grow as friends would tell friends. Here in "Arizona" it wouldn't take much to grow because of all the sighting here. It grew from just meeting at some one's home to having to go to restaurant an request an area to meet in. A lot of the new comers were of course from the government. The old line if you have four UFO investigator in a room, one will be from the government. Sure enough with in "Time" they had been given a free place to hold their meetings. Here in lies the kicker, the place offered them was the National Armory building in east "Phoenix". The government had moved in an destroyed, a pure, I want to know thing into total control of it. How does this happen in the land of the free? Next they had to start working on him to discourage him from future investigation. No real threats, just little thing. He had left some laundry in his car over night, some older clothes, Next day goes out the get laundry out and dicovers his thing had been replaced by better ones. Do you think this possibley could have been Santa Claus and an early Christmas present? Well thats about all it took to slow him down. It now just talk amoung people he fells he can trust. That was the early days before the net, and the government could impact small group by simply absorbing them. Soon the implants had control and could start using the groups as a platform for disinformation. Now with the net and all the photos coming out almost day by day, the cat is out of the bag. Have friends who thought I was crazy a few years ago now want to talk to me an learn. Old "Christian" friends now because all the exsposer on the net want to talk about it. Funny talking to some of my "Christian", they want to talk at a wisper, like someone might be listening to them. Thats fear of ridicule and government, not me, I've been saying these thing sense I can remember. Once you gain knowlege you have strenght to not let ridicule from people with out knowlege effect your thoughts. When your in the dark your always on the attack, like a small dog. Gaining knowlege is on each birthday look back and see how much more you have learned in one year. To me I'm embarrassed of my self, because of new lessons I've learned during the year. Once you get stuck on one way or thought of doing thing, thats the end. Soon your brain will shut down, because what's the point, and the body right behind it. bye PS pull up on The Arizona Republic news paper archives to Oct 1947, not sure of day, you will see the path of our UFO crash hear in "Arizona" and an eye witness interview.

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