Thursday, November 15, 2007

Noticed on Yahoos top ten searches that UFO was in their now, at number nine. Number eight was Boy George, if I was an ET I'd be pissed. Seen on U Tube and heard from our maintenance man about latest abduction in the open, with witnesses. Either the ET's want to be seen or our government is trying to spread fear among the citizens of the World. Finally found the video of the National Press Club with Symington and others on 12 November, of UFO sightings and abductions. First "Time" I've heard of witnesses to an abduction floating in air. For the most part it was the same stories, told by people in or were in political office. They'll have about the same effect as the rest us getting the government to release what they have. Slim and none, just like Barry Goldwater when he was a congressman from "Arizona". Goldwater had is own UFO sightings as a pilot in the Air Force. Barry wanted to get into the base where the remains of Roswell crash was stored. He was told he didn't have a high enough clearance to get in. Goldwater spent a lot of "Time" with the "Hopi" and "Navajo's", but his main concern was with the "Hopi". He knew of the "Hopi" and the Ant People connection. The Smokie Dancers of Prescott were is founding. Trying to lure the "Alien's" to him, may not have been such a great idea. If the bull shit the government is putting out their now is true. They may of wanted to eat him, or at least suck his fluids from his body. Lonnie and Patrick both told me how much the "Hopi" hated him. Books about him tell a different story of course, you see him posing with the Indians and their Kachina's. Barry was not up their to give the Indians anything, like most whites he was up their to take. And take he did, stealing their dances and going to Prescott to reinact them. Problem with that is you can't steal someone past and prayers and just take them somewhere else, like their yours. The Navajo have tryed to take from the "Hopi" and their Karma got them with the great march. The "Hopi" predicted that the Navajo would survive the round up by the US Calvary and grow to a tribe of many, many eons before it happened. Not sure the "Hopi" knew who would do them in, just that it would happen. The "Hopi" named them the people who hit people in the head with rock, thats the translation in "Hopi". You can tell by the weapon, it was long before even the bow and arrow, back when rocks where the weapon of choice. That alone gives you some idea how old the "Hopi" culture is. That would put it at least back to the Stone Age. When Genetic get farther down the road of stacking the DNA, it will be interesting to see where the "Hopi" show up. If Darwin is right where they the first real human. The "Hopi" don't seem to show that Darwins theory hold true, because of the Ant People intervention. Until your death or the "Alien's tell us it all will be only theory. Theories are like a naval, every one got one. bye PS Help unload a 12 foot 1200 pound carving of a Bear, sure hope that tree was dead, like a "Hopi" Kachina wood.

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