Friday, November 16, 2007

"American History and Baseball"

The baseball documentary PBS and Burn's did together showed how history and baseball ran parallel lines. Scandals in government and baseball would occur in both at he same "Time". Now in the same "Time" frame we have Bush and Cheney leading us into a war with lies, and Barry Bonds lied to a Grand Jury. All baseball records in the last ten years or so are tainted from all the steroids use. When Bond's played baseball at Arizona State he was a skinny fast guy, now looks like a behemoth. Bush and Cheney's last eight years are also tainted from lies. Corruption and the I need more parallel each other now. The White House is for sale and all baseball records are for sale. How many lies can Bush and Cheney tell and how good can you disguise my steroid use. Bush and Cheney Lied about Saddam's weapon then blamed the CIA. Bond did the same thing to another player on his team. Their a picture showing Willie Mays and Bonds standing together after Bonds broke Arron's record, Willie looks embarrassed. Bonds looked like a gladiator, Mays looked like an old ball player. Just like Bush and Cheney living for the moment, baseball players living for the moment. Bush and Cheney were past loosers, so are players that have to take steroids to bulk up to be competitive. Bush failed at everything he tried and Cheney went down with Nixon's lies. Theirs no one to be trusted in government so why would you have it in baseball. While the Cats away the Mice will play. A country takes on the personality of it's leaders just like a business take on the personality of the owner. Baseball owners see corrupution in the White House and turn their heads the other way when they know damn well their players are taking steroids. Kind of funny the congressmen going after baseball when their so corrupted. They should spend more "Time" cleaning up their own house. That the white trash we've elected, honkies out of control. Most elected officals look like the runt of the litter, phyically or mentally any way. The ones with the most to prove to some one I don't know who. Willing to sell their soul for instant fame. Like I've said, to me a lower form of life, not quite human. Scum bottom feeders that could never look you in the eye. All pro ball players use stimulate to keep up with the grid of the season. When I was a kid we took white crosses, that was illegal, not the good stuff the ball players are getting from their doctors. Baseball players are like Presidents, you can watch them age in front of your eyes. Wonder how much money Bonds is giving to that guy sitting in jail now, to not talk. (BALCO) Just like what Bush and Cheney did to Scotter Libby, simply out of control with power, willing to distory any one, to safe them selfs. Like soul less drunks, as long as I'm drunk I won't notice, just having to good of "Time". Weather it's power, drugs or alcohol, it's all the same. Barry wanted to be White and Bush and Cheney wanted to be tall. All had a lot to prove, at any cost. Like Donld Trump said about him self, I must be the most insecure man on Earth. Trump can't stop wanting to be noticed, you can see why, look at his kids, the sins of the father all over. How many little people did he hurt along the way to fame, Yen Yang. Until recently baseball was "America" sport, as "America" is no more like it once was, baseball is no more like it once was, it will be forever tainted, without trust. bye

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