Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Everything has it's Place"

Before the introduction of mankind's inability to stop destroy the Planet, everything had a relationship to each other, total Yen Yang. Balance of Nature was perfect, nothing out of sequence, no missing parts, no extra parts. Mankind has changed all that now, trying to be "God". Certain plants grew with each other in balance. Mankind cannot stop trying to put things the way they want them. Our government nose in other governments affairs, when our affairs are a mess. Bush and Cheney's "Time" nears an end, so the democrats will come along and undo everything the republicans put in place. Hopefully putting an end to War first, children and people second. Gates begging for more money for War, when the country is tired of it, absolutely no soul what so ever. Wonder if he's a drunk so he can sleep at night, how do any of them sleep at night. I've tried to live well, and I'm scared of them, not sure if on this side you get protection from such animals as them. Is it pure and simple survival of the fittest? "God" can't intervene, this is your trial no to prostate yourself to them and have faith someone is watching over you. Mental power over physical power in the end, from the Bible, in faith the size of a mustard seed. "Mayans" tell same story, when mankind can control evil by mind power alone. Sin or evil, can be conquered mentally, with mental power. Educated people will start to develop these power to clean up the Planet. Past ways to be aborted as fast as posible, unload the past of Bushes and Cheney types and start moving forward. Hopefully their are no War mongers in our future and we can get on with trying to see if the Planet can be saved. Bush is probable right in saying everone will be dead, rat smells his own hole first. A Freudian slip, talking of him self, "Time" will tell, all things are sure to pass. You don't get to be on top long, life is real short. You could never tell that with our current politicians, never a thought of what if. Only thought, look at me now, in this moment. Will mind power be the future, will a cleansing of the Planet like in the past occure. Only the mentally powerful one's will survive this trascendence into the new. All who prostated them selfs for the here and now will perish, just like all Bible's tell. Only the Free Thinker, ones not lead around by lies, knowing by instinct, this is not the right way. Are you a Free Thinker, or just another whore, prostating yourself for more for you. For all the Free Thinkers, whores must be in the back ground, Yen Yang. Are you a more, or are you less, lifes choices of Free Will. Take now or try and give for future considerations, like a "Hopi" begining story. Take less now, they took the harshness of their home land, not the rivers and trees, for future considerations. The rest of the Indians optied for the good life, look at them now. The "Hopi" are still where they started while the rest were killed, dispersed around the country or put on reservations'. You can't explain it any better than that. You not here to take, only to learn and pass you tests of loyalties to a Higher Power. Most people have lost this ability to strive and be pure, thats why all the interest in the "American Indians" by the rest of the World. The last pure thought were had was by the "Hopi", history has proved that. bye

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