Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Government Failures"

See in the poles, that the "Alien's" have a higher trust rating than our representatives in Washington. More people believe in "Alien's than what congress is doing to our country. Well over half the citizens of "America" believe in ET's while congress has less than twenty percent approval rating. Taking is the number one priority for congress, not trying to repair any thing like damage from Katrina, as Air Force One flew over giving the president a better view of the blacks dying. The FCC is now controlled by the private sector, with the Murdocks of the World control TV, radio and press. All the thing "American" was great about, is now run by criminals like Bush and Cheney. Our constitutions has been destroyed by the current administration of criminal, you just can't put a tie on those Pigs, Bush, and Cheney. "America" needs to wake up and see whats happening to them, piece by piece. Truly the ugly "Americans" the World hates and fears just like us educated ones here. Never heard an educated person say anything good about our leaders of today. Hillary is just the best of the least, like Bush once appeared, but he was lying to us, no soul, dead eyes. Can't get out of Iraq, can't stop the illegals, Afghanistan is a failure, rebuilding from Katrina is a failure, not one positive thing completed in years. Absolute failure on the part of the government and the fat cats get fatter. Some revenge in the fact that their diets are killing them slowly but surely. Government begging for money to kill with, never for humanity, is "America" this ignorant, yes it is. I feel sorry for the children of today, what future do they have. Our leaders are leaving nothing for them but scorched soil. I better stop, writing these things just up set me anyway, sad there true. A bud bought the contents of a Mini storage, we found a book from 1987. The UFO Phenomenon by Time-Life Books, amazing how far we have came from then to hear. Very few good photos, no real videos, unlike Google and U Tube of today. Seems the closer we get to 2012 the more things from above want to be photographed. A great cartoon showing the government expert, Ed U. Condon being draged off by "Alien's", people yelling, just tell them you don't believe in them. Another government failure, just never tire of making asses of them selfs. All ways some ignorant young politician willing to jump on the sword for the cause. Plenty of kids in Iraq doing that daly for Bush and Cheney. Condon guy looked like a pig with a tie on, a true taker. All government officals are prostating them selfs for personal gain. Why in the hell is Hillary running for office anyway, don't the Clinton's have enough money now? It's simple, power is just another form greed, they have money, that's not enough, some real sick people their, government takers. Only a sick-o run for office, not people with souls. Operation Blue Book, a book about nothing, another government failure. A person could go on for days listing failures over the last seven years. Don't know of one positive thing that has happened. The people are getting sadden by the constant crap of be very afraid. You fools in power never stop, you have no soul, no after life to look forward to, only the present, government failure, failure is all they know. bye

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