Monday, November 19, 2007

"No Happy Faces Now"

The holidays again, "Time" for the system to work on your guilt complex. The great Madison Ave. take, shoving a bunch of crap on you worth nothing, go through you closet to remind your self of past Christmas gifts. Buying useless junk, just to make sure everyone is covered. It's only a matter of "Time" before all gifts start becoming environmentally clean. This year the Chinese, leaded up all the toys, what next. Maybe the "Americans" will wise up and start think everything green. Making a person not fill guilty about the gift they gave, like energy saving bulbs, a plants, shower head, things to start a garden with. Go over and help someone with a project, give more than a piece of worthless plastic. Even something simple you have made or written a poem on a piece of wood. Try giving something of your self, not something of China. A few pretty stones for someones patio or garden you have found. "America's" needs this for it's self, something up lifting, slow down and stay away from the Mall. Lets start taking "America" back from the hands on Madison Ave. The bean counters on Madison Ave. could care less for you, their only care is the bottom line. Our life style had been changed for us, if your not in a hurry your a looser, I'm a looser. No caffeine or sugar in my system, I run on good nutrition, not like a chicken with it's head cut off. You have all these high paid people on Madison Ave. sitting around thinking of ways to take your hard earned money. Why not prove your to smart to be told what is cool, change the system with your buying habits by not buying, try creating. People need to wake up to the propaganda being shoved down their throats by government and Madison Ave.. "Time" to start questioning the status quo, this is the land of the free. People free to decide their own way dressing and thinking, the basics of why this country was created. Now you can't even smile because of all the propaganda of fear being put out their by the networks. "Time" for good old hippie intervention again, "Time" to rattle some cages, simply with buying power. States like Arizona and California need to start leading the way to better invironmental controls. Lets face it the federal government is totally worthless, corruption to the core, simply can't be trusted. When was the last "Time" was someone was trusted, Kennedy, he's dead for it. The last seven years with Bush's people have been pure failure, their only claim to fame is we were not attack again. A large amount of people believe we attacked our selfs anyway. Their enough stuff on U Tube to convence most of a set up. The power drunk people of Washington could care less for you, only of then selfs, damn "America" wake up, quit being lead around by fools. We need some happy faces like in the Fiftys, where is "Ike". bye Smile if you can, instead of smoke em if you got em.

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