Thursday, December 6, 2007

"D.M. d D.T. II"

Their all lying surely Bush is laminating, kind of like the Pot calling the Kettle black. The only one capable of telling the truth is Bush, isn't that what he wants us all to believe? Bush in bed with Israel, saying the government report is bogus, makes no sense. After all, weren't the Jew's responsible for the death of "Jesus"? Who turned him in and who removed the stone? Their desperate men, Bush and Cheney, so easily bought off by the highest bidder. Bush and Cheney are desperate for attention like actors and the kid in Nebraska yesterday. At any cost to be the center of attention, no mater who dies. The kid in Nebraska another fatherless child, no family base, no one to turn to, so he turned to death. One of my beliefs about the Jewish media, and the death of the "American" family. It will come back to haunt the Jews, look at the rebirth of Hitler's movements and skin heads. The Jews are their number one target, their aren't enough police in any town to protect the Jews from the inevitable. As the families break down, their will be, more and more backlash from the white youth. The Jews in "America" will be right back where they started in Germany, it's only a mater of "Time". They never seem to learn their lesson, like a three legged dog. Once again the Jews will be desperate men. Bush and Cheney's own government has turn on them, the ones they thought they had under control. The only mouth they have now is, Condo Rice, and she will for some dumb reason, go out and say stupid things for them. You have to hand it to her, she keep throwing her self on the sword. Now maybe we don't have to worry about Bush and Cheney starting another war on their watch. The both of them are now as crazy as Hitler at the end. All alone with a few loyal fallowers, no great legacy of leadership, only death and destuction as a history, desperate men. Where are they going to hide in a year, when all the questions start? They'll have no press aid to send to the slaughter, like Rice, Snow and others. People starting to talk about the comparison of Iraq inteligence and Iran nuclear weapons, spinning on the centrifuge story. I'm going to use my centrifuge next week to make some jewery, sure hope I don't get bombed. Government agencies now pointing the finger at each other, on the intelligence we used to attack Iraq. I know I sure get depressed about some of my bad moves in life over the years, but no comparison to Bush, Cheney. How do they sleep at night, can they stand to alone? Any word on Rumfeld out there, is he alive? Who's out there to pick up the pieces of our country now, it's surely not Hillary. As the old "American Indian" line goes, she speaks with forked tougue. The Clintons should be in hiding, not running for public office. Those two have their own skeletons in the closet. McCain looks like the grandfather on King of the Hill, except someone chopped off his arms, he is about a funny looking fucker. "Time" has not been good to him, living off his wifes family money. The Morman out, the guy from N.Y. had way to many wifes, a fat actor from the south, just sounds stupid, Edwards a lawyer, the guy with Chuch Norris is a southerner. The guy with the UFO sighting I trust, he came forward when most in public office wouldn't. The "Alien's" let him see them, thats a real good sign. They pick the ones they want to know, that their out their. All the desperate men from the Bush, Cheney era, will have to start answering alot of big questions soon. bye

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