Friday, December 7, 2007

"A Backward Little Planet"?

Are we no more than a backward little Planet on the edge of the known Universe? What really has progressed spiritually since the arrival of this evolution of mankind? "God" or the "Alien's" have given us our little simple toys. Still praying to someone or something we can't quite understand. Still willing to listen to the unintelligence that surrounds us. While the "Alien's" fly in and out of our reality, like fireflies glowing in the dark. We are living in total darkness of what is the true meaning of life. Willing to fear an enemy that was created by the government. Willing to go to church and be lead by the uneducated, into a corner fear. Where is Bush's Higher Source now, hiding out in the basement of the White House? Or is the Higher Source just another one of his many lies. Could it be, the people that really own him and put him in power? My guess, it's the ones that owns him, like you or I would own a pet. Bush and Cheney aren't smart enough to find their own way home, just sellers of their souls, for a moment of power. People in or government are at the highest level of prostration, one of the greatest sins from their own so called Bible's. Somewhere in the after life, will all this make sense. Is life no more than picking through all the garbage of lower forms of humans. Bush, Cheney, and Putin have got to be the cream of the crop, of the current lower forms of humanity. All three are small men wanting to be noticed, George Bush always had big brother Jeb towering over him as a child. Hopefully all three don't have any sons and the DNA stops their. How much older are other parts of the Universe than our own, does anyone absolutely really know? How long is a day in the Universe, with no moon to count by? Sit down and start writing down all the thing you really can't get a grip on, you might get a little more humble. See how many thing you believe in, have a rock under them. In our lives, look back and see all the changes from one given to another. See how all World leaders from the past, have had their own agenda for power and caring less for the others under them. Somethings seem to never change, whats in it for me, gruby little fingers. Listening to old misic and word from Steppenwolf at work today reminded me how little has change in fourty years. Lyrics like, people in power not caring about their own son's and daughter's. Someone ought to ask Bush, if everybodies going to die soon, why do we need to be at war, what future, what a moron. The only thing more scary than Bush, are the people that elected him, are they all morons also? How about the people striking deals with him, like Gore and Hillary? Truely the backwater of humanity we all live amongst, here in the outback of the Universe. Me like most people of our grand little Planet, live in fear of the stupidity that surrounds our daytoday lives, simple littles lifes of just trying to get by. While a handfull want and need, to control for some unknown reason the rest of us lives. Hopefully all Bibles and ancient tales are correct and the meek surely will inherite the Earth. Where do all the false prophets go after death, were they sent so the survivors would learn from them or fail by believeing in them? There seem to be no loose ends to "God's" plan. No plant or animal not withouts it's place in the cycle of life. Everything in life fits perfectly together, except mankind. A perfect balance until our arrival, now we are distorying that perfect balance, why let us? Allways a mystery to me, why the distruction of the Planet is allowed to go on, not questioning wondering? If you came from another Galaxy, wouldn't this seem like a "Backward Little Planet"? bye

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