Saturday, December 8, 2007


There was a little hope that the new guy Robert Gates would be more toward peace and bringing the troops home. But he same old line of war and more war. It must of been real hard on the military when it was announced that Iran had stopped it's nuclear program for weapons. The Pentagon needs wars going at all "Time", if not they get cut back, like in the years leading up to 911. Lately their budget have grown greatly, and with it, more power. With a war going they get a lot of new weapons to try out, lots of cash flow. A lot of corruption in the back ground, with all these deals for new weapons. A good example is, while in the Navy living in Hawaii on an enlisted mans wages, in our Quonset hut, their where piles of old thing still from WW II. The theory the more you spend the more you get. With my tiny income and living on Oahu, I was force to trade old flight jackets for food with the guys in the mess hall. Vietnam was going on and everybody had plenty of everything, corruption everywhere, even on bottom of the food chain, me. All the Generals and the Republicans want a investigation into the report on Iran's weapons. As Ike said, about the giant military industrial complex, just look and see who wants the investigation and there you'll find there mouths of the propaganda for constant war. Hopefully soon, the "Alien's" will show their hand and all this bull shit of lies will have to stop. To much resent activity in the sky lately for something to not be happening. Google and U Tube have in many ways opened Pandora's Box. The Hippies started the ball rolling and the internet exposed it to World. The only county not accepting the facts and telling their citizens is "America". U Tube has hourly up dates of videos coming in now. It's begining to become true, soon Google will be more powerful than any government. It's power to expose lies the government tells, has surely led to the hatered of congress and government. Soon the net will be in every corner of the Planet and all corrupt systems will be exposed to their citizens. China tried and failed to control Google's input into their society. Their is no way to stop this train of freedom of information. The "Mayan's" profoundly said that at the end of "Time" as we know it, everyone will look into crystal and gain knowlege. Your TV and computor are that crystal, and 2012 is fast approching. They never miss a lick, about our future except, what happens after 2012. Is that what Bush is talking about, no future? When you think about it, the net has for the most part torn down boundries, seperating counties. It has become one World now, one thought tied to another by the net. No government can stop an individual from communicating with anyone they choose, anywhere. We do live in Google's World now, no one cares about what any politician says now days, just talk to the kids, they could care less. All they need to know is, can Google get me their fast, no waiting, the answer is yes. Bush's bull shit is only listen to by us old fucks, who where alive before the net, and don't know any better. The military propaganda machine won't work on the net, you can't spam them into that World. The Planet is way over crowded and the air stinks, something has to give,2012. bye

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