Sunday, December 9, 2007


First noticed odd lines in the sky while doing electrical work on a church near Carefree, about ten years ago. Pulled up to the back of the church where my work was. Got out of my truck, noticed a giant Raven trying to rip a piece of metal off the roof of the church, while looking up I noticed a large cross in the sky. It seemed odd at the "Time", first because it was directly over a ancient "Hopi" point on a ridge line, second it was to perfect. The odds of two aircraft flying in two different direction at the same moment to create this giant cross, seemed highly unlikely. It's true that once you have had a UFO sighting, your always looking up at the sky, waiting for another sign your not alone. The symbolism of the Raven ripping away at the church roof and the giant cross just north of it and the fact this all happened at a perfect moment when I first arrived, still weighs on me. To me it meant the true Christ has yet to come and the church they created in his name, must be torn down. The Raven's are such a powerful force in most Native American cultures, as a bearer of news from the other side. The "Hopi" call them, Navajo Eagles, heard from Pat and Lonnie while sitting on the point north of "Old Oribia", when one went flying by and was staring at the three of us over his shoulder. Years later I discovered I was not alone in seeing these crosses. A friend had warned me about these other lines in the sky, known as Chem-Trails, a few years ago. I had heard of using chemicals in clouds for rain making but this was all new.(cloud seeding) Seems people at MUFON had been noticing this change in the so called vapor trail of airlines many years ago. This friend and another female resercher, had been hit by some of the chemical near Fountain Hills while taking photos of the Chem-Trails. The big question is why, and what is the chemical being sprayed? Just seem like were all treated like mushrooms, keed in the dark and you know what. They are very easily spotted from ordinary con-trails. You can watch con-trails disappear soon after they are created by the aircraft, to where chem-trails linger and spread out over an area. Saw some south of Scottsdale a few days ago. Now I noticed on good old U Tube a bunch of great photos of them. I just figured this was our government up to it's same old tricks, but now their are photos from around the World of these chem-trails. The Net has made the World much smaller now, last nights blog. How can this be keep away from the people of the World? Heard that the chem-trails are being used to fix the Ozone to rain to starting to kill off the population to save the Planet. Are the "Alien's" part of this story, what gives? If the rest of the World wants to be open about the UFO thing, why not tell rest of us what are these chem-trails being used for? The answer doesn't have to come from "America" to be trusted. In fact it would be more trusted if it did come from another government. Sad to say but true, "American's" for the most part, don't trust our government any more. We'ed trust that lady from Germany first over Bush and we were at war with them sixty years ago. Our own government is broke, when it's own people don't trust it any more, it becomes powerless in the long run. People need faith in "God" and country, only about twenty five percent of "Americans", now have faith in our system. We have become a leaderless country now, with no new leader waiting in the wings, just whores waiting to take orders from, "God' who knows. "American's" now have no impute, as to how things are done in Washington. "Americans" voted to bring troops home, Hillary and the gang of whores in congress sent in more troops. Why even bother with an election, just have fake ones like in Russia now with Putin. Maybe are elections are already fake, who's to really say, what watch dog group do we have we can trust anyway? Were willing to send people to other counties to watch their elections, how about our own. Last exit poles showed Gore winning and some how he lost. Giving us all a bunch of bull shit reasons why the exit poles were wrong. Is anybody awake out their, or are the Chem-trails doing their job? A bunch of people aimlessly walking around likde zombies. People living in fear of what can happen next, is the next great fear, the use of Chemical bombardment from the sky? bye

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