Monday, December 10, 2007

"Dysfunctional Press and Government"

Saw in the news this afternoon about Michael Vick and his sentencing, the press was all over it. Piling on which he so deserves, but when it comes to failures of the government they tend to look the other way. Bush trying to give a press conference about Iraq's elections and drunker than shit was ignored. A man who has the ability to go straight to "God", should be able to control his drinking habits, wouldn't you think? To me a man who supposedly can talk to "God" on behalf of the rest of us is much bigger news than Michael Vick. It reminds me of the story about Babe Ruth, running naked through a train car chasing a prostitute. The press turn to one another and say, we didn't see that. If it wasn't for Dave Letterman, most "Americans" wouldn't of even known about Bush's drinking problems. It always seem the lower forms of humanity are attracted to politics and anything that gets them in the eye of the public. Now just like in the Nixon years we have tapes being destroyed, of interrogations to prisoners. Cheney was part of that cover up also, was Bush Sr, in that mix? Cheney pushed for tougher interrogations, when actually the military didn't want it in fear of reprisals to their troops. Bush's eye show of ignorance, where Cheney's eye show of vengefulness. I just get these feelings, like alot of "Americans", thing aren't right with any part of the press or government. To many ignorant people in government to be ignored. Looks like Bush and Gore did strike a deal after all, Bush gets to be President, Gore got the Nobel prize. It all just fits to well together when you throw in the final counting of the electorial votes and the exit poles telling us all Gore won. (F911) Fat ass Gore never did anything for the environment, that alot of other people haven't been saying since the sixties. He's way to fat to be going out on a Green Pease and boat chasing whaleing boats. Ognorant politicians up to the same old bull shit, patting each other on the back, when not in the publics eye. The great fix, and everbody bought into it except me and surely a handfull of other citizens, the free thinker. In Russia they kill the press that doesn't agree with them. Here your just not invited to the press conference. Fat ass Gore will start telling people how he's going to save the environment. The fat fuck couldn't fix a flat tire on a bicycle, to fat to bend over to be able to do it. He should start his next campaign on obesity, useing his own body as an example of what not to look like. He's like Dr. Phil telling people how to be, when he's another fat ass ignorant person, in the publics eye. These losers in real life, with the help of the press, get to look like their some kinds of great minds. Just shows how ignorant the press is in the country. The Jews figure they'll show a bunch of ugly ignorant gentils on the TV and in papers and they'll some how not look so fucked up. What happens when you put a tie on a pig, nothing, you get a pig with a tie on. You watch our local channel 3 in the morning and watch them fight for face "Time". Most of them should have night jobs so they don't have to show their faces at all. Government, media, press are all dysfunctual types of personalities, but for some reason have to be noticed. bye

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