Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Feeling Sorry for Mankind"

Does "God" have a soft spot in his heart for mankind? A tough thought, as you travel through life's paths, you must wonder with all the that you see. Life's tragedies and what seem not fair, or trying your faith in what you have chosen to attach your star. Seeing people being brain washed into the type of food "Americans" consume now. People with sore on the faces and frail from a bad diet, trusting the system far to much. People willing to die for their, "God" against a people they don't even know because they worship a different "God". Seem the farther you venture away from the metropolitan area, the more of the deterioration of the citizens. Here in "America" it would be hard to find someone willing to put a suicide vest on, in the name of "Jesus", and go blow up some Muslims. But out their in the out back parts of the World, it's easy. Educated people have a way of finding each other and grouping. Here in Arizona you see it more and more. Our local university was know as a renegade school, now it's a major player in the studies of the Universe and Mars. An old line, one personality can make a bar go. (pub) "God" loves a fool and a drunk, kind of says it all. It seem all mankind seems to reach their 'Peter Principle', and just either given up or don't see where they are. They chose this is all I am, or will ever be. Guilt never even a passing thought for their state of being, why am I fat, kind of thing. What will it take to be a kinder person, a more foregiving soul. Like so many "Americans" now, I'd love to move to a more rural area, but the people are always so backwards, it hard to do. You soon find out why those people chose to be living apart from the more educated people. There, their because they can't compete in the modern World. There not willing to change and learn, just repeating the sins of their fathers. So few advance among us, people just toiling along like Mud Man, no prayers to their Creator, Molder, Maker. Some believe that what you have now, is all you get. No one coming to up grade as you would say, the evalution of mankind. The Christians and Jews believe their is soon to be some kind of intervention. This just might be hopefull thinking, people might be doomed like Mud Man, and Stick Man. No more getting to there from here, like a starting point. No more souls coming from Planet Earth as we call it. Nothing to harvest, no souls, only greed and immorality. Burnt, scorched, souless, in need of rebirth. Are the Motherships above us collecting all spieces two by two, like in the story of 'Noah's Arch', in preperation for something much bigger? It all tie's right into 2012 "Time" line. All these different type of UFO's being seen around the World now, are they picking up the pieces of doomed Planet, mankind has distroyed? Maybe feeling sorry for mankind finally just got to hard on "God", and the gig is up? No up lifting spirits amongst us to lead the correct way, plenty amongst us to lead the wrong way, and take money. Are future now only has war in it, nothing really to look forward to, just killing and more killing in the name of "God". Maybe "God's" tired of this death in is name, and will just end it all in 2012. bye PS Finally some good rain storms here in Arizona.

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