Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Americans and TV"

You are what you eat, does that mean, you are what you watch. We've become an obese society, so I guess, because of it one of the most popular shows on TV is, Biggest Loser. People love watching people with bigger failures than their own. I call the city of Mesa, a town where theirs always some one fatter than you. A good example would be a Sub Way in east Mesa, no veggie loaf no spinach, because no one ever orders it. Typical rural area away from the main stream of "America", touched on this in last blog. "Americans" love to help someone out because they feel they got a leg up on them, makes them feel better about their own failures. As a country we keep trying to shove Christianity and Democracy down the rest of the Worlds throats. It all being based on faith, more than willing to kill them for it. Just like the Catholics of the past and what they did to MesoAmerica. TV does the same thing, doing it's best to make you feel guilty about you state of mind. Like my daughter said once about going to church, they just keep trying to make you feel guilty about everything you do or think. She's torn between the propaganda and me, poor child. I've only have me, and my life style, where as they have a giant machine of propaganda. Churches and TV, have the same problem, their just another Snake Oil salesman, with nothing of real value to offer. Watching Deal or no Deal shows the true "American" behavior. The Blacks and other minorities seem to keep going, telling them selfs they deserve it, until it is gone. The Whites seem to want to strike a deal, the old, bird in hand. The educated white ones understand the odds, to where the minorities think it's owed to them, like O.J. and the Jews. O.J. and the Jews, just don't seem to get it, that's why their hated so. Wake up and realize life is not about taking, it's giving. The Jews believe their owed a home land based on one book, their are millions of books. Jews controlling the media in "America" is not going to stop the Arabs from killing them for ever. Jewish TV propaganda here in the USA, is not going to stop an Arab kid in the middle east from blowing them up inside Israel. Exact same problem where having in Iraq and Afganistan. TV keeps telling "Americans" back home thing are going to get better, doesn't stop the dying of troops and civilians, over their. The country now seems to prefer reallity shows more than ones with actors. People are getting tired of the pretend in a not so pretend World now of constant death. It's either the war or a new mass murder daly it seems. TV now seems to be just a bombardment of fears from a far. We can't even trust spinach, that surely was a fix, backed by the beef, and other meat producers. Like the story goes, just get it out there, let some else disprove it. Saw on a Yahoo news article that meat and cancer worked hand in hand. I've been saying this for years, based on common sense. Mankind is not built like a carnivore. All "God's" creatures large and small we weren't meant to killed and eaten. Mankind was to be a passive thinker and then something went wrong. Would "God" eat his own creations, of course not, so why should you. Just as in the "Hopi" first World and Genesis. The plants were created for you to live on, and you to be, a shepherd over the animals, like "Jesus" was. Like I've said, your eating it and it's eating you up with cancer. We could go along way to saving the Planet by everyone turning vegetarian. bye

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