Thursday, December 13, 2007


There will never be peace in the middle east, it's called Revenge. The old eye for an eye, tit for tat, never we going to end this. Like the Jewish cleric at the wailing wall, backwards and unwilling for change. Far to many deaths in the past, that must be revenged. Talked to many people who thought we went into Iraq because of the, so called attempt by Saddam on Bush 1 life. Another type of Revenge, a child that hates his parents, in Revenge for their childhood. Then they become their parents and the cycle is repeated. A never ending circle of hatred, to were some where along the line, the cycle must be broken, for both parties to be able to advance along. I see it in my daughter's, daughter, I didn't attend church, so she made sure her children did. My parents made me attend church, so my children didn't. Yen, Yang, the cycle of life, always doing the opposite of your up bringing, then returning to your parent latter, because if your parents where failures, then you were a failure. No electrician ever said to me, that the guy that taught him, was an idiot, thus making him a idiot. No matter who taught him, he was just the best, money could buy, because your so special. I know it all, that's why were always at war crap, no one wants to play the Humble Card. The Humble Card will get you where I am, alone. Humble and Revenge, can't live in the same house. Humble shakes thing off, Revenge murders. Revenge will always hunt Humble down, Revenge fear's Humble, for Humble is knowledge. Humbleness, must be reached for advancement from your current state of mind. Christians, Muslims and Jews are stuck on Revenge. Constant cycle of an eye for an eye, no souls to harvest from here. No one in the group will ever play the Humble Card, no one will in fear of murder, like "Poor old Jesus". Give up the present for future considerations, will never happen in the bunch of lower type of humans. So you all ignorant asses keep playing your dumb ass game of Revenge. And diffently never look up, their might be something flying around out their that won't fit into your reallity. You know, you never really want to sit down in the dark and think for hours on hours, on other possibilities. There's no escape for you, from this realm of death an more death. You can't get there from here, your soul is stuck, here on Earth and you can't always count on the Earth being here for you. No advance from this realm, a Planet of Free Will, you have struck your deal. To each man, his own poison, or not, your Yen your Yang. Live for the moment, or play a much bigger game in the Universe, our leaders have chosen the present, never considering the future. It's the game of life your playing with, your own future considerations, think before you leap. All the kids coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental disorders because of their choices made while in combat, and before. They we their for the Revenge of "Christ", did "Christ" ever ask them to? Questions they must ask them selfs constantly, until death, they could of chosen Humble, after all it was a Card to be played. Your life is no different than a kid in combat, should I be willing to kill, it could be that roast on your dinner table. Peoples Bibles tell them to turn their cheek when attact, Revenge belongs only to "God", He created you and He'll take you out, not my job, not the military, "God's" job. Playing "God" with someone elses life, is just ignorant. Get the troops home, that's your Karma doing the killing, if you support it. bye THINK

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