Friday, December 14, 2007

"A Dog and Pony Show"

Politics in America, a slight of hand trick, a dog and pony show. Simply put, a one trick pony with no substance. No truth, no answers, just lies from all sides. The lowest of the lowest, simply trying to get elected, saying what ever you want to hear. How can the current administration ignore all the environmental concerns we have today? Refusing to join the rest of the World at large to start trying to clean up the air and water. Why, because they'll all be dead an gone by the "Time" things become totally irreversible, if their not already. They all live for the now, that's why their politicians, ignorance simply. Not one of them ever created a new idea or thought. The federal government could be done away with except for a few minor functions. A military ran by a civilian representative from each state. Each state taking care of their own citizens health and welfare. In today's World their really is no need for a strong central government. The last seven years has really driven that point home, with all the Bush failures. Everything they touch has been a failure, just look at all the whores, a congress of what, failures after failures. Have the ignorance to ask you to vote for them and the Americans are ignorant enough to do just that. This is a World wide problem not just our own. The World has been betrayed by all their leaders. Large governments only waste our taxes for their own benefit, returning only a small amount of help back to the states. Creating Monsters that don't exsist so the American people will think their needed to protect them. People of the World have got to start thinking about much bigger problem than killing. Without a enemy, what really does the federal government really do for us. All of Bush and his whores lies to get us into Iraq, is a perfect example of federal government way of doing things. Create a fiction enemy, then drag you all into thinking their a Monster in your bedroom. Americans have got to stop acting as ignorant as the people they elect. Isn't the World tired of waring, the youth of the World need to stop dieing for old men's causes. Were all now connected by the net work, not our dumb ass leaders. In reality their shouldn't really be any Armys. The "God's" have given us so much, to be able to remove our selfs from are leaders. Listining to a man on the BBC radio from Lebanon one night talk about never in his life "Time" was they ever peace in his country. He talked of how all the leaders had failed and they were only using the people as pons. Living a life of what am I today. A entire life wasted over Religion and Politics, It come down to young men willing to fight for someone elses ideologies. Exactly what the current adminstration has done to this generations youth. The kids dieing have never even had a chance to develope their own opions. The death of once a great nation, done in by it's elected officals and everyone just sits by and watches. Americans today love dog and pony shows, even their diet is a dog and pony show show, no real nutrients in it. Just sugar and white flour, its a wonder Americans live as long as they do. For all the amazing things this country has done in the past with technology, our government is full of the mostly corrupt individuals. Just a big old Dog and Pony Show, with nothing to show for their efforts. bye

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