Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Hoping on Hope"

Hoping on hope that someone will just tell me the truth. Hard to find truth in much of anything any more. Labels that are on that we eat, just has to be close, natural the label says. How close to natural can something be, when you can't say or spell the words in the ingredients. Bush and people don't have to answer to anybody, now the CIA tapes. He just never seem to stop amazing the country with his blunders and lies. Day after day of failures coming from their "Time" in office. Now freedom of the press is being taken away by Bush and his people. Their trying to let let only a hand full of people control all the media, news paper and TV. Soon well all have to get our news from some third World country. Listen to BBC news on NPR radio and you'll notice a World of difference. In America you get only a few hand pick stories, just what they want you to hear. Without PBS and NPR we would never get any real news. The Brit's are bailing out of Iraq finally, leaving only us to make asses of ourselves. Americans are so uneducated when it comes to the rest of the World. Now all baseball records are tainted from the last 15 years. Can't even trust the dumb ass jocks now. Took away all the medals the Jones girl got from track. Landis our Christian Tour de France cheated by blood doping, took away his stuff. How many different Generals have been incharge in Iraq? Did we really go to the Moon? Miles per gallon sticker on my truck when I bought it didn't have to be correct. Every women I ever had a relationship with, lied to me. Figured out at a young age, my Minister at church was lying to me. Being in the Navy in the sixties, taught me, I couldn't trust the government. The Bush, Gore election taught me, I can't trust elections in America. (Black Florida vote count) Everyone knows you can't trust your doctor, he's controled by the drug companies, he'll give you anything that involves a kickback to him. Can't trust big oil. Diffinitly can't trust the water or air. What really can you count on, in a World lacking the ability to tell a simply truth. Found out recently it takes alot of energy to creat methanol fuel, and the point would be? Electric cars that have to be pluged in save really nothing, something created the electricty being used to charge those batteries. How much energy went into making the batteries and rectifiers? Been told to use new energy saving bulbs, but it took alot of energy to build it verses a normal simle bulb. When do you reach diminishing returns? Their is no perpetual motions, known to mankind. On this level you need energy to create energy, thus it seems almost imposible to save the environment. Hoping on hope some new source of energy could be found to turn things around for Mother Earth. Hoping on hope the elections in 2008 won't be fixed. Hoping on hope the "Alien's" will step in and stop the current madness. Mankind is incapable of saving himself, from himself. Hoping on hope their more to life than this mindlessness on this level. bye

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