Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Crop Circle Artistry"

Got up this fine clear Sunday morning to get my morning propaganda news paper on my porch. Looked up to see if they were painting the sky with chemicals. Sure enough their they were, a fresh one going just southeast to just northwest, right over me. Next I noticed one coming at me from the west, or California. Within one to two hours the sky was painted with these long wide fluffy brush stokes. I could easily see the aircraft's laying out the trails with my binoculars. Some seemed to have two jet engines, some with four. The ones with four, layed out much wider trails than the ones with only twin engines. One seemed to have straight wings like an old DC-6, but with jet engines hanging below the wings. Seemed odd in this day and age of swepted wing aircraft. Sure enough a real con-trail was being formed by a aircraft going west to east, it dissipated right be hind it, like normal. Just like one of mine and a nephew UFO sighting, something to compare by. Stepped out side a few minutes ago to check the sky, saw another one going from east to west just south of the valley. Soon I realized that the flights were going from south to north on a path from Davis Monthan Air force Base Tucson, in a direct line to Ares 51. The ones from west to east, were on a line between, Edwards Air Force Base California, to White Sands New Mexico. I practically live in the cross hairs of these flights. Funny how when you start writing thing down, how many more relevant facts come to you. Just one more thing the government has over everyone's head. Back to what I started last night and the beautiful Crop Circles we have today. All seem to use that DeVinche Arch or 1.86 to .68, or something like that. Are the "Alien's" teaching humans their next evalutionary step, art and math, music and math. Such increadible art with just simple mathematical equation, done with symmetry. Symmetrical in every touch of the artist stroke, such beauty with such simple lines, used correctly, random but not. Like the Universe or Cat's Eye Nebula. Art and Math is where mankind should be advancing to not, War and Death. The failure to figure this simple fact out, will cause the death of the human state. Thank "God" not everyone here, has a Bush, Cheney, mentality. The Crop Circles show the superiority, mathematicly and art wise, the ET's have over mankind and how simple the human state is. To simply write this all off as some guy out at night making them is just foolish. But the government ability to keep the masses in tact is shown when you bring this subject up, oh it's just fake they'll say. The math in the circles is far superior, than some dumb ass humans out with flash lights at night, can create. You would need someone over head directing the art. Simply can't be replicated in the dark of the night, think how truely simple mankind is. Mankind gains a little knowlege and he wants to make a bomb out of it. The "Alien's" could take us out at any moment, but they choose not to, that superiority. See how truely simple mankind is, with the same ability America would distroy the rest of the humans on the Planet, in a heart beat. "Time" is at hand for the Worlds people to be woken up, and brought into the rest of the Universe's reality. bye

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