Monday, December 17, 2007

"Death by Diet"

Dan Fogelberg died yesterday from prostate cancer, an American way of dieing. Our eating habits will become our way of dieing here in America. My generation got caught up in this fast food, preservatives, meat with every meal way of living. Now lets see what starts happening to the ones who are living this life style. The boomers are becoming sixty now, well see who was right from our generation. The people who were the core of the Movement, or those on the edge. It was hep to be a vegetarian back then, but not very many keep the faith as the World knows. (Bill Clinton types) Being a vegetarian is like being a social leopard, no one whats to be around you. What was common in the sixties and early seventies has all but disappeared now. Only certain Religious groups who were already vegetarian long before the Hippie movement keep up the diet. Only one Christian group, and most Eastern Religions, notice how the most ancient of Religions are vegetarian. Like the "Hopi" first World story and ancient Religions that stay close to their roots. Because it was given to them long ago, during the last visit from the teachers.(God, the God's, etc.) My generation of Americans have had a lifetime of eating chemical feed live stock, chickens, fish, (farm fish) now will get to see what happens to them. It's starting to look like prostate cancer will become our generations down fall. People already eating "God's" living creation's, then loading them with all these chemicals to boot. My brother was a heavy smoker, we all thought that would kill him first, prostate beat it. Making fun of me and my diet for all these years, to where I just stayed away. Sitting around and having chemical loaded meat at every meal, will be the death of my generation. They should have listened to their own words. It's much easier to tell someone what to do, than it is to do it yourself. My generation failed at the secound part, just like the Christians. What happens when you eat a large meal, mainly of meat, you get tired, need to rest. Take a small dose of poison, same effect. That's because there one in the same, a poison to your body. A Mexican meal of lards, cheese, and meat, has the same effect.(siesta time) The body is trying to tell you something, if you would only listen. "God" created a miracle in you, trust it to tell you, how to care for your self. If a food gives you indigestion, your body is trying to abort it, saying your killing me. Just like a computors batteries going low, I'm dieing, I'm dieing. Absolutely no differance, both need energy composed of electricity. You can only generate that energy with plant materials. It takes energy to digest meat products, it's not creating it. That's why you so tired after a large meal, energy being diverted to digest the foreign ingredeant. You should be getting energy from eating, not you need a nap. Notice the older you get this get worse and worse, I notice it in my friends. Then the meat products lies aroung in your digestive track for days, and bang, prostate cancer. Real simple stuff, that's why in the very beginning of the Bible, you were given instruction on how to eat. Genesis 1-28, "God" said, I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth, and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be your food. Can't be interpeted any other way, don't eat "God's" creations, how many Christians do? Mankind was one part of the puzzle, not the puzzle. How old his the Old Testament, my guess is about five thousand years. That would put it on the same "Time" line with other great teaching, Popul Vuh, and others. Sad what has happened to the original thinking that started in the sixties. Like lessions from the "God's" being drowned out by the Now People, never a thought for their creator. Like the Bible and so many other teaching that have been drowned out, the "Time"is ripe for another intervention. 2012 rolling along right on "Time", just like in the Bible. bye

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