Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Christian Root's, Genesis"

Christianity begins with the book of Genesis, you can't have your cake and eat it to. You can't have the New Testament, without the old. You just can't pick and chose what you would like to believe and discard the rest. I've heard people say, we don't follow that part. The beginning of the book of Genesis, how the Earth was formed and in what order, has the same basic roots as most other teachings. From then on, not quit sure how much other influences have been involved. Where does it wander into the interpreter's own thoughts? Genesis sets the scene for the entire story to be laid out, just like the "Popul Vuh" and "Hopi" first World story. All end showing how history repeats it's self, with mankind never learning from past mistakes. 'Here we are at Santa Cruz again', Popul Vuh. Mankind gets wiped out again, and "God" return from the sky. Revelations return, tells of a craft from the sky, and the "Hopi" tell the same story. For the "Hopi" it's the Ant People that return to pick up the good people. The Christian's have Jesus that returns for his flock. Same exact story, different words. You have a beginning, you can trust, you have a ending you can trust. Not quite sure about all the stuff in the middle. You have how you got here, and what happens if you don't play the game fair. "Popul Vuh" and the "Hopi" story, are quick and to the point, while the Bible seems to want to wander around and contradict it's self. To many writers including them selfs in the story it seems. If the Christians would have keep to their roots, (Genesis) the World wouldn't be where it is today. A large part of the Worlds population would be vegetarians now, that would greatly reduce the green house gases we have now. "God" was all knowing when mankind was place here on Earth, down to the air quality from being meat eaters. Nobody remembered their roots and now we live in a World torn apart by wars. Carnivores are also much more aggressive people. Vegetarians are , 'you know, he wouldn't harm a fly', types, non aggressive. Genesis 2-17 'but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die', the animals of the Earth. Warning mankind what happens when you take another spirits life, you don't need to be walking around up right, to be a spirit. (you pet, dog, cat, etc.) I don't think "God" intended for mankind to be killing his other creations for food, when theirs so many types of plants to be eaten. If you created all this, then tossed in mankind and he started killing you other creations, wouldn't you be just a little pissed off? "God" must have known this would happen, so he gave the animals a way to fight back, by poisoning the aggressor with the animals flesh. Who did "God" instruct to write the book of Genesis, the Popul Vuh, give the Hopi their tales? For the non believer of a higher form, just how did all these different stories get started. It parallels the UFO phenomenon, to many starting points. You just can't make these stories up out of the blue. bye

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